Sunday, January 18, 2015

They say when you find the love of your life, never let this person go.

Tell me what is to happen, when this person decides to let you go.

"You were never meant to be," is bull. Keep that away from an aching heart. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Life is Like A Tire - It's Dirty

A car.

I have experienced a dead battery and a flat tire. I have experienced being hit by an elf truck (sorry, Nono) and giving scratches (sorry, Noah), too. 

You know how much tires cost? A lot. Especially if you have different priorities, like eating out instead of buying tires and doing preventive maintenance. Like choosing to buy coffee instead of having a proper carwash. Okay, enough. It's already painful as it is. I'll take care of my car more. 

Then fastforward to a few days and my friend had a serious damage to her car. All for the love of french fricking fries. I won't elaborate as she probably doesn't want to broadcast what happened but her car, Dungis, doesn't look so happy about it either. And probably her wallet. Or bank account. Yes, it's that much. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A topic on the radio earlier was "what bad event happened to you that you don't want others to experience?"

First caller mentioned his experience of being robbed and held hostage at a tattoo parlor while having his phoenix tattoo. 

Another called mentioned having a bipolar sister. 

And the caller who trumped them all?
In her shaky voice, this distraught caller said, "Fall in love with someone stupid."

I think that beats all callers.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Promises spoken from a lover's mouth are true only at the time the words came out. Don't hold on to them. 

Sunday, January 04, 2015

A New Year, A New Calendar to Flip

Oh why hello there, 2015! 2014 sure has gone by too fast, way too fast with me just holding on to a rope for support. This won't be a time to recount what has happened for the year - I have written moments here and there, posted photos and tweets of events and feelings (I have feelings, a lot), and I have etched in my mind hundreds and hundreds of memories. I have invested around and I'm picking up the yields of experience, tears, laughter, love, knowledge, and wisdom.

They say it comes in threes. 2013 gave me new people and a new environment to adapt to. It showed me there are still a lot to see and feel. It opened the walls. 2014 was the chance for me to make them flourish. So, what about 2015? Will there be a change in direction or would I just hang on for dear life or continue building what I have started?

Cheers even without beers, 2015. May you be better, so much better than 2014. 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

UCC Ready-to-Go Drip Coffee

Origami coffee is what Starbucks dubbed it as. Here we have the UCC Special of drip coffee with pre-ground beans packed already, sans the "Origami" name.

This is useful when the coffee vendo just can't wake you up and you can't bring all your coffee paraphernalia. Just open a pack, lock it on the sides, and start pouring hot water. Wait (it's kind of therapeutic, too) and then enjoy. 

Next cup please. 

Monday, December 29, 2014

Wave Back and Forth - Baler, Aurora

Oh snap, man! I haven't posted anything in almost a month! Last 25-27 November, I ventured out with my friend to Baler, Aurora and it was a hell good of an experience.

How do I freaking get to (and from) Baler?!
For convenience, book via or and score some JoyBus tickets. At around Php700 each, you get to ride at Genesis Cubao station and have some reclining seat (it's not LaZBoy okay, but it reclines and that's good enough!), a blanket, a bottle of water, a piece of mamon (we got Regent Ube Cake haha), and your own restroom in the bus. 

After 5-6 hours (depends on road condition) of non-stop travel, you get to be at the station where there are trikes that can bring you to your lodging. This is also the place if you requested for pick-up assistance. 

Getting back is the same. Remember to book your return ticket in advance unless you have time and money to spare. 

What to do in Baler?
There are a lot of sites telling you what you can do in Baler. I did all my research but the trike drivers know the stops where they will bring you. You get to pay Php600 per trike and the tip is up to you. There are falls, there are hills, there is a humongous tree, and there are islets and museums you can go to.
This is the view waiting for you at Ermita Hill.
One challenge is the Dicasalarin Cove. You have to be either part of a tour group which has a van to be able to go there. No trikes nor single motorbikes are willing to get there. You can get a boat though. Entrance fee is Php100 if you're staying at Costa Pacifica and it's Php200 if you're from elsewhere. We were not able to see it because it is ridiculous to rent a van when it's just the two of us. 

You can NOT go to Baler and NOT surf. That's like going to a Persian resto and not ordering Persian food because you're afraid to try it. That may not be a good analogy but I know you get my point. Bottom line: Surf.

Surfing is around Php350 per hour, board and instructor included. Perfect for beginners as the shoreline is spaceous. You won't get to kill anyone's brain cells when you fall off your board and get washed away. 

Where can I stay?
There are lots of places where you can stay! There are also lots of food options around Baler so it's actually worth a try to get a taste of what the shops offer. 

We stayed at Costa Pacifica because I was trying to impress my friend likes beautiful places. Costa Pacifica is a pretty gem in Baler. It's kind of pricey though, since you'll be out almost the whole time. The people are accommodating, we killed the ping pong table, the place/resort is beautiful, and the food is great.

The sand at Baler is fine but it's far from white. Definitely a surf beach, you can still do a lot of stuff with a long shoreline and a wide beachfront. If you have cruiser boards or longboards with you, please bring it. You can use it here. We thought we won't be able to use it and left our mini-cruisers at home. What a pity.

Problems we got from the trip? Muscle pain. Dang it. I'm no push-up queen and my shoulders hurt. It was a painful reminder of the fun I had. Hahaha. Baler is definitely the place to go to if you want to experience the sun, the sand, and the waves. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Not So Green Pastures

I have been wanting to visit Green Pastures at Shang for quite some time. It's because they offer vegetarian burger that has been racking up good reviews. They also offer fresh, organic, farm-to-table food. Well, that's what they say and a lot of people are swearing by it. First and second visits didn't allow me to experience this, but on our third try we finally had the chance! Movie was at 9pm and so we had the patience to wait. Thirty minutes in and we're seated!

Ah. Such a pretty sight! That's a vegetarian burger with good ol' fries. So how was everything else?

Service was not good. They take their sweet time, but they had smiles on their faces. Okay, forgiven. No one was beyotching around. Food was not exemplary, except if being fresh means tasting like supermarket (this one's for their pan-seared swordfish), then no. No thanks. 

Worst is that when I sliced the burger in half, there was a hair embedded inside the patty. I touched it with the knife to check if it's inside the patty or it just flew there. It was dim at Green Pastures so I used my phone's flash and there it was! In all its glory. Hair. Long hair. There was even resistance when I used the knife. Someone knows her protein. My appetite rushed out of the door. We returned it and they just said they'll replace it. I said no, I don't want it anymore. I should've kept the fries though. They were good. 

I'll still be checking out this vegetarian burger soon. When I completely forgot about my organic hairburger. :(

Sunday, November 09, 2014

You Are What You Plant

Okay. I totally missed out posting an entry this November. It's still on the early half of the month but you know, when you forget to do things, you'll totally forget about them. :/

Anyway! Found out these new cutesie bottled plants. I have three cacti under my care already but you can never have lots of plans. Then there's just the lure of putting something in your office area because stress and all and they are just so nice to look at.

They have a variety of plant types such as mini-strawberries, daisies, love grass, sunflowers, and I forgot. There's a bath tub design and a cup design, too. We got the bottle design. It's an interesting piece of useless item hahaha.

Daisy, Sunflower, and Lucky Grass set!

And then it would look something like a tampon this. We got it at MindWerks at Fisher Mall, QC, and I'm excited to start growing my Lucky Grass on my office table. Wooot woot!
Oh, hello!