Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Red Suited Pa is Due in This Burg

The title is a Christmas Song popularly known as "Santa Claus is Coming to Town," and no, Britney didn't sing this. Though I am not sure if she revived it or what not.

What do you think would happen if the Christmas Songs we all know are named like these?

1.) Jovial Yuletide Desired for the Second Person Singular by Us [We Wish You A Merry Christmas]

2.) Exuberation to the Orb [Joy to the World]

3.) 288 Yuletide Hours [12 Days of Christmas]

4.) Tintinnabulation of Vacillating Pendulums in Inverted, Metallic, Resonate Cups [Jingle Bells]

5.) Diminutive Masculine Master of Skin-covered Percussion Cylinders [Little Drummer Boy]

MORAL: Whatever you call it, Christmas is still Christmas, in spirit, in words, in thoughts, and in deeds. Santa is the one who puts gifts in your red, Christmas stockings, though I wonder how he can get inside our house since we don't have a chimney. I used pantyhose before, no gift came. Do NOT, I repeat: Do NOT use pantyhose as Christmas stockings..!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Halloween in December

Happy people live longer than mice. Yeah. XD

The pictures were taken from our block-Christmas party at Justin's house.

MORAL: Eat, (no, we didn't drink!), and be merry for tomorrow is the start of our Christmas break!!ü Happy Holly Days, people.

Monday, December 18, 2006

How to Get that Christmas Gift

This is probably one of the most effective ways of getting others to do what you want. Use this technique c/o Stewie. Learn from him. I played this for a number of times and my mom got annoyed. Effective!!!!

MORAL: Use this technique to get what you want. Just don't overdo it; may backfire when used regularly. Save this skill for emergency purposes (e.g. expensive things, asking permission to go somewhere). Enjoy.ü

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Goldilocks and the Hot Bears

Polar bears, save them. Stop global warming. Educate yourselves and others as well. Adorable (unless you provoke them and they eat you. Blah.), right?

Hybrid cars are there, the car companies have the technology and all you do is just ask for them. Not a cheap price but it is definitely worth it. Think more, you'll still be alive by the estimated time that the earth would look like a dead planet. Who wants to live here at that time?

This is probably one of my most serious posts. Yeah. I don't use straws because they can't be recycled. I use all sides of paper, even my test papers, even my homeworks which are not yet checked.

MORAL: Warming warning. Do I need to say more? Please, that's enough. Captain Planet, save us. We're the planeteers, you can be one, too. 'Cause saving the planet is a thing to do.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

How to Get an A

I got this from DJ (blockmate), who got this from his dorm, which is full of people. Write this at the back of your hand and pray it as much as possible.ü

The Examiner's Psalm
The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not flunk.
He keeps me from lying down when I should be studying,
He leads me beside the water cooler for a study break.
He restores my faith in study guides.
He leads me to better study habits for my grade's sake.
Though I walk through the valley of borderline grades,
I will not have a nervous breakdown for you are with me.
My prayer and my friends, they comfort me.
You give me pointers in moments of blankness;
You annoint my head with knowledge.
My test paper runs over with questions I can answer.
Surely passing grades and flying colors shall follow me
all throughout my school days,
and I shall not dwell in exam rooms forever.

MORAL: This is easy. Getting an A in just a few steps. Just say it (poem/prayer) over and over again like a mantra. Repeat 250x. Do not make any mistakes; if otherwise, repeat process again. No joke, I've done it already.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Human Mic Stand

Mark the Designer, Mark the Violin, Mark the Human Mic Stand. Another GK Brookside performance. Btw, the pictures are at my unattended multiply page. Just check the site at my profile under homepage or under the links.ü

MORAL: Atleast you didn't dance. Just kidding.ü

Monday, December 11, 2006


Igop and his children's performance under the Talent Portion program at GK Brookside.ü

MORAL: Never let your friends video you especially when you do things like this. Haha. Exploiting others is bad. Hehe.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Mommy, I See Blind People

How would you describe blue to a blind man?
I can't see you. Come out, come out wherever you are, I still can't see you.

How do you think people in sunglasses opt to buy electric guitars to play at the sides of streets? Steel-stringed guitars with pick-ups are cheaper than electric ones. Where do they get batteries (car) to operate their guitars and microphones? How can they multitask - playing the harmonica, guitar, and singing? No, they can't play the harmonica and sing at the same time. If you see one who can, tell me please, I'd love to see and hear him play. (Yes, I can multitask, too. If you consider texting while walking and holding an umbrella, eating while reading a book and listening to music, typing and watching tv while being reprimanded, as multitasking.)

My first encounter with blind musicians was in Greenhills. Who wouldn't hear them play - the speakers were in full-volume, and the music would haunt you anywhere in the area. Then there's a box in front, it's locked, maybe to prevent some hoodlums to steal the donations for the blind (life is really difficult, and you can't maintain to have a used KFC plastic cup as a donation box these days). I am still fascinated with them, up to now, but I don't linger at their area, I might hear people who would say something about me or anyone, who stops to enjoy their music or feat, without dropping loose change or money in the box. (You can't blame me, I don't have that much to give... Well, maybe as of now. I'll get back with them when I start working, if, they are still there.)

While waiting for the train in the LRT-2 station, I often wonder of what use is the security guard's whistle. Is that to warn people that the train is approaching - when anyone can hear the sound (and see the lights!) of the arriving train? I asked that question to a friend who routinely rides the MRT as well. He stopped for a while, nodded his head in wonder, and told me, "Maybe it is to warn people not to step on the very obvious yellow line that even blind men could feel with their feet." Maybe that was it, though they still blow their whistles when a train is coming.

There are warning signs, "Do not go down the trackside" with fines amounting to 50,000PHP, which I still read everytime I wait for the train. (I often wonder what would happen if I go down there since I think the electricity comes from the wires above. But first, I would save extra 50,000PHP to experience it. They didn't say anything of being banned or jailed if you do it.)

Then there are the Lego-like yellow things on the floor. I followed those trails that lead to the elevator, then from the elevator, to one place in the waiting area. I stood exactly where the trails ended. After the guard blew his whistle (although I can HEAR and SEE the approaching train), the train stopped to un/load passengers, the doors opened right in front of where I stood. Cool.

Hmm, if a blind man would ride LRTs or MRTs, how would he know where to slip the card through? There are a lot of Xs in the machines. Would they try to insert the cards into the machines one by one? Also, how would they know if they pressed the correct button for their destination? (Maybe there are good-hearted people who would help them. But what if it is not rush hour - when the stations are like deserted?)

Suggestions and answers to my queries are appreciated.

MORAL: Learn an instrument, 'cause you'll never know when you'll be blind (my brother told me this, "Atleast, when you get blind, you can still make money.."). And don't feed beans to musicians, developing arthritis is never good for anyone, especially string players. Blindmen have heightened senses, ask Daredevil for more infos concerning this one.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gullible's Travel

If you think it is the novel, you are gullible. Hah! No, actually maybe a little confused is better.


This post was written for the sole purpose of updating a blog (because if I don't update it, it feels just like I'm neglecting a pet). I'm not in the mood to type, don't make me mad. Rraawwrr!! I promise to get back with myself in my next post. =)

I'm stressed, yet again. Nervous for our report tomorrow because I have no idea about it and how to do it. (To my groupmates: the Beeches are just behind us! This is a metaphor for others, guess it right and I'll give you something.)Well, I have been busy the past few days (oh ok, it has been weeks!) playing an online game. Our helper describes it in the most creative way I could have ever imagined: little people running around. She used those words when reprimanding me for playing. Sample: "Are you playing that game with those little people running around again?"

Then I have this guildmate (guild = group in the game) claiming to be a SWAT, or a future cop, I think. Funny, I just watched The Departed the day he said those things about a police. I bombarded him with questions, yes, I was doubting everything. Sorry about that. (No, I won't give out any more information about this, police confidentiality. He might read my blog and arrest me. Fart these word vomits, I'm getting worse every second.)

I went to school earlier than my usual T-Th schedule because of our scavenger hunt in the library for English class. Anyway, after that, I stayed in the lib to study for our test (that is what I tell people, but really, I just like the aircon. Woohoo!). Then a girl sat opposite me, we had the same bag (except hers was dirty, kidding! but true). Then when I was about to leave (I was done studying, err, savoring the congested air), I restrained myself from telling her, "Hey, nice bag!"

Today we had a 1 mile run for PE. And I thought it would be easy. I was wrong, dead cardio-vascularly wrong. I was gasping for air during my jog back (almost the entire way back). I felt my lungs would explode, no, not from pollution, (no, my ribs were not piercing it either. What's wrong with you?!) but because I was trying to breathe so much. I won't disclose any information about my frigging Calculus long test a while ago, unless you tie me up and make me eat raw meat with incandescent lamp swirling on top of my head. Hmm, that must seem to be mortifying but somehow I don't give out that effect. Torture me, instead, that would feel better.

Whoever understood what I just posted must've have an IQ of 300. Kudos to Big Bang. See, my post is educational, it must be included in the Code.

Actually, there is something you have to decipher in this post, if you can find it, tell me ASAP. Hellementary, my dear Watson, hellementary.

MORAL: Spread the word, not the virus. I love jargon. It's not a food, no, not a sport either. I said it, so it's just plain nonsense. Oh, computer chairs are efficient as temporary wheelchairs inside houses. (Push my chair!) Ruth is not the Root of All Evil.. Whoever said that would be receiving hate mails from me. Money is not the root of evil as well; IT IS GREED. Trust me on this.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Woof Arf-arf...!!!

His name is Butchoi, has Japanese ancestry and he's one year old..XD

Today is our dog's birthday. Yay. One year already. Time flies so fast. Tito Vic gave him to us, he's the only male puppy of Sampy's batch 2 babies.. Thanks to Sampy and Jordan as well (they are the proud parents, haha!). My sister spreads chismis (gossip) that he's gay. (Since he pees like a girl and gets really hyperactive around boys!) Anyway, we had some food prepared today, no not really for the dog, but for my grandmother's weekly Bible Study. So, Butchoi had some guests over (no, the big dog next door wasn't invited, sorry Chuchu) - my grandmother's friends. Haha. Whatever.ü

MORAL: Don't eat dogs you freakin' bum! (Remember those green, leafy vegetables? Or try Bananas instead, B1 and B2 are not real so they won't squirm when you eat them.) Join and support PeTA and PAWS. Bathe your dog/s regularly, feed them as well. Oh, remember to make water available at all times, and to live by the Girl Scout Law. (OMG, speaking of Girl Scouts, I remembered my senior year in HS.. haha!)

Friday, November 24, 2006

Eat and Run!

My class today ended at 12:30pm (it was burning HOT this time!), so my mom met me at a mall for no apparent reason, well maybe because she was at the area. Then, we ate lunch at this Chinese restaurant (since she said fastfood are so common, a different dish is better) and we were trying out whatever pleased our eyes. (They had a cart with all their dimsum samples and other fried dishes that they push around their restaurant until they get your attention and you become fooled with how good it looks.)

We ordered what we liked, and ate some minutes away, talking over things (no, she doesn't ask, "so how's school?"), a lot of things. Then after stuffing ourselves with MSG-enriched (yay! It makes you smart! Eat a lot of MSG-enriched food and be obese in no time!) Chinese food, my mom checked her phone and stood up. "Come, I'll buy some bathroom tissue. People at home treat tissue like potato chips, two rolls a day! Imagine the trees being cut down for those things!" So I got my things from the table, carried my bag, then I was about to stand up when I realized something (very important).

We haven't paid our bill - we haven't even asked for it! I cried, "Mom! We haven't paid yet!" Funny thing was that the waiters there weren't even aware we were about to leave. My mom was shocked about forgetting it, so she quickly asked for it. She paid it and just gave some tip to somewhat "forget" the incident. We had a good laugh about it, but it would be pretty embarrassing if we went out without paying. Imagine forgetting that important thing!

Moral: Don't leave your things unattended. Always check everything before you leave, even the bill - check if you haven't paid or if you're giving the right amount! I don't want to have a record of not paying. Or when I pass by a waiter or receptionist would say (though I don't really care much about what they say), "that girl didn't pay!" That is not a good thing for your image, especially if you don't have one. I was insulting you..ü

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Aswang in the Aquarium

All of our mutant fish (surviving longer than their lifespan and having weird body parts) died during the three-day long blackout in Metro Manila after typhoon Milenyo uprooted the tree from our neighbor's garden. It was a tragedy, only my brother rejoiced - he wanted a different breed of fish.

For the first time in 3 years, our aquarium was empty. It was so sad, having the oxygen pump quiet for some time. Then, after a few days, we got a dozen of I-don't-know kind of fish from my mother's aunt. It was a fish of a popular type, and we just got them for free. (Ahaha, free stuff really makes me smile.)

Then my dad bought around 6 fish, they were orange-colored and I have no idea again what was their breed. (And to think I wanted to be a zoologist!) First day, everyone was happy, then the next day, one fish died of unknown reasons. Then the next day again, another fish died and my mom even saw the hideous event - the dozen fish were pecking out the eyes of the orange ones! After some more days, only one orange fish remains. It's a sad thing, since all of them are still small. Aww..

MORAL: Fish of the same color flock together and outsmart the fewer ones. Remember to buy battery-operated oxygen pumps in case of blackouts or week-long power shortages.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

New Age Proverbs

Proverbs according to Dennis Miller by Johnny Carson
1. A rolling stone. . .if not acted upon by any force will keep rolling in a straight line at the same speed.
2. Every cloud has. . .water vapor that has the potential of producing ice crystals or raindrops, depending on the Bergeron or coalescence process.
3. The grass is always greener. . .if it receives an adequate supply of C55H70MgN4O6.
4. A penny saved. . .if doubled every day for two months would be worth more than the combined GNP of the industrialized nations of the world.
5. A bird in the hand. . .is dead or alive, depending on one’s will.
6. What goes up. . .will stay up if it has an escape velocity of 11.3 kilometers per second.
7. When the cat’s away. . .the mice will play cautiously if it’s Schrodinger’s cat.
8. People who live in glass houses. . .are surrounded by a strange hybrid of solid liquids or liquid solids.
9. Nothing is certain but death and. . .Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.
10. There’s a time and place. . .but not before the Big Bang.

MORAL: Proverbs impose things that you should be but are not. Patience is a virtue.. but I don't know what virtue was until I opened the dictionary.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Holy Trinity!

If you can't beat them, well, uhmm, beat them harder!!

I joined my cousin and her friend in going to their school. It was fun having to walk inside Broadway then riding a trike to 7-11 (in my school, we go to Mini-Stop!). I was invited to go with them because my cousin told me she'll give me a "campus tour" of her school, in return of my tour for her in my school. Later, I found out it was their enrollment! Then the horror began.

There was a threat of the evil lady guard - tall, curly hair, and really creepy. She is really commendable, though, seriously implementing the ID system in their school. She doesn't let anyone pass without being asked for their ID and worse (for non-students/faculty!), outsiders are really her specialty. She can smell outsiders at a distance and when you manage to pry away from her claws, she'll radio the other sentinels (guards) and you'll be apprehended in no time.

I came there and when asked about my ID, my cousin quickly blurted out believable excuses. It was their enrollment and still, she's serious about the Outsider Case! I thought that was the end of me, since I don't really have the chance to go inside, she didn't even give me the opportunity to speak! The exchange of words (since I can't really call it a conversation),

"Where's your ID?"
"I have business in.."
"So, you're an outsider. What are you doing here?"
"It's my cousin's enroll-"
"We really don't allow outsiders here."
"I'll leave my school ID here-"
"We only allow students with ID beyond this point."
"Please, outsiders are not really welcome here."

I was like, "Whatever," but of course, that would just make the situation worse. However, some more OUTSIDERS came and she became busy handling them, and we managed to escape. She was so occupied by those outsiders that she didn't notice us walking away. Then we entered the school gym, and there were like four or five guards there. I don't know what happened but I managed to slip past them (stealth mode! Yeah!) and sat with all those students waiting for their grades. Then one of my cousin's friends came and left her form with us, so I grabbed the chance and volunteered to get her class card. We decided on the story that I am her (my cousin's friend) relative or her cousin, then she's sick so I'm her proxy. Just like that. I prayed so hard that it works because in this school, I don't know anything about their policies.

Then we had it, it all happened in a flash : I survived. With all those looking around, being conscious of the number of guards present (they really have a lot of security guards for a small college), I don't know how I managed to slip past all of them. One thing nice about their school is that their cafeteria is like a fastfood chain. It was like you're in a modern fastfood chain with all those circle windows and strange roof. The food are really cheap and can satisfy hunger (well, it worked for me, so I presume it would work for you, too).

It was great - the thrill of getting caught and sent out, and the tour itself, being able to walk around the campus with no ID and still get to see the premises of the school.ü

MORAL: No ID No Entry sucks! Stay away from cruel security guards by knowing where they usually stay. Also, don't brag about your temporary escape from them 'cause you'll never know when and where they'll appear. Don't forget about the fact that they have radios and they would catch you no matter how hard you try to hide (they don't even allow their students to enter the school, even during enrollment, if they don't have the ID). Well, if you're as good as me, you can escape and live... Nah, I don't think you can survive that guard.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Since when is going to a spa, be so stressful? As in Homer's wise (or is it?) words: D'oh..

I remember having foot spa for a review in my English class. I drafted and got the Services review and had to insert having an actual foot spa for it in my schedule. I don't want to write about something I haven't experienced, especially for a review. I had my first one, right after my Math Long Exam. A good way to relieve stress, mind you. However, I had an insect bite I was unaware of and when the lady scrubbed my foot with a giant "footfile", it got worse and became like a wound. Anyway, I just hated the way the assistants were staring at me.
Well, this is what I've done to it:

What’s Feet for You?

Walking around everywhere all day makes us (I know it’s not just me) feel so stressed out (yes, going from one class to another is also stressful). So aside from resting or taking a nap, others resort in going to spas and massage salons to relax and relieve stress. (Stress is now becoming a fad!) I decided to try out a couple of these establishments that offer different kinds of services. To make the experience short yet exceptional, I chose to have a foot spa. It’s not vanity (or what my friends think of it), it is a luxury most can afford, if you only have the time and ability to shell out a few bucks to avail this service guiltlessly.

I decided to go to a certain one stop salon which has “beauty, rejuvenate, and maintain” as its tagline. Let’s Face It answered my question of “where would I go to have a foot spa?” Let’s Face It offers a very, very wide range of services from facial treatments (facial cleaning, peeling, bleaching, and hair removal) to body treatments (scalp and hair treatment, body whitening and scrub, milk bath and wrap, waxing, skin peeling, hand care, foot care, and body massage).

I had a schedule and since there were only a few people at that time, I had my foot spa right away. First, they search your feet for callouses or other visible hard particles to know their targets. (They even wondered why I’m having a foot spa even though they can’t find callouses from my feet.) Then they placed my feet in an electric, massaging tub filled with warm water and suds. After a few minutes, or until the bubbles almost flowed out, the personnel soaked my feet in clean water and applied a minty scrub on my legs and feet. While applying/exfoliating, my attendant strikes up a conversation and tries to make me feel comfortable. After all those talking, she rinsed all the scrubs and turns on the lights and magnifier to search my feet for callouses (again). Then she brought out a huge file (or foot file, as I call it) and started filing my feet away. I thought both my feet would be sharp from all those filing actions. (I noticed that when the “filing part” came, the shop personnel became really serious and her smile faded behind the foot file.) She ended the foot session by whipping my feet and legs with scented oils then massaged my feet for a while.

The Foot has spoken! (on a scale of 1-5, one being the lowest and five the highest)
Interiors: 3 toes
Though they have a lot of space for clients, there was no privacy because the chairs lie next to each other. However, the water fountain inside plus the music creates a serene feeling and calmness.
Service/Foot Spa: 4 toes
The foot spa service was fine, but the foot massage was really short and limited to the feet area. Yet, Let’s Face It offers a very wide range of services for the whole body such as massages, facial services and all, making it really a one stop salon.
Price: 4 toes
The price of the foot spa ranges from ordinary (240php), peppermint (475php), to special (550php).
Facilities: 4 toes
Their materials were upgraded and modern in the sense that they look more technologically advanced, and the availability of a dermatologist is a big factor.
Accessibility: 5 toes
Let’s Face It has a lot of branches around the Metro even reaching Olongapo, Lucena, and Pampanga. It can be found at leading malls as well.
Comfort: 3 toes
The chair doesn’t recline and when the attendant starts massaging your feet, you’ll slide from the chair!
Bad Foot: Aside from the lack of privacy (they don’t expect us to feel like family with other clients, right?!), when the other employees don’t have clients to attend to, they really stare at you which is really disturbing and made me feel uncomfortable.

For my second trip, I chose to go to Massage King (a random choice). They have a list of Combos for their services (like those value meals or whatnot in fast food chains), but you can’t really pick the service you want since they have these combinations of foot spa with foot massage (plus other services like pedicure, etc), half and whole body massages. The treatment was pretty much the same with Let’s Face It. They start with the massage tub then the foot and leg wash, the filing of your callouses (even though you don’t have those), then the oils and massage. There were only few (minor) differences. One was that instead of a foot scrub, they used a pumice to exfoliate your feet and the other was that the massage part was a bit longer and includes the leg.

The Foot has spoken!
Interiors: 4 toes
Massage King has separate rooms for different services (privacy at last!). Also, they have a lot of plants around for that organic feeling and play really calm, nature-like music.
Service/Foot Spa: 4 toes
The massage service lasts longer and includes the legs. They also offer a wide range of massage services for the body with all their different combinations.
Price: 4 toes
The prices in Massage King range from as low as 175php (half body massage, dry bp reading and hot towel) to 500php (foot spa with foot massage, hand spa, manicure and pedicure).
Facilities: 3 toes
Their equipments are really nature-inspired, so we can’t blame them if their materials were not really “state-of-the-art”.There are magazines available for clients to read. However, there was no reflexologist around even though they claim to have one in their advertisements.
Accessibility: 3 toes
Massage King, sad to say, has very few branches and all can be found within the Metro. There are only around four locations to spot – which makes it available to really few people.
Comfort: 4 toes
Instead of just a chair, they offer a reclining chair which is really comfortable, and you can ask for more pillows if you still feel uneasy.
Bad Foot: The employees are not really friendly, though they don’t stare at you, they
don’t talk to you either! Also, since the place has less space, book earlier to avoid long waiting lines.

MORAL: Love thy feet as you love thy self. Also, I hope you'd never feel so stressed when you try to go to a spa/massage salon. Hmm, one more, pay first! Since sometimes traffic gets you so stressed out, then you go to the spa to relieve it, finally you pay, and then, you get all stressed down again. Pay first, so at least in the end, you'll just go home stress-free (well, unless traffic hits you again).

Virus Detected...Again

Crazy people, but I love these guys. ^__^

(picture taken at Mirasol's 18th birthday party last Oct. 14, 2006)

Sembreak, sembreak, sembreak. I can't get enough of it. I'm downloading an installer 1.05gb big. (I am actually waiting for it) I'm listening to Up Dharma Down right now and I'm really getting attached to their music I play their cd almost everyday which is why for now, I am subjected to just listen to them in my iPod (my mother claims to have headache because of all the bass). We FINALLY have internet after a week-long struggle. I find it annoying since we lost our connection during the final "hellweek" in school, wherein all the papers are due that week and I had to go back and forth to my cousin's house just to have access to the internet world. Then, we had it back yesterday (afternoon) and welcomed back by all those adwares, pop-ups, unknown errors, and even the stupid Virus Detected! from AVG Resident Shield. I still don't have my old HDD back from those Trojan viruses!! I'm really starting to get depressed from technology and to think I have BS-MIS (Management Information Systems) as my course! Curse those Trojans...

MORAL: An apple a day won't keep the doctor away. Back-up your files especially the photos whenever you can. Things can change in a day, especially if that thing is something not permanent.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Art of Complaining

Tell me about it...

I think it's funny why we complain everyday about everyday things. (You don't think it's funny? or you haven't thought of it?) Anyway, you see, I'm speaking in a post-modern kind of way here. Most complain about traffic, even though everybody would trade anything just to get through traffic during rush hours. We KNOW there is traffic during rush hours, so we tend to leave earlier; however, everybody thinks the same way so the rush hour begins even earlier. We end up with traffic, no biggie, it's an everyday city scenario. Still, we complain about it and get pissed by the fact that there is traffic and we complain about it.

One can get depression, high blood pressure, and other kinds of illness just from complaining. Complaining really does no one any good, (well maybe it is a different story when you're maltreated or underpaid) yet we love to do it. Love referring not to deep emotion, but Love more as a habit. I like to complain about heavy school workload and not being paid by doing it, about procrastination and why I still do it even though I write every year in my New Year's Resolution that I won't procrastinate anymore, and all things left unsaid. Weird, eh?

I find it funny, but not to the point I would laugh because of it. Funny in the sense that I get stressed by planning how and when to go to a salon to have a foot spa for my paper knowing that spas are there to relieve you from stress. Ironic. I love irony, not basically because of habit, or deep emotion, but of hey, maybe it is because of those. More workload, and because I prioritized this entry first rather than think about my final paper, this is a form of procrastination and my denial of the reality. I'll have more stress later in noon if I wake up, funny, I wake up at noon because I slept late for studying or whatnot, but because I just love to sleep late. Love, in a form of a habit.

MORAL: Complaining may relieve one of stress, but the aftermath of it is far worse than stress itself. Dreams are your keys to success, sleep now to have those dreams. Life is unfair, pretend you don't know that. Smile if you're mad or frustrated, it would annoy people you (want to) hate. O_O

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Kingdom, Queendom, Boredom

We have electricity, so, no, it's not a brownout-induced sadness. I don't know what it is, so maybe this feeling doesn't exist as to logocentrism. (hello, this is definitely not love! Rip me apart still it is not love, hatred maybe. But a Jedi knows no fear and no love.) For me, this feeling lives even though there is exactly no word for it. It is not depression or what, maybe similar but I don't really know, you tell me. Mix boredom and sadness together, make that unwanted boredom and unexplainable sadness, and you'll get it. It is not the sadness I have whenever I get my period or what, neither is it broedom from nothing to do because I have heaps of papers to edit and a lot of reaction papers to react to and write about. Mind you, all are due before the week ends and I haven't even laid my eyes (and thoughts) on them.

I refused to sleep and play a video game because I think that those two activities make you forget about time. And I don't want to waste my time sleeping and playing till the sun is out (which I often do before, and add being reprimanded for loving to do it). I really just wanted to go out (not party and stuff) and have a walk or run, just someting to let my mind fly (not time). However it is near evening and with our security (our helpers) here I won't easily be allowed to stroll somewhere without anyone with me and with practically no reason. (Because if I need something I would be accompanied and even dropped off where I want to be)

I resolved to do something to make-up for my unexplained feeling that is getting worse every minute. I took a bath, listened to music, ate ice cream in sugar cone (make that 3 servings), and chatted with my friends. Yes, I have talked (chat, that is) to the people I wanted to talk with and they lessened my strange agony. (Those senseless, nonsense messages really helped me a lot, promise.ü) Everything ends (not this feeling), and they went offline and left me with people who are very busy, or pretending to be (because it make you look like a very important person with a lot of things to do). I ate again, I can't think of anything to do so don't blame me, and again and again. I still wanted to walk around, make my mind wander and even run around but then I remembered that this is (sad truth) the Philippines; I can't just walk or run around without taking in so much carbon monoxide to make me feel better or whatever. Typing helps a little, so I'm doing it now.

Unexplained feeling, nope, I'm not pregnant (who the heck would think of this?! well, one did, you know who you are), I'm actually having it, what am I talking (typing for the matter) about. I'm tired of playing online games for today even though there is like a promo in the game and you're stupid if you miss this one out. But I let it pass, so maybe I won't be under those stupid people. I'm being reprimanded already, I'm really not feeling well. I finished watching Charlie's Angels on dvd, I picked it by random. Nope, it didn't help alleviate anything. My eyes are twitching already, I think sleep may help, I'm really not sure.
MORAL: When you don't feel well, and it is really not a disease, don't talk too much. It just leads to negative consequences. Thank God you don't experience what I am experiencing now. I know it'll go away, nontheless. ^_^ (fake happiness)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Kick Me With Your Fist

My pride sucks, I would hate myself if I lose to a yellow belter.

We had our PE finals today. We had the elimination and final matches planned today. As usual, I fall under the finweight (the lightest and most populated of all. Maybe girls nowadays are really underweight. A fad? Nah, I eat like a horse, though. But I don't resemble any of the horse species) category. (Note that I have been underweight as far as I can remember.) I came at around 3pm, just after Math class. Think about it, after Math, I have to do adrenaline-pumping activities?! Help me, Lord..

I came there and most Taekwondo jins were warming-up already. When they were done, I entered the Martial Arts Center then they called-out names of the students to initially start the tournament. When my name was called, I raised my hand (I even yelled "present," how dumb of me) then when they called out another name and another hand raised, they told me, "Ok, both of you, prepare now."

I was like, "What the - ?! I haven't even tied my belt yet! I haven't had warm-up!" But of course, who am I to complain? Just an adorable, eccentric, different person. (Don't react there.) So I did all I could to delay the match, (I hope my 1st round partner doesn't read this and realized I prolonged our agony) and I managed to not be the first match. Success.
Not for long, I wore my guards and it seemed my heart wanted to get-off my chest, I thought I was having tachychardia and be rushed into the infirmary (which is like what, 10 minutes away from the MAC. Ateneo, what is that?!). Unfortunately there was no way I can escape this event so I went on with it. First round, 5-0. Second round 1-0. I won. I won?! It feels good, 'cause now, I won't have a C for my finals. Ahaha..ü

My second match and my opponent's first match. I thought, she has more energy now.. Daya. I just thought now I have an excuse to lose.. Haha. However, I know this girl, she's my friend's blockmate! I remember even tying her belt during the Promotion test before, and now I'm fighting with her. I won, 2-0 (I forgot the other one). I had ice on my foot now, it gets more painful as the matches go farther. Then my 3rd match came, my opponent (yes, you guessed it right) is just going to experience her first fight with me since her first match was a default. (Where is she anyway?) Another energy struggle!! And mind you, endurance is my problem, I barely last the second round of my fights.

I was with my PE-mates, and we were thinking whom we would fight next. Amazing.. When we traced the fight diagram, I pointed a name and one of my classmate pointed hers. We are next. Do you know how difficult it is to fight with you friend? She would experience my freaky taekwondo yell. Hannah, if you're reading this, you owe me a lot (I dedicate my bruises and swollen feet to you.) Hannah was the only one who got a score from me, and I tell you, she was tough! 3-2, 3-2, with a friend, I'll never forget that. Hannah practically wore me down, I was wobbly and literally crawling after the semis! Her foot got inside my armor and I have big bruiseS to prove that, and her toenails scratched my knees and foot a lot.. I love you, Hannah, you're my painful friend.

Wait, I'm in the finals?! Freaking unbelievable! Hey, I just brought a small water bottle with me, with a just win one match in mind. My final match was bad. I saw this blue belter kicking heads off from the neck, trust me. I'm so freaked out! I just wanted to forfeit the match, I'll get a medal anyway. But there's no turning back since most of my section D classmates reached the semis and finals, too. (I remembered Coach Jobet telling us our section don't have the talent in taekwondo. He's superduper surprised with the outcome. Really surprised!) So I just thought, just a score, not zero please!! I knew it I'm going to lose. Nope, I didn't expect a miracle. She was a varsity player!! And she was being cheered by the varsity players so I assumed she's with them. They even gave her tips. Right in front of me. Even though I have headgear, dude, I can still hear them! 2-3, (I forgot). I had 2 points and some points in the match! I'm so happy. One thing I didn't like was my opponent's unhappy, dead-cold, serious face. I was smiling and praised her, even congratulated her, then I didn't even get a cold stare or a curse back from her. That frustrated me the most, since I laughed and smiled (the smile with teeth and braces showing) and shook hands (the double handshake) with all my heart in all my matches.

MORAL: Smile! Even if you got kicked from almost everywhere. You won't look like a loser. If you plan to take taekwondo, gain weight even if you have to take Kalteen bars ala Mean Girls because there are less players in the heavier divisions! Also, namedropping feels like hell, so avoid it! (I did 3 a while ago and I felt like a low-life gunk underneath the caf tables)
TIPS for preventing namedropping: I actually did this to Jeddi (now you know why!): Hey, may I take a look at your id, I want to see how you look like in your picture. Then memorize the name and course, fast!
Another would be waiting for the others to call them, then memorize it!
Last, be like Miranda Priestly and have someone remember names for you and just ask them for reference. In short, ask someone who really knows their names. (Hannah, I'm referring to you, who the heck is Teddy? Her name is Kris! Pauso! ahaha)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Not Waking in September

My Tuesday class would be at noon, but I woke up earlier as usual. However, I looked at my phone and checked the time. It read 7am. I slept again but woke up because of unusual visions scrambling inside of me, or so I thought.

Who would ever thought that Sitti, Nina, and a handful of actors and actresses were communists? My family is making fun of me on becoming a communist, and for the record, I am not a communist and I have no desire whatsoever to be one (even though the future is unclear).

It started with a general assembly for the newly recruited communists (maybe the idea came from attending a general assembly for Gawad Kalinga a few days earlier). Monsour del Rosario and Nene (the one from the PBB show thingy) were the ones who initiated the mountain trek to the base camp. Weird, eh? Since I was a cadet officer during my high school years, I had a high excitement level while trekking the mountain paths. Others were like, "Oh my God! My foot hurts! I never thought this would happen to me. Huhu. I want the smell of congested air in the mall again, not this nature stuff I only see in tv."

When we were there, at the assembly, Rachelle Ann Go (not sure with the spelling, sorry) was singing and I was sitting there beside Sitti and Nina. Weirder...
So I thought, now there's something wrong here, I didn't ask for autographs or photo-ops but I just sat there and conversed with them.

Then, I woke up. Maybe because of being starstruck? Or maybe because of being in a communist convention with singers and popular people? I don't know, I was not even close to being late for class.

Then I remembered things that say of dreams, that it is the future, or has links to it whatsoever. Would I be a communist? Would I be related, be it work or what, with these performers in the future? I think I would just want to buy Sitti's album and I'm sure of it.ü

MORAL: You can't choose your dreams, you think you can? You can just pick it at first (with the opening of your so called dream, but hey, you're still awake when you can do that) then next thing you know, Freddy Kreuger's there chasing you with a smile, or is it a smile, and you can't choose the way you want to end it, or run away from Freddy... Creepy.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

An Unfortunate UP-Trip

I have been to the UP Film Institute for two times already before my misadventure. My first trip there was with my blockmate (who was from Pampanga and has no idea where UP is) and we successfully discovered the whereabouts of this film center with two jeepney rides.
My second journey to UP was with my beloved brother who has a GPS at the back of his head. He always seems to know where is anywhere. I came with him to the center and made me walk around so that according to him, I " would know the ins and outs of UP."

With all these experience, I wanted to go alone. I said "no" to being dropped-off there, and I refused to ride a cab. I wanted to walk, and ride a jeepney like what others do. HOWEVER, along Katipunan, I saw a schoolmate (he was a sophomore and hell, we don't know each other) and told myself, "I'm sure he's going to the film center. Might as well follow him." Bad move.

He went down the jeepney and rode another one, I unknowingly did the same and after some 20minutes or so, I realized I was already in Tandang Sora!! Damn my stupidness!! I knew I was at the wrong place when I was starting to see grassy areas and one-laned roads. So I immediately went down the jeepney and crossed the road like I am invincible when I saw a taxi coming form the opposite way.

I told the manong driver if he knows where the UP Film Center is, and when he said yes, I asked him again, and was replied by "I really know it". (I had no time to point wrong directions to a driver pretending he knows where we're going but not.) I realized how far I have traveled, since I can't recognize anything along the way! A stranger in my own country, I can support that.

I prayed inside the cab that I can arrive there before the movie starts. Fortunately, I came there 2minutes before they started the show. I swear I'll not follow anybody around and I'll navigate and memorize the area first before I even try to go there.

MORAL: Take a cab if you don't know or not sure where you're going at. Accept free rides if someone you know (not strangers) offers you. Don't try an adventure if you have a deadline to meet, trust me, the stress is not worth it.ü

Sunday, July 23, 2006

SONA Boom!

bukas walang pasok. hindi dahil sa SONA bukas, kundi dahil sa bagyo. Wow, bagyo na naman. Hindi ba nila kaya maghintay ng kahit ilang buwan lang may bago na ulit. At, take note, mga 10pm na kumalat ang tsismis na walang pasok. Bakit kaya kapag na-announce na na walang pasok kinabukasan, biglang humihinto ang ulan at humihina na ang bagyo? Nakakapagtaka noh? Oh baka ako lang nag-iisip ng ganun. Sa kabilang dako, yung mga blockmates ko sa conference ay nagwawala. Puro na lang mura. Pero masaya pa sila nun ah. Kakaiba na talaga. Magso-SONA lang bukas si president, at prelims ng kaibigan ko, parang ang gulo na naman ng mundo. Pati dito sa amin, nagkakagulo kung anong dvd ang papanuorin at kung anong tinapay ang kakainin. Pati blockmates ko pinag-uusapan pagkakandidato nila bilang block representative. Pulitika na naman. Kesyo marami raw ang hindi bumoboto at puro abstain. Baka manalo pa raw ang abstain kung nagkataon. Hala, ano naman pakelam ko sa ganyan. Boring ang entry ko ngayon, masyadong maraming distraction, haha.ü

MORAL: Vote wisely, vote positively, vote for me.