Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Not Waking in September

My Tuesday class would be at noon, but I woke up earlier as usual. However, I looked at my phone and checked the time. It read 7am. I slept again but woke up because of unusual visions scrambling inside of me, or so I thought.

Who would ever thought that Sitti, Nina, and a handful of actors and actresses were communists? My family is making fun of me on becoming a communist, and for the record, I am not a communist and I have no desire whatsoever to be one (even though the future is unclear).

It started with a general assembly for the newly recruited communists (maybe the idea came from attending a general assembly for Gawad Kalinga a few days earlier). Monsour del Rosario and Nene (the one from the PBB show thingy) were the ones who initiated the mountain trek to the base camp. Weird, eh? Since I was a cadet officer during my high school years, I had a high excitement level while trekking the mountain paths. Others were like, "Oh my God! My foot hurts! I never thought this would happen to me. Huhu. I want the smell of congested air in the mall again, not this nature stuff I only see in tv."

When we were there, at the assembly, Rachelle Ann Go (not sure with the spelling, sorry) was singing and I was sitting there beside Sitti and Nina. Weirder...
So I thought, now there's something wrong here, I didn't ask for autographs or photo-ops but I just sat there and conversed with them.

Then, I woke up. Maybe because of being starstruck? Or maybe because of being in a communist convention with singers and popular people? I don't know, I was not even close to being late for class.

Then I remembered things that say of dreams, that it is the future, or has links to it whatsoever. Would I be a communist? Would I be related, be it work or what, with these performers in the future? I think I would just want to buy Sitti's album and I'm sure of it.ü

MORAL: You can't choose your dreams, you think you can? You can just pick it at first (with the opening of your so called dream, but hey, you're still awake when you can do that) then next thing you know, Freddy Kreuger's there chasing you with a smile, or is it a smile, and you can't choose the way you want to end it, or run away from Freddy... Creepy.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

An Unfortunate UP-Trip

I have been to the UP Film Institute for two times already before my misadventure. My first trip there was with my blockmate (who was from Pampanga and has no idea where UP is) and we successfully discovered the whereabouts of this film center with two jeepney rides.
My second journey to UP was with my beloved brother who has a GPS at the back of his head. He always seems to know where is anywhere. I came with him to the center and made me walk around so that according to him, I " would know the ins and outs of UP."

With all these experience, I wanted to go alone. I said "no" to being dropped-off there, and I refused to ride a cab. I wanted to walk, and ride a jeepney like what others do. HOWEVER, along Katipunan, I saw a schoolmate (he was a sophomore and hell, we don't know each other) and told myself, "I'm sure he's going to the film center. Might as well follow him." Bad move.

He went down the jeepney and rode another one, I unknowingly did the same and after some 20minutes or so, I realized I was already in Tandang Sora!! Damn my stupidness!! I knew I was at the wrong place when I was starting to see grassy areas and one-laned roads. So I immediately went down the jeepney and crossed the road like I am invincible when I saw a taxi coming form the opposite way.

I told the manong driver if he knows where the UP Film Center is, and when he said yes, I asked him again, and was replied by "I really know it". (I had no time to point wrong directions to a driver pretending he knows where we're going but not.) I realized how far I have traveled, since I can't recognize anything along the way! A stranger in my own country, I can support that.

I prayed inside the cab that I can arrive there before the movie starts. Fortunately, I came there 2minutes before they started the show. I swear I'll not follow anybody around and I'll navigate and memorize the area first before I even try to go there.

MORAL: Take a cab if you don't know or not sure where you're going at. Accept free rides if someone you know (not strangers) offers you. Don't try an adventure if you have a deadline to meet, trust me, the stress is not worth it.ü