Saturday, November 25, 2006

Woof Arf-arf...!!!

His name is Butchoi, has Japanese ancestry and he's one year old..XD

Today is our dog's birthday. Yay. One year already. Time flies so fast. Tito Vic gave him to us, he's the only male puppy of Sampy's batch 2 babies.. Thanks to Sampy and Jordan as well (they are the proud parents, haha!). My sister spreads chismis (gossip) that he's gay. (Since he pees like a girl and gets really hyperactive around boys!) Anyway, we had some food prepared today, no not really for the dog, but for my grandmother's weekly Bible Study. So, Butchoi had some guests over (no, the big dog next door wasn't invited, sorry Chuchu) - my grandmother's friends. Haha. Whatever.ü

MORAL: Don't eat dogs you freakin' bum! (Remember those green, leafy vegetables? Or try Bananas instead, B1 and B2 are not real so they won't squirm when you eat them.) Join and support PeTA and PAWS. Bathe your dog/s regularly, feed them as well. Oh, remember to make water available at all times, and to live by the Girl Scout Law. (OMG, speaking of Girl Scouts, I remembered my senior year in HS.. haha!)

Friday, November 24, 2006

Eat and Run!

My class today ended at 12:30pm (it was burning HOT this time!), so my mom met me at a mall for no apparent reason, well maybe because she was at the area. Then, we ate lunch at this Chinese restaurant (since she said fastfood are so common, a different dish is better) and we were trying out whatever pleased our eyes. (They had a cart with all their dimsum samples and other fried dishes that they push around their restaurant until they get your attention and you become fooled with how good it looks.)

We ordered what we liked, and ate some minutes away, talking over things (no, she doesn't ask, "so how's school?"), a lot of things. Then after stuffing ourselves with MSG-enriched (yay! It makes you smart! Eat a lot of MSG-enriched food and be obese in no time!) Chinese food, my mom checked her phone and stood up. "Come, I'll buy some bathroom tissue. People at home treat tissue like potato chips, two rolls a day! Imagine the trees being cut down for those things!" So I got my things from the table, carried my bag, then I was about to stand up when I realized something (very important).

We haven't paid our bill - we haven't even asked for it! I cried, "Mom! We haven't paid yet!" Funny thing was that the waiters there weren't even aware we were about to leave. My mom was shocked about forgetting it, so she quickly asked for it. She paid it and just gave some tip to somewhat "forget" the incident. We had a good laugh about it, but it would be pretty embarrassing if we went out without paying. Imagine forgetting that important thing!

Moral: Don't leave your things unattended. Always check everything before you leave, even the bill - check if you haven't paid or if you're giving the right amount! I don't want to have a record of not paying. Or when I pass by a waiter or receptionist would say (though I don't really care much about what they say), "that girl didn't pay!" That is not a good thing for your image, especially if you don't have one. I was insulting you..ü

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Aswang in the Aquarium

All of our mutant fish (surviving longer than their lifespan and having weird body parts) died during the three-day long blackout in Metro Manila after typhoon Milenyo uprooted the tree from our neighbor's garden. It was a tragedy, only my brother rejoiced - he wanted a different breed of fish.

For the first time in 3 years, our aquarium was empty. It was so sad, having the oxygen pump quiet for some time. Then, after a few days, we got a dozen of I-don't-know kind of fish from my mother's aunt. It was a fish of a popular type, and we just got them for free. (Ahaha, free stuff really makes me smile.)

Then my dad bought around 6 fish, they were orange-colored and I have no idea again what was their breed. (And to think I wanted to be a zoologist!) First day, everyone was happy, then the next day, one fish died of unknown reasons. Then the next day again, another fish died and my mom even saw the hideous event - the dozen fish were pecking out the eyes of the orange ones! After some more days, only one orange fish remains. It's a sad thing, since all of them are still small. Aww..

MORAL: Fish of the same color flock together and outsmart the fewer ones. Remember to buy battery-operated oxygen pumps in case of blackouts or week-long power shortages.