Sunday, February 25, 2007

This is for Humanity, Sanity and a Brighter Future

Ten Questions or Not (for World Peace):
*special guest: Gaborski

1.] Have you ever felt so low in your life it felt like you can see Satan already? Why yes? No is not applicable.
= Hmm.. I haven't seen Satan.. yet. But I've seen his minions. Ha!
*Wow, I'm not interested in meeting them. Creepy, I think I should call Oprah and Dr. Phil.

2.] There are Ten Commandments in the Bible. Are you following them? If you could add one, then it would be Eleven Commandments, right? What is that commandment and why.
= No, I don't. That would be impossible, because for one thing, I'm not yet married. ^_~ My eleventh commandment would be, though shall humble thyself when deemed superior by others. lol.
*You're not married?! I just realized that, uhh, now.

3.] Answer this intelligently. A man is holding a bolo (really huge knife). A woman is pregnant. Two hundred boys are beating the crap out of each other all at the same time. Five girls are pretending they are the Spice Girls. Mickey Mouse doesn't have a shirt while Donald Duck has no pants. So what?
= Nada. :]
*Great answer, but you missed the "intelligently" part.

4.] Burger and Nuggets are/were your dogs. Do you think McDonald's McRice Burgers would be popular or Skyflakes is still better? Do you think you're being biased with your answer? What if I said otherwise?
= Skyflakes pa rin? Kasi mura! lol. Hindi naman lahat ng Pinoy nakatikim na o makatitikim pa ng McRice Burger.. I'm being biased towards unfortunate people. =p If you said otherwise, then... that would be your opinion.
*I said otherwise because I said so, and that's the bottomline... Why don't you buy them McRice Burger? Let the unfortunate ones experience it, tsk. I can sense the minions coming to you.

5.] You are a Literature - English Major. What can you contribute to make the world a better place to live in? Well, the world became wonderful already - when I was born. Add more reasons why I made the world 99% better (not less than 3).
= I can... use Literature to promote social awareness, or use my skills in writing to provide education and entertainment. :)
Hindi nga?! Hehehe..
1. You constantly smile, even when you're pissed.
2. You're good in Math.
3. You're congenial.
4. You always have a party during your birthday! Haha!
*I know, i just wanted to hear/read it from someone else. I know you had a difficult time limiting your answers to 4. It must have been over a hundred, right?

6.] How can you control violence in your school? Do you think you can really control it? Do you really, really think you can? If not, why do you think you can't? Why do you really, really think you cannot?
= Is there violence in my school? I didn't know.. SJA or Ateneo? Iwouldn't really know what to do, really, unless I'm faced with the actual situation. :)
I wouldn't be able to control it because I am but a small creature in that effervescent world. Besides, there are other issues to focus on, like poverty, child labor, etc..
*Yeah there are other issues, but that was not the topic. SO why include that, sheesh.

7.] If you could have one superpower, what would that be and how would you use it? Is that for the benefit of mankind or for your ownself? C'mon, be honest, liars go to hell according to our neighbor.
= To be able to grant wishes, like a genie. LOL. For JOY - Jesus, Others, then Yourself (I mean myslef). Heehee.
*I don't like your answers, Lit major ka nga.

8.] You love reading books and eating. I didn't mean that you love eating books. What if Harry Potter is Batista in real life? Instead of casting spells, he does very friendly Batista Bombs to everyone he meets. How would you react?
= That's just Gross. Anyway, I don't like Harry Potter. I prefer Draco Malfoy. Haha.
*Draco Malfoy would be the Undertaker. And he'll be doing the Tombstone or the Last Ride to anyone he meets. Cool.

9.] There is a saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." What can you add to it to make it more appealing (because it isn't that effective like it used to be)? Do you think the one who created/popularized that is telling the truth or is s/he just afraid of doctors?
= Hindi ba effective?! Hahaha! Kasi mahal na apples ngayon. =p Any fruit would keep the doctor away as long as hindi ka allergic dun. LOL. Anywayz, apple lang naman napili kasi boom na boom apples noong panahong iyon. (I think. )
*I like bananas and watermelons, oh and apples as well. Eat pineapples then drink a lot of water right after. See what happens.

10.] Choose one. Be rich and famous (in a good way), or save the world?
= Be rich and famous. So I can help save the world.
*There's something with this question. Be rich and famous and the world ends tomorrow (because you can't save it). Selfish.. Tsk,tsk, to think this is for humanity.

MORAL: I forgot to add, it was my seatmate Ochoa who answered the previous questionnaire. If you think that the questions here are helpful and profound while the answers are complete dufus, don't blame me. Save the world, one apple at a time. Blah.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Questionnaire for Humanity

I am the last hope of humanity. It's just that I don't update my blog as much as I used to because I'm busy doing charity work.... Right. I'm currently conducting research by uhh, sending random questions to interesting people, right. Haha, oh well. I asked one person, my first victim. Those followed by an asterisk are my response/s.

Ten Questions or Not for the Greater Good of Mankind

1.] I know you have a Pomeranian, named Disney and you love her very much you even mimic her in class. What if you realize Disney is a real boy?
= DISNEY IS A GIRL! but seriously, if disney turned out to be a boy, it wouldn't matter to me. she's like a child to me haha and nothing would ever change the way i look at her. i'd still love HER the way i used to before i found out her true gender.=p (eat that mei haha joke)
*Yeah, right. DISNEY is a real boy, just like Pinocchio. Wahaha.

2.] Would you consider Taekwondo a peaceful sport you can practice with your family (i.e. grandmother)? Why or why not?
= Taekwondo is the best sport in the world because it was created by Koreans. If my family is like the Incredibles, then no, taekwondo is not a peaceful sport. but since my family is normal, i'd say that taekwondo is not a peaceful sport at all. haha joke. Yes, Taekwondo is a peaceful sport as it promotes peace among people. As Sir Jobet puts it "wag niyo gamitin yung mga tinuro ko sa inyo unless you really know how to do it. magpahold up nalang kayo."joke lang yan. Taekwondo is indeed a peaceful sport because it promotes camaraderie among what's the term for it...jins? Many people may not notice it but Taekwondo is a sport of discipline and respect. ta-dah.
*Jins, well said. Teach taekwondo to your grandparents as well. Also to your other relatives, but I don't think teaching it to the tambays/bums or smugglers or gangsters would help.

3.] Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Baa Baa Black Sheep, and The Alphabet Song all have the same tune. Explain Einstein's Theory of Relativity.
= According to Wikipedia, Einstein's Theory of Relativity(aka general relativity) is a theory of gravitation developed by Einstein. i do not care for this question so i will move on. Something about the curvature of space time with the mass, energy, and momentum. but i personally think that it's the E-mc^2 thing. heck i don't know. go ask pareng wiki.
*Wow, nerd. Haha. Why would I ask Wiki? We're not close. And sometimes, his information are not credible, credulous, maybe. I am more credible..

4.] What can you do to stop the acts of terrorism? How about global warming?
= One simple way to stop the acts of terrorism is to simply prohibit the immigration of citizens of other nations into your country. joke. What can I do? Since i seem to be of no importance to the world of war and terrorism, all i can do for now is to pray to God to change the lives of those who plans all this chaos. As for global warming, all i can do for my part is to yell at people who use hair gel and people whose refrigerators are not CFC free. It might not mean a lot when you think about it, but it does call the attention of the people to this matter and that's what really matters, according to Al Gore at least.=)
*Hmm, that would be effective. Yelling.. Try going to a beauty salon or parlor or whatnot and do that. Yell at the hairdressers and beauticians there. Or go to private homes, hog their dvds with your pirated Al Gore documentary cds.

5.] If you could wish for one thing, why not wish for more? Explain.
= who said i won't wish for more? that was actually my plan had a genie come up to me and ask me what my wish was. "to have more wishes." smart, huh?=) anywho, one wish one wish. hmmm. i will not wish for more wishes because that would be selfish and it's not in my nature to be selfish. haha=) but yeah seriously. that's it=)
*You didn't say anything. Circular reasoning, and I thought you learned something from English class.

6.] Pluto is not a planet anymore. What do you think of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth"? Why is it inconvenient? Is it convenient to call it inconvenient?
= The Inconvenient Truth is inconvenient because it's not convenient. anyway, this was actually one of the questions given to us after the showing. so here goes: it is convenient to call it inconvenient because the truth is really inconvenient. people are aware of the fact that our world is deteriorating and yet they do nothing about it. that is the inconvenient truth (at least i hope it is). =)
*True, true. I am an environmentalist. I wish people would really care about global warming. It's freaking hot already!! Go to Ateneo, you'll thank God for the trees! By the way, it won an Oscar. Woohoo.

7.] In math, if a = b, and b = c, therefore a = c. If God is love, and Love is blind, therefore God is blind. Elaborate.
= According to Miss Misa, you are a fallacy. haha Math is not equal to English. In English, there is no logic although it claims to have some. Math is more logical because sudoku requires logical thinking and sudoku is math therefore math = logic. *Sudoku, let's teach the corn vendors along Katipunan how to solve Sudokus.

8.] Britney Spears is your idol. What can you say about Mel Gibson's Apocalypto? = i cannot comment on this because i have yet to see the movie. i heard on the radio that Britney shaved her head. no comment on that either. *Try shaving your head as well... Prison Break style.

9.] I know you have a very high level of respect for me even if you deny it for the nth time. What is one thing you would love to do before you uhh, die? = Respect ka jan. haha. The one thing that i would love to do before i die would be to go to Korea and say goodbye to my 5 boyfriends there namely, U-know Yunho, Choikang Changmin, Youngwoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, and Xiah Junsu, collectively known as TVXQ or Dong Bang Shin Ki. joke. but not a joke. haha anyway, before i die, i'd like to say goodbye to my family and friends and thank them for everything they've done for me ala awards show. i'd like to leave to them my will (as if i have any property to leave them) which includes the proper ownership of baby disney. haha kidding. but yeah, one thing i'd love to do before i die would be to spend an entire day with my loved ones.=)


10.] Give me an appropriate title for my questionnaire. You are my guinea pig, do you feel elated? I can sense your euphoria right now.

= it's called ":", that's what it's called. haha joke. now for the title. uh. The Survey. o diba. how original.=) but yeah seriously, uh...The Humanitarian Survey haha joke. uhh. "Please Answer" will do fine. haha joke uh.."Survey for the Greater Good of Mankind." yan=) lovely=)

*I didn't find your response useful, but nonetheless thanks for answering my queries..

MORAL: It's the year of the pig. Don't mind all those lucky charms or what. Just think of doing one good thing for another everyday. But I don't mind if you give me post-Chinese New Year tikoys. Huahua (this is not a place in China, it's an alternative form of Wahaha).