Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Truth About Rubber Shoes

Lumabas na ang katotohanan. After a long time...

A while ago, my sister went home from work, while I was eating, carrying a paper bag or something..

ako: hallo!! puwede ba magsponsor ang (where she works, let's not mention it na lang) ---
achi: hindi
ako: di pa ako tapos. puwede bang magsponsor ang ---
achi: hindi nga. narinig ko plang ung sponsor, hindi na ang sagot!
ako: bakit naman?
achi: kuripot company namin!
ako: auck!

after my sister sat to take a look on what i'm eating...

achi: mei, sale kanina sa nike. gusto ko ung cortez. sayang din un.
ako: wow, ano binili mo? lahat ba ng items sale?
achi: ang liliit ng sizes! 7 lang! hindi ko nga mapasok ung paa ko eh
ako: aww sayang. sale ba lahat?
achi: ung latest ng cortez yata, black ung swoosh tapos may hot pink sa likod. ok sana eh.
ako: un lang ung may size na kasya?

achi: yah. chaka bumili ako ng shirt!
ako: ahh, sale ba lahat?
achi: hindi yata eh..
ako: hanggang kailan sila sale? punta kaya ako.. hmm..
achi: not sure hanggang kailan.
ako: bili na kaya ako ng tennis shoes if ever sale sila

achi: bakit. gus2 mo na talaga magtennis? i mean ippursue mo na talaga xa?
ako: bakit mo tinatanong kung bibili ako ng shoes? bad ba?
achi: itutuloy mo na talaga yang pagtetennis mo?
ako: bakit mo ko tinatanong kung bibili ako ng shoes? bawal?
achi: hindi, may mgagagamit ka pa naman kasi eh
ako: *no reaction*
ako: bad ba?

achi: may magagamit ka pa kasi, ung rubber shoes ko na hindi ko nagamit diba
ako: *no reaction*
achi: diba?
ako: *no reaction*
ako: *no reaction*
achi: teka!!!! nasira mo noh!!
ako: *no reaction*
ako: *tingin sa ibat ibang sulok ng mundo*
achi: PALITAN MO UN! PALITAN MO IYON!! (medyo lucky ako kasi medyo happy sister ko)
ako: sabi ko sayo, need ko ng shoes eh! *awkward smile sabay subo ng mashed potato, pinagkasya sa bibig para hindi makareply kagad*

achi: 1k nlang ibayad mo instead na ung sa real price ng shoes ko na sinira mo
ako: now na ba? (guilty ako eh, so i wasn't contesting)
achi: fine, punta tayo sa saturday. bilhan mo na lang ako ng TOPSHOP na blouse
ako: TEKA! mas mahal un eh!!!
achi: pano ba kasi nasira? tumatakbo ka ba?
ako: tennis dah! siyempre tatakbo ka!
ako: magpasalamat ka na natest ko quality ng (secret na lang ang brand)
achi: fine, ung pinakamurang blouse na lang bilhin mo. punta tayo saturday!
ako: this saturday?
achi: this saturday siyempre! makalimutan ko pa kung next week!

MORAL: The truth shall set you free. Puwede ring, Ruth shall set you free. Blah. But, really, I felt better after she knew about it. HOWEVER, it would cost me. I have no allowance, I have to look for loose money from all over our room (my money of course), and even from the pockets of my pants.

*The tone in this semi-conversation is not negative. There is a slight Little Lad happiness though I was so nervous. For more information about Little Lad, check the previous entry.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Starburst and Little Lad Scandalicious

I met Little Lad when Kat Ochoa introduced him to me one morning. He was weird, annoying, and like a virus. You don't want to hear his voice and watch him dance but there's something that compels you to. DIE, Little Lad, go to the pastures and do your thing there, leave us alone. AUCK!!

But due to curiosity, I tried to practice the dance. Tadah! The video above has complete information how to sing and dance the Little Lad Dance. It's like a new dance craze, only that crazy people would dance this. (Fine fine, I did it, practiced it and danced it.)

The first video was funny, and stupid. So I wanted to try it. It is funny, and stupid, so I tried it. YES, it's funny and stupid, but you'll want to try it.

There I was, standing in front of the laptop, dancing and singing along with Little Lad then after my performance, I turned to my left. I saw my grandmother STARING at me with a surprised look on her face. Maybe she was wondering what happened to her grandchild dancing like hell in front of the computer. Oh, my grandma is deaf-mute, she can't hear the ridiculous high-pitched singing of Little Lad, making me more insane than ever. She was staring at me, and I was staring at her, with a more surprised look (surprised since someone saw me dance, and of all people, it was my grandma... Grandma, what big eyes you have! So I can see you more! Auck, Little Red Riding Hood, eat your picnic basket alone in the woods). It was one of the most awkward moments I experienced. Sheesh.

(This one is the Application of the lessons. It also shows the Auck - and how to pronounce it, complete with hand gestures and facial expressions.)

I can do the heel click. And yes, my grandmother saw it as well. Unfortunately, there are only 2 videos of Little Lad. But I want to make video tributes for him, and student versions of the dance. Wait till classes start. This Little Lad Dance is very efficient and handy especially when one is asked by his/her dance teacher to do an impromptu dance. It would be awkward as well, but hell, you'll have an A in no time (as suggested by CS).

MORAL: Dance as if no one is watching. But be sure no one is really watching when you do this kind of dance. But if you do interpretative dances, and/or ballet recitals, don't, please, don't do this dance. You'll dishonor Little Lad. He might cry and say "Auck!" three hundred and fifty-six times (356, I just typed that randomly). When you're sad and blue, watch Little Lad, do his dance, and you'll feel all better. Trust me on this.

*Count how many times the word "dance" was mentioned.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Eleonette Dee is the Best Policy

(Eli is pictured second from the right. And Carl was cut-off, sorry.)

This is like a bitter medicine I can't seem to swallow, and if given the choice, I still won't.

Having visited a cemetery just recently, I read someone who died 106 years old. Then another, did not even survive for two days. My friend, at 18 years. How does it feel? 106 years is already enough, two days gave me sympathy (since the baby hasn't even seen the world), but 18 years, just when she's starting to walk her own path, is simply not fair - it's too short for someone who has experienced the world and not have truly enjoyed it. Eleonette Dee, a great friend, died last Saturday morning (May 19 1:19am).

Denial. Denial. The Nile is not just a river, it's a freaking ocean. I'm still thinking this is a bad dream. Denial. Denial.

How would one remember Ely? Hmm, she's fond of writing greetings on tissue papers and giving it to us. Ah, one time in English class, we were writing notes (pretending we were giving autographs to fans) to each other. Carl and Kat wrote something for me which ended with, "thanks for being my #1 fan". While Ely wrote a note that ends with "i'm your #1 fan." Haha. Error! She was complaining about it the whole English period, defending what she's written (saying it's correct), asking us what was wrong about it. We were, "Why would a fan write an autograph for his/her idol?!" Ely thought about it and said, "oo nga noh. haha, mali."

Another would be Maritess vs the Superfriends. We were imitating the accent the whole time. "I was jaz ku-king (cooking) pish!"

You were the first to call Kat as a Loser. Loser Kat was born. Loser because she's always late, she forgot her exam permit, etc.

Eli A, Eli B, Eli C, Eli Dee, I'll always remember your Starbucks Organizer. You had to plead for other people's receipts for that, even asking us if we have some so you can surrender them. And when you forgot "Loser Kat's" birthday, you gave her a CD during our Lit finals greeting her happy birthday with matching, "akala mo nakalimutan ko birthday mo noh!" only to be replied by Loser Kat with, "uhh, Eli, medyo five days late ka na". She even called Kat Loser again because Loser Kat forgot her exam permit.

How about Eli's journal for English (a lot of things happen in English classes)? It was burnt index cards connected together. It was a disaster but she kept on saying, "maganda naman diba?" Of course we said, "uhh, oo. abstract nga eh!" And she believed it, "sabi ko na nga ba eh, artistic ako."

Once, Eli was selling iPod Nanos. She posted in her Y!m status, "selling brand new iPod Nano, slightly used." Wow Eli, idoL. Brand new but slightly used. She borrowed my iPod before, was listening to Paris Hilton when our teacher arrived. She gave it back to me with a worried face, "Mei! Mei! Paano patayin 'to?"

Eli is great with typing. She has a lot of typo errors when chatting, changes the spelling of our names (whether by accident or on purpose) and Carl loves to correct all of it and make fun out of the typos. Haha, she can't be a typist or a secretary.

Thanks for the fun memories, Eli, adventures and misadventures, and all our nonsense (as usual) conversations - I'll cherish all of them. This entry would take forever if I tell stories about it. I'll cut it short, and just write about the "carscapades". You made our (my) lives so much better in your own little ways.

With all the memories I'll keep for Eli, I would never (even if I get to have amnesia) ever forget Ely as a driver. She drives without seatbelt on, and boasts about her "technique" wherein she just straps the already buckled belt on her arm whenever an MMDA officer is around, then puts it away afterwards. When we were at her car one time, she was sharing a story to us while driving when she suddenly tied her hair (both hands fixing her hair while the steering wheel was unattended). Don't try that at home. We were scared to death because of that. Remember there were no seatbelts at the backseat. One more, her license was confiscated at least 3 times in less than a year. Haha, nice Eli, she's a great driver. Another was when we were rushing to catch the 7pm play, and Ely was driving so fast even though there were humps and unpaved road. Sharp turns were no match for her, and we were scrambling (and semi-screaming with arms flailing in the air like riding a rollercoaster) inside the car in no time. Carl and I wanted to get off because we were thrown from left to right, while Kat seated in front was already pale. That rollercoaster experience (for us) was just a normal routine for her, since she's always rushing to school. *clap clap*

Wherever you are, you don't have to worry about MMDAs anymore, you can drive as fast as you want, without seatbelt, even while tying your hair. No more research papers, reaction papers, quizzes, long tests, rushed reports, stinky fencing gears, and finals. Free ice cream, no more traffic, no more pain. We love you, Ely, so much.

Eli always arrive after the first bell. Always late for class. This time, she left early, too early..

See you soon, Eli, you'll always be loved, cherished, and remembered.. +

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The World Awaits... Paris Hilton

Oscar de la Hoya! Floyd Mayweather Jr.! Paris Hilton! Ta-dah! Action packed weekend! The World Awaits is the title for the De la Hoya - Mayweather fight. Here in the Philippines, it's named Titigil ang Mundo (The World Will Stop). Shoosh. The Pretty Boy Meets the Golden Boy, while the Heiress Meets the Gridiron.

It was reported Oscar (we're also close, we are on a first-name basis closeness, or the we-share-the-same-toothbrush closeness) would receive $25,000,000. Count that, 25 million. While Mayweather (Floyd doesn't seem too good to type, it has one syllable, doesn't sound right to me) would receive $10,000,000. Yep, 10 M. Both amounts exclude the pay-per-view share. If you are given the chance to be Oscar's sparring mate for 12 rounds and he'll pay you $10million, would you grab it?

I think the whole crap was scripted. De la Hoya wasn't so surprised when he lost via split decision. He dumped his long-time trainer Floyd Mayweather, Sr. because the latter was asking for $2m as his fee. Oscar doesn't want to give him that much so he opted to have Freddie Roach as his trainer for this supposedly Fight of the Century. Heller?! I would pay my coach or trainer as much as I can just to win it! He practically knows all my techniques and strengths, as well as areas to improve. Then he'll just have someone coach him for that special title match?! So this brings me to the idea that money is really the winner here. The event was backed-up by Golden Boy Promotions, owned by the Golden Boy himself papa Oscar. So... The money would practically revolve around Oscar. If the match paid well, maybe he can have a rematch. Though I heard that Mayweather won't fight with him anymore.

Oh, I think I have mentioned it already, but Floyd Mayweather won by split decision. No knockdowns, just plain punch-drunk love. And what I just said above is a complete stupid idea. Punch me. Read this if you want to know more about the match.

But what is more important than the De la Hoya - Mayweather match? Of course Paris Hilton sentenced to 45 days in Jail. Uh-huh. She was apprehended when she was driving without headlights. (She must've had nightvision contacts on.) Paris wasn't aware that she was driving with a suspended license, well, that's what she said. You see, Paris has this thing, like a virus. Love her, or hate her. Even though you'll think she's (insert derogatory terms here), you can't deny you sing her songs in the bathroom or even read articles about her. Maybe you are just a plain quidnunc or you got the Paris-virus. Haha. Back to the jailtime issue, actually I think if I write something about it, it would be redundant. Though personally, I think she deserves that, after all her issues and controversial whatevers. It's time to open her eyes, wake up, Paris! Life isn't as simple as that.

Here's the article about Paris.

MORAL: Don't drive with a suspended license. Remember things you sign, especially pleas and contracts. Drive with headlights on, well, of course in the daylight you don't have to. Don't wear sunglasses in the morning. Don't look at an eclipse or at the sun directly.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Spider-Man with ADHD

No spoilers, don't worry. I am a sensitive person. Haha.

May 1, no classes. My brother texted me asking what time would I be dismissed from school. Hello?! There were no classes. Well, he replied that we meet up at the cinemas, to watch Spider-Man 3. What do you expect? It's the first day of regular showing, of course there would be a lot of people, adding that today's a holiday. He didn't mind, that's why we were catching the first show. A movie for breakfast, great. He came from work so we just met at the mall. After a few minutes he told me he already bought 2 tickets and that I'll better hurry so we can find a seat. (SRO is not a good thing.)

I was like competing in Amazing Race, got there on time and we were able to find some seats. Watched the Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean trailer (can't wait! Yargh!), and when the movie was starting, I noticed the children around us (OMG, they are everywhere!) getting excited. Some were kicking the hell out of their system, and others were like, "Mommy! Spider-Man! (repeat 246 times)" Waaaah, it was like everyone around had ADHD.

I was getting annoyed already, I can feel the symbiote in my veins (Carnage style! Nope, he's not in the movie, don't be overwhelmed.) and sensed how I wanted to look at the kid behind me with scrutinizing, judgmental eyes that express, "Can you not watch the movie with your feet flat on the floor?!" My brother had it, too, with the kid beside him hitting the chair with his empty water bottle. Ahh, symbiote, I want to let out my Venom-like teeth (except I don't have them) and hit them with web balls in their faces. Spider-Man has a violent effect on children, they don't need amphetamine.

I asked my brother why was he so excited to watch it? He said, "Gusto ko kasama ako sa mga unang nakapanood. Ayoko kasing may nakanood na kuwento nang kuwento tapos malalaman ko 'yung ending. No way!" Well yeah, that stinks. I hate it when people do that, like those who watch boxing matches texting others, "Pare panalo si Manny!" Of course we would be watching it, complete with commercials longer than the actual match! I think it is the sense of being above others, having watched it first, spilling all they know about the movie to those who want to watch it themselves. "Thanks, man, you just said the ending." Blah. Can't they just watch without repeating the whole thing to someone who hasn't watched it yet?! I must think of a sanction for those who do that. I'll give them a game, Jigsaw style, SAW 4 - The Spoilers. Hmm, not bad, make them eat spoiled and rotten food or fish guts then swallow cobwebs.

Venom was made nicely, except he only had little screen time. Topher Grace looked good there ! Anyway, the eyes and the teeth or fangs were beautiful (not that I find fangs and strange big white eyes beautiful) and the way he used his infamous shield and web. SandMan was also there, looking a lot like the way he did in the comics. His trademark striped shirt and buffed body were shown, Sam Raimi did a good job. Also, _____________ and when __________ (these are spoilers, haha) suddenly, _____________. There, spoilers omitted.

Watch it, it would meet the expectations of Spider-Man fanatics (those who lived with comics!). Oh, Stan Lee's cameo role had a speech. Babe's (the pig) master was there, only that he is a police chief. By the way, don't wait until the credits end, there's nothing to watch (unlike in X-Men), unless you are really interested in seeing the names of the costume designers and the slogan "NO ANIMAL WAS HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS FILM." (I'm happy about that, I thought the German Shepherd died.) The sad part, there were no hints for part 4. Unless you want to make up some of your own, like I did. Haha. I want maximum Carnage! Rarara! Inject the symbiote in my bloodstream. Pirates of the Caribbean, you're next in my list!

MORAL: Peter told me, (yes, we are THAT close - we are on a first name basis. He used to be my neighbor, only I am the friendly neighbor kontrabida and he was the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man) "We all have a choice. It's the choices that make us who we are." Control yourself and never hurt the noisy, pesky kids around you. Even noisy dads who are so excited like their children.