Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tickle Me Emo

If life is so fair, why do roses have thorns? - Tickle Me Emo / Depressame Street

Eye love this videoclip. Hahaha, I want to have an Emo Elmo. Promise..

MORAL: Do not hurt yourself to feel alive. Also, do not hurt others to feel alive. Just find another outlet. Make emo songs, or make emo arts. You can even have extra cash.


I rode a bus home one time and saw Meteor Garden being played. Yes, the notorious Chinovela that wrought havoc in our country. They brought the F4's here, wherein hordes of Filipinos paid more than 10k pesos just to watch their concert even though they (fans) can't understand what the heck those boys were singing. Their records were selling like pancakes. Great, and they were know as Flower Four. Even better, and I am sarcastic.

The lead female character was San Chai, and I don't really mind whatever the spelling of her name is. The time when Meteor Garden was such a hit in the Philippines was when I don't have a regular trim. My hair was very black (because there are not-so-black black), straight, and very long. Combing was difficult then, but I had no choice but to comb my hair since we weren't allowed to have our hair dancing with the wind in high school. We had to tie our hair, or else we'd get an infraction slip. I remember last time I went to the supermarket to do some grocery ( I make the bill soar when I go with them ). I was walking around until a kid bumped into me. I wasn't wearing my hair in a ponytail then. She was looking at me then tugged her brother and said, "Uy, si San Chai." Then she ran and looked for her mother to say she found San Chai, like an excited Magellan discovering Philippines (even though there's no proof Magellan was excited when he discovered the Philippines ). I hate that kid, good thing she ran or else I'll hunt her down. I don't even look like freaking Shang Hai. But it would be worse if someone said I look like one of the members of F4, the one who'll say that won't even be able to finish his/her sentence.

I don't like it when someone says, "you look like (insert name of someone you don't know)..." And I have heard that statement a lot of times already. "Are you studying in Batangas? Or do you have a twin sister?I think I saw you a while ago." Of course I wanted to say, "Have you gone mad? Why would I go there?" but instead said, "I want to have a twin, but no, no, and what?" Really. "I thought I saw you!" The ever wise me asked, "How does she look like?" Then was responded with an equally wise answer, "Uhh, try looking in front of the mirror. That's how she looks like, like you." The hell. Curse those minions.

Another of this mistaken identity involves my co-ACLCer (Ateneo Christian Life Community). He was asking me if I was at this GA (General Assembly) and called me AC. I am not AC. And after some time, "Uh, you're not AC??" I gave him a blank stare and showed my name tag which does not read "AC". Curse the minions. I don't even look Chinese. Please note that I have nothing against Chinese.

I haven't planned world domination, yet. I would send my clones in a few years, but not now. Sheesh. At least I haven't been compared to a man. Hoorah. "You look like (insert a man's name here).." That would be harsh. Crap. Lucky people, thought to be me, or reported to look like me.
Oh, oh. I forgot, last time, while we (me, Jean, and Marfi) were planning to change after PE class, something dumb happened. Dunno if it's dumb, I don't really care at all right now. We were at Ateneo's Martial Arts Center and I turned the doorknob, since the door was half-opened, I made a little push. Then the door closed, someone inside slammed the door at me. Perfect! I went out to see how my adversary looks like and was mumbling, "I'll get you when you go out.." Then I asked Marfi to open the door because I think they locked it from the inside, hogging the restroom to themselves. Go eat the restroom, freaks.

Marfi opened the door, with ease. Whhaaat!? I'm not a weakling, ever since I played tennis I know my arm's strength improved already. We searched the area, but no one was there. Jean saw it, how the door was slammed. Marfi was denying it, "Maybe you didn't push it that hard." I know what I did, and I have a Kapampangan witness. Both were scaring themselves while changing. It wasn't a big deal to me,since I can pretend to be brave when there are people around. Haha, but when I'm alone, I would be scared as an earthworm who has the knowledge that he doesn't have skin and that salt would be poured on him,in short, really scared. Remember, Martial Arts Center restroom, near the PE Office and College Athletics Office. Cool..

MORAL: San Chai is fictional and dysfunctional. I am not. Longer hair needs more shampoo and more combing. Futsal is fun, especially if you have cool/hyper teammates. Just don't trip on your own, not fun (ask Marfi, from experience). Also, when receiving the ball and you intend to use your upper body to hit it, use your chest, not your breast. (This is not from a personal experience.) Futsal, futsal, futsal!

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Revival of the Ten Questions or Not

Ten Questions or Not... This is for the homo sapiens out there, I think.
special guest: Francine G, aka Sanrio/Yoda/Hello Kitty/Elaine

Ok, so I ask questions again. I comment on the answers as well. Some answers were so inspiring I wrote them on my whiteboard then clipped pictures at my own "picture sampayan (clothesline)". You didn't get the relation of the whiteboard to the pictures? Neither did I. Anyway, please understand the complex nature of the human brain so bear with the answers.

1.) True or False. How do you feel whenever you see your favorite teacher in English? Why not? How about the Diwata? Do you know her? Does she know you? Why not? How?
--i hate thomas!iniiwasan ko siya...i just heard the diwata, never seen her, mlamang di niya ako kilala, dahil she is with the french guy, kaya napapansin natin siya, how did i know her?through chismis!haha
*You haven't seen the Diwata?! OMG, you must see her! And make a wish when you do. It's like you missed half of your life. Haha. Chismis is not good for your health. You think Thomas is stalking you?

2.) If you were a famous personality, how would your friends describe you? Really? Are you telling the truth?
--above them?hard to reach?(kahit na hindi totoo even though maging celeb man ako..) really!yes telling d truth!
*Hard to reach, yeah right. Eh kung sipain ka namin at hampasin ng steel chair? But of course, I am an animal rights enthusiast, so, I won't do that.

3.) Complete the sentence. "My mother and I..." and "When I think of boys..."
--my mother and I have much time together..., when i think of boys, they are like me, also a human...(yan un cnagot ko dun sa guidance ah...)
*Boys are like you? Wow, you're now a boy! I'm so proud of you. I wonder what would the guidance counsellor say when s/he reads our answers... Hmm... "My mother and I... are girls."

4.) How would you describe fuchia pink and tangerine to a deaf, old, blind man?
-- fuchia-bright! tangerine-sour!
*You'll describe them like that?? Oh well, since there are no right or wrong answers, I'll pass criticizing this one, hahaha.

5.) Paris Hilton is your hero, your idol. When is your birthday? How did you come up with your answer?
--birthday-7/11/89, my parents told me (wlang kinalaman un k paris hilton)
*But she's still your idol.

6.) Do you sing while taking a bath? Do you take a bath when singing? Do you eat vegetables that are nutritious and good for your health?
*GRABE!!! How profound your answers are! Yoda, you're the best.

7.) Leonidas, the king of Sparta, was around 60 years old when the Battle of Thermopylae happened. Would you love to have 8-pack abs? How about 4-packs in your biceps? Why or why not?
--1. no! dhl high maintenance ang abs!mya maging fats pa yan kng di mo na exercise. 2. no! panget for a gurl
*Fats.. Naks, conscious! Pangit for a girl? I think it won't look appealing for men, too, having 4-packs in your biceps. How did you know that abs are high-maintenance? Have you tried maintaining abs? Wow, macho Hello Kitty.

8.) If you're alone in a deserted island, which brand of shampoo would you bring? In relation to your answer, why not bring something more important other than a shampoo? Does that prove that you are vain?
--creamsilk?un gamit ko e...duh?tinatanong mo kng anung shampoo, not what you want to bring?! di ako vain, papayag akong mgpakalbo na lng kpg nasa deserted island, rather than langawin ang ulo ko dhl sa wlang ligo haha
*Eh bakit mo ako inaaway!? Ganun ang tanong eh! Bear and deal with it! =)

9.) What is the last book you have read? FHM, Maxim, and Uno are not considered as books. How do you feel about that? What did you eat before answering this? What is it's connection to the first question in this number?
--1. cgru ung Empire of memory, boring! required lang kc sa lit...2. fruits-un ung dessert ko sa diner e, wlang fruits sa empire of memory
*Fruits are fun. Boring?! Reading is fun as well. So, if fruits = fun, and reading = fun, therefore, fruits = reading.

10.) Imagine you are a famous basketball player, 8 feet tall, and bald. Why? What is your idea of a perfect man? And so?
--yuck!kahit na basketball fanatic ako, never ko ngustuhan ang super tall na guy na bald pa!haha semi-cal pwd pa...idea of a perfect man?actually wala, any thing goes ako e, basta ba com4table ako mo e
*You're not an ideal specimen for questioning. Haha, you react negatively to the questions. Yihee, your idea of a perfect man is anything, as long as you're comfortable with him.. Just like when you're comfortable sitting on a couch? These questions are the future questions for the Ms. Universe pageant. No joke.

MORAL: Prepare for glory! These questions are not tested on animals. They were made uniquely for each person. Well, not really, I just ask what I want to ask. I tell them that for every reply I get, some pesos are donated to charitable institutions. Don't tell a lie. No, no, no, no, baby, no, no, no, no, don't lie (in tune of BEP's song)... Remember this! Animals are friends, not food.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Roger Federer and Venus Williams... No, they are not dating. Duh.
Wimbledon is a dream, and a grassy one.

He won it 5 times in a row, she won it 4 times already. He's the number one player, and she's the lowest seeded player to win the title. He's emulated a record, and she has beaten her own record of being the lowest seeded player to win (14th before, 23rd now). Her sister won the first slam of the year ranked 81st, and she won the third slam ranked 31st. Cool. Well anyway, there are a lot of write-ups about their victories, so I won't add anymore to that. I watched all of their matches, even those until 2:30-3am. Haha. Fed Cup is next, but there are no broadcasts for that. Speaking of Fed Cup, reporters are gunning Sharapova again, since she backed-out playing for team Russia. Russia would meet USA on July 14-15. She chose to attend an awards night over playing for her country. Wow.
"I'm telling you, just forget about all these promises," Russia's chief tennis coach Vladimir Kamelzon was quoted saying.
"Once again she (Maria) said she'd play, only to turn her back on the team at the last minute," said the source.


Meanwhile, Maria Sharapova’s shrieks hit 103.7 decibels in her loss to Venus Villiams at Wimbledon. The human threshold for pain is 115 decibels. Then she becomes a threat to public safety. If you get hearing loss while watching a match, can you file suit? With both banshees screaming I expect birds fell out of the sky and cats and dogs tried to bury themselves. Why hasn’t that girl been gagged? In 1992 Monica Seles was reprimanded for grunting and ordered not to do it again. She went on to lose the final to Steffi Graf, whom she’d been beating regularly.
*from Jessica Zafra

They said grunting is cheating. She has a new name, Maria Shriekapova.. Winner again! Haha. They really love criticizing her. Read the article, it's soo funny. Well, for me. Haha.

MORAL: Don't promise anything, especially if you really don't mean it. Don't try grunting while playing chess, they might stuff the chess pieces in your mouth, worse, even the chessboard. Not good.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Love - All

If I would have a brand, it would be Love-All, or 0-0 in tennis scoring. I just want it that way, don't mind me. I don't want Ace, it's the name of a tennis show and a magazine, so it would just be redundant if I dream of using it.

This is Marat Safin, a professional tennis player and one of my favorite people. He is famous for his looks (according to me, haha) and of course, the explosive antics. I love watching him, his sister Dinara Safina, and Nicole Vaidisova. Well, aside from their skills, it's because of the way these 3 players (also included in my never-ending list of favorite people) react when they lose an important point, or when things don't go their way. It is like watching an action movie or something, because eventually, you'll see a flying tennis racquet which would fall back on earth, a smashed racquet (which would be crushed and given to the fans or just thrown away), shouting in different languages (this is one of the reasons I want to learn multiple European languages, so I would know what the heck they are shouting), ball kids being reprimanded for no apparent reasons, umpires and linesmen being yelled and insulted by the players, and pitiful tennis balls being hit with the power of hell (the balls then become flat or destroyed).

If you want neurotic, there are tennis players. If you want psychotic, there are tennis players. If you want superstitious, there are tennis players. If you want well, I think tennis players have it, whatever it is that you're thinking.

However, I noticed recently (yes, I have been following the coverage of the tour for some time), Marat has been calm, replacing the shouting at the top of his lungs with just frowns and super deep sighing. I miss the Marat Safin who's very vocal and graphic. He has not smashed a racquet (as far as I have watched) and has not yelled at umpires or linesmen for some time. Weird. But he did complain that the prices of the food in the Wimbledon are too high and they don't even taste good. Cool. If he matched that complaint with nerve-wracking actions, it would be great.

Watch Wimbledon (it's the current Grand Slam, and I'm watching Venus Williams and Akiko Morigami battle for a 4th-Round meeting with Maria Sharapova, who wears a dinosaur dress), even though the tournament is being tormented with rain. I like the previous dresses, but this one for Wimbledon, it just doesn't appeal to my eyes. Still, I won't forget Serena's Australian Open dress, where she looked like a giant tennis ball. I have nothing against Serena and Maria. Promise. It's just when it comes to tennis clothes, I won't forget that lime green something dress. Promise. Haha, I even adore both of them, skills only, not their grunting prowess.

MORAL: Tennis is fun, especially when someone does something unusual. Like in the Australian Open, the ballkid threw the ball early and hit Nicole Vaidisova, tadah. Instant anger. I was waiting for her to hit the kid, but unfortunately she didn't. In short, don't hit anyone on purpose. Make it look like it was only an accident. And, fight with the umpire, just not to the extent that you'll be thrown out of the tournament, there's Hawk-Eye* you know.

*Hawk-Eye is the latest technology which gives the players an accurate reading/replay whether the ball is really in or out or whatever.