Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ang Alamat ng Mirasol

(To my friend who has the same name, it is not about you, haha.)

The latest legend I have ever read. I read the short(est?) version of this in Mr. Alvin Yapan's Ang Sandali Ng Mga Mata (nice book). (I even got my copy signed by him, oh yeah.) It was just mentioned there. Ang Alamat ng Mirasol. I'll just type some parts of it.

" Katulad nga siya ng mirasol na hinding-hindi na matuturuang ibaling sa iba ang pagsamba sa araw. Si Bino ang araw para kay Selya.

Ayon sa alamat, lalaki ang bulaklak na mirasol: isang lalaking namatay sa araw-araw na pagtitig sa bintanang hinihintay niyang pandungawan ng dalagang binawi ang pangakong hinding-hindi magmamaliw ang pag-ibig sa kaniya. Nang mamatay ang binata sa paghihintay, tumubo ang kauna-unahang mirasol sa kinagawian niyang hintayan sa hardin ng dalaga. "

Emo. What if the girl lives in a condominium? And the guy strains his neck at her (who lives in the 35th floor of the building) window, waiting for her to look at him or whatever. Good luck for him. Sad story. I think I'll write a novel or a short story soon. However, it would probably be a tragedy, horror, or crime story. If it would be a love story, it'll have a sad ending. Nah, too negative. I'll just write a fairy tale, full of gore and violence. Hmm, fine, I'll just make a picture book.

MORAL: Promise is a very powerful word. If you have plans on waiting, tell the person that you'll be waiting for him/her, so that when something goes wrong s/he won't tell you, "I didn't know you were waiting for me," or something like that. So that you won't die and become a flower, or a fertilizer. Also, it would bug his/her conscience (if s/he has one) to know someone is waiting for him/her. And then, all would be well until someone snatches your loved one's necklace or bracelet along Katipunan, or some stranger points a knife at you and says, "I have a knife, if you don't give me your things, I'll make sure this would make you bleed".

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Not Just Once, or Twice, but Thrice

When would they stab me or something? Freaks. Get a life. I'll steal your lungs or I'll push the four of you and let the smoke-belching jeepneys kill you all with carbon monoxide.

Ateneo won against La Salle (AGAIN)! Yay, happiness! I should be happy. I was ecstatic while leaving school. I walked with Ken (6'4 very big boy) and looked like a midget beside him. Anyway, walking along the same spot in Aurora Blvd going to the LRT Station, I saw three women who dressed similarly. I noticed the woman who opened my bag and stole my phone. So I told Ken, "Ayan 'yung kumuha ng phone ko, oh. (That's the girl who got my phone.)" and I said it loud enough so that they would hear it. Then, I saw the rightmost girl (if they stood beside each other and their formation was TOX, T = thief, X = eye contact girl) looking at me. I stared back at her.

After some time, I noticed from my peripheral vision, the 3 women walking towards us. I saw them looking at me or us, and they saw me looking at them. When I faced front, there was a guy all of a sudden. He was the one who stalled us from before. I don't know what they would do but I don't want to know it. My phone was in my pocket (pants) and I have nothing inside my bag's front pocket because I really don't put anything there except my hand sanitizer, alcohol, tissue, and the like. It was just that one time I placed my phone there, and tadah, I'm a lucky girl.

Anyway, I noticed that guy from before. I knew it was him. I'm sure of it, I really am. With his gold-dyed-feeling-cool-hair, who would forget him? Even passers-by would get annoyed just seeing him. Then I went to the other side and walked ahead of him. I told Ken that they were following us, and I made sure that they heard it. Then after noticing that we were already far and near the guards, they went back. Gah, my heart was pounding by then. I hoped they go somewhere else, because it seemed like they were still following us until we reached the station, where there are security guards who would open your bag, put their sticks inside.

I know how they look like, they know how I look like. Now I'm pretty scared, because I don't think they're that dumb to open my bag again or even try to snatch my PE bag from me or something. I think they're up to something. Just don't kill me, I want to live until I get the chance to travel the world, to help humankind in my own ways, to see the effects of global warming decrease, to know the cure for AIDS and diabetes, and to make the world forget about eating animals.

MORAL: Don't steal things. Sell your body parts (skin grafting) instead or your internal organs (I heard livers are the most expensive). Or beg for money, instead of doing those. Snatchers, hold-uppers should do something productive instead. Send them to war. They'll steal the enemy's guns or use their, "Hold-up 'to" skill to go pass through enemy lines. Or make them run human-hamster wheels to produce electricity to solve future energy crises.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hail Week and the Snatcherette

I don't really seem to find anything special with the "hell week" in Ateneo. I think things are way tougher in our high school. It's just that this is college, and your fate in the future greatly depends here, so well, that's the only thing I can think of. We have stricter deadlines and, exams before were way longer in items and coverage (how about 250 items for an exam). They are more difficult as well. So they say graduates of our high school find college easier. NOT FOR ME. I adapted quite easily and seemed like I forgot how notorious my high school was. I wish I have my high school condition with me in college.

A not so interesting something whatever today, I saw the woman, who blends in the crowd, who knows teamwork quite well, who has fast hands, who is a great actress and can be the lead character in the local channel 2's Kokey show, who can be a member of Ocean's 300, who stole my phone almost a week ago. I went home late again and I was with 2 friends. Then when we passed by a line of commuters waiting for jeepneys, she was there. SHE WAS THERE. She was there. Ok, that was redundant. Anyway, She Was There. She-was-there. She was standing behind the people, maybe waiting to attack. (Like in Discovery Channel or National Geographic, a lion who waits then suddenly attacks his prey. Roar!)

Then I saw her, she saw me. After I passed by, I tried to look back again. She was still looking at me, with her chin on her hand. I don't know if it was fear, hunger, constipation, PMS, worry, confusion, stress, wonder, or all of them, written in her face. Since I'm too tired and was carrying a lot of things, I didn't do anything. I wasn't sure if her team was there ready to beat me if I do something. I told my mom about it. She said, "Anak, kumain ka na lang. Baka abangan ka pa nila, saksakin, o di kaya'y isilid sa isang maleta kapag may gawin ka pa. (Child, just eat instead. Maybe they'll wait for you, stab you or put you inside a big suitcase if you do anything.)"
If we reverse the situation and I am the mother, I'll say the exact thing and add, "We don't want to be rich because of insurance money from you."

I just wanted to know one thing - where did they throw my SIM card?! But I could've asked, "How much did you sell my phone?" Maybe I'll ask them one time, when I get the chance to see them again. What would I do? I'm curious for myself. (Nothing violent, I hope.)

MORAL: Do not do unto others what you don't want others to do unto others what you don't want others to do unto others. Be careful of your things. I know it is tough, but a rock is tougher. Sometimes, I can be a LITTLE nonsense, but my words are true.*

*They call this condition as "sabaw" in Ateneo
**I haven't slept for more than 3 hours in days

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

You Snatch Me

Today is my lucky day...NOT.

To make things short, I lost my phone. Well, I was a victim of a stupid modus operandi cellphone-snatching technique. I just bought a phone last month because well, my Motorola died of old age. I bought a Sony Ericsson last August 13 and told myself that it would be the last phone I'm going to buy. Anyway, I was walking with Immil (blockmate) along Katipunan-Aurora Boulevard and I realized the street was very dark. Then one guy who looks like trash (?!) was slowly blocking our way. I told Immil that I'll be buying load and then when I checked my bag I saw the unzipped pocket. I saw the woman behind me so my instinct was to run after her while shouting, "(insert profane words) cellphone ko!!!"

I forgot I sprained my foot but still ran along Aurora Boulevard and held her arm, one of her feet was already inside the jeepney. I think I'll join the track and field team next time. I confronted her while pointing at the bulk in her pocket and even got a hold of the case. I wasn't sure if it was her or if it was my phone, but she was reluctant to show the phone to me when I asked her to (ofcourse, who would show their phones to someone). Then one guy tapped my back and said, "Yung lalaki nakita kong nagbukas ng bag mo, tumakbo roon!"

Great. Since I wasn't really sure if it was my phone, I looked back to see if there was anyone running. I didn't see anyone, then as fate made things easier for me, the jeepney I stalled sped away. I realized he was a part of it. Since it was my lucky day, there was no traffic to give me the chance to run after them. All my contacts, birthdates, reminders, gone.

The guard in the LRT station asked me what happened and what model my phone was. I told him the model and he said, "Nako! Naka-jackpot 'yung mga magnanakaw!" Thanks, guard, that made me feel better. Gah.

Please, please send me your number and birthdate. Please. Thanks.ü My sim card since grade 6 is gone. Waah.

Please, please send me your number and birthdate. Please. Thanks.ü

MORAL: Even pickpockets and snatchers have feelings. Can we just get them and make them run like hamsters on a wheel to produce energy? I want to tie them up and slowly snatch their earrings or body piercings, as well as pull their finger and toenails with pliers. I know, they have feelings. I'll lacerate them, get their organs and donate it to those who need it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Princess Sickness

I’ve never been sick for more than a year. Ever since I got into college, I forgot how it is to be sick. (I just learned that I had vaccinations last year so I am not really invincible.) Well, I don’t consider sprain as an illness, so, no, I haven’t been sick for the longest time. That was until last Thursday (Sept. 6) when I woke up having sore throat – the same day I’ll be hosting a symposia for an event in our organization. Great. When I got home after the symposia, I had to prepare our report for Science. This report is very important because our teacher in this subject loves to butt-in and ask questions like, “What is the, the, scientific, scientific basis of that?” or even, “Explain that further, you just can’t report something, something in your opinion.” (Repetitions were intentional; because that’s the way she says it.) Morning came, and I asked my dad to drop me to school because we still had to edit our presentation and prepare ourselves for the onslaught. My voice was horrible, I had colds. The nasal congestion didn’t help a lot, it was so difficult to bend or stoop down, because all of the uhh, mucus would show themselves to the world. When I got home, I had a fever and my eyes were so watery I looked like I was crying. Yay. It was like the best day of my life, add to that, Serena Williams lost to Justine Henin.

I woke up Saturday, unsure if I can attend NSTP (Payatas is so dear to me now). I didn’t want to cut class, since we’re only allowed to have 2 cuts in NSTP or else we’ll be dropped, something I don’t want to happen. I was groggy and nauseous the whole day, I can’t even hear properly. My mom called me to ask me what time I would be picked up. I saw the traffic along Katipunan so I just told them to pick me up at the LRT station. Did I mention I have to attend a friend’s debut the same day? The party’s 6pm and when my mom heard my voice, she told me she’ll take a look at me first before deciding if she’ll let me go or not.

I must’ve cut NSTP. If I knew then it would be our last NSTP – area insertion, since we’re having the recollection next week, I should’ve just rested the whole morning and afternoon and be ready for Val’s princess-themed debut. UNFORTUNATELY, unfortunate things happen to the unfortunate. I am part of the program, one of the bequests. My dress and shoes were there already, waiting for my disposal. My mom gave me until 4:30pm, she asked me to rest and take some medicine, and if I’ll look different (this is not a magic makeover), I could come to the party. Then, she told me I really look sick, my eyes were swollen. She doesn’t want the other guests in the party to be sick (because I am a walking virus, oh yeah, I’m contagious) and feel grossed to be near me, or coughing and sneezing at the microphone or worst, at the food, gah. She told me I might really feel unwell and then sleep at the party. I’m sure I missed a lot. There were people I wanted to see there at the party, and I’ll never show myself to Val again, for missing her party. Now I’m avoiding three people in my life.

Why do bad things happen to great people? *cough*

MORAL: Take flu shots, vitamins, food supplements, exercise, and take note of your stress level. I’m so disappointed and mad. #*W$*)&^#$*&^$)$#$##@$_!*?!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Nightmare Before Class

"Serena reminds me of a pit bull dog and a young Mike Tyson, all in one. Venus reminds me of a gazelle that's able to move, prance and jump," their father, Richard Williams, said. "Venus looks as if she is really enjoying herself out there more than Serena is right now. If they get by everyone and meet each other, it will be an interesting match." - ATP

I won't be happy if my dad would tell the press or other people that kind of information. Imagine your dad or a person dear to you announcing to the world that you have the qualities of Popeye and Homer Simpson combined. And oh, Serena Williams is not the nightmare, I just read about it and found it interesting. Maybe I should stop writing about tennis, but this is my blog and no one pays me to write, so I'll keep on writing about things I want to write about, or rant. Haha.

Anyway, I had a dream, or a nightmare - depending on a person's perspective. I was happily eating and when I got to finish it, someone told me that it was beef. Then memories and vivid details of how they (animals) are mercilessly slaughtered so that insensitive people can eat them. (I sense a lot of contradictions on that part, maybe I won't publish this, but I care about the animals. Red meat is also known as murder-food and those who eat them are called murderers. The food chain is one big conspiracy and human beings just disturb the natural process.) Tadah! I felt so bad like how a human must react if s/he is reincarnated to a rock (what the?!). Then I woke up, realized I slept on our couch, and rushed to prepare for school. It was a nightmare for me, I was even sweating afterwards. Then I found out the reason why I was perspiring, they turned off the electric fans because our lovable cutie-cute-cute (haha!) helpers were sweeping the floor.

I think I must add a Word for the Moment thing. I'm making my own nonsense dictionary or something, I even invent words. I can entitle it Please Pray the Glossary but that would be blasphemous. Gah.

MORAL: Save on plastic, save the world. It can also be Save the trees, save the world. Learn to segregate your trash properly. Hmm, suggestions:

1.) Don't buy bottled water, PET (polyethyleneterephthalate) bottles are not suitable to reuse. Bring/use a water flask (Coleman, Tupperware, or those Nalgene bottles, check if they're non-toxic) instead, to save on plastic since they are made from petroleum, and this is a very limited, nonrenewable resource.
2.) When buying something like a candy bar, some gummy bears (yum) or anything, don't ask for plastic anymore, just tell them to mark the item - to save resources and so that you'll not be suspected as a shoplifter.
3.) Also when buying something and you have a bag with some more space to spare, put your purchased things there, instead.
4.) Share your knowledge about saving the environment (and animals, too! They can feel, you know.) with other people.

As I heard from a great person, though many claim to have said this before this specific wisdom-giver, "Help others help themselves. If you think you're making a difference, you are making a Big difference." - Julianne O.