Friday, December 28, 2007

Imaginary Diary

Tuesday, Dec. 25, 2007
Dear Diary,
You know, I really don't keep a diary, because I might write about things that I don't want other people to read about. I realized, when I die, someone would find it, read it and share it. I don't want people talking behind my back. Oh, I'm already dead by that time. Anyway, it is Christmas. Spent the eve with family and relatives as usual. It is an annual ritual (with the gifts, food, and wine/alcohol). Morning, we watched the movie Halloween, because that was the DVD my brother found scattered near the DVD player. Great movie for Christmas. Then later in the day, we went to my grandfather's (mom) side Christmas party and I met a cousin. He is six years old and he taught me a lot of things I'll never learn in school. Let's do a "Did You Know?" question and answer portion of the event and facts that I remembered.

Did You Know...
- That rulers are the ones who make the rules?
- That rulers have Rs?
- That heli-cough-ters don't cough because they don't have faces?
- Skeletons are not tiniks because tiniks are tusoks?
- Sadako and Sudoku are not related?
- Tablecloths are made of hankies?
- Saying HAHA doesn't mean you are laughing?
- Zygotes are not real, because he doesn't know them?

Me (who else are you expecting?!)

Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2007
Dear Diary,
Why are you not answering me? Can't you see I'm having cramps?!


Thursday, Dec. 27, 2007
Dear Diary,
It is my first time. Yes. To step inside Mall of Asia. Me and 2 of my friends went to Global Fun Carnival. It is really Global, since you can't understand other instructions, unless you are multi-lingual. Filipino/Tagalog doesn't count. It is fun, global, and yeah, it is a carnival! I remember the infamous line by a local actress, "I don't eat meat, I am not a carnival." Yes, because she is a vegetarian. Hoorah!

Me (surprise!)

Friday, Dec. 28, 2007
Dear Diary,
Since it is still Christmas break, I'll write about a very timely entry. It is 5:45pm. Timely. I can't believe how much I spent this Christmas season. I spent so much. I spent so much time thinking what I will give to other people. I wanted to bake cookies minus the rat poison, or brownies. In the end, I wasn't able to bake or do make-your-own-gifts, and I owe people (my sister) some money while someone (my brother) owes me money and he hasn't paid yet. I want to watch a movie, but I don't want to hurt myself by watching KATAS NG SAUDI. If I watch that maybe you could see life literally leave my body. I'll wrinkle like a prune in front of you. One reason why I love the Christmas season, you can eat and spend money without feeling guilty. Yehes! Time for gluttony, for blood sugar to soar to the heavens, and for some added weight (then you promise yourself you'll shake them off next year. *cough* my sister *cough*). That works for me, but not for other people. I'm reluctant to spend my Christmas money, though I have spent some yesterday already. Can't blame me, because if you do, I'll blame you.


MORAL: Eat and be merry for tomorrow, global warming will kill us. New Year's Resolutions are coming next, and I'll mock each and every one of them. Nyanya.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Headless Encounter Strike

Anne Boleyn had no idea how it feels, because her head was sliced cleanly. Astinos didn't feel it as well. His beautiful head (for the love of Sparta) was chopped off in one swing by the Persian rider.

How does it feel to be internally decapitated? As in the only things that connect your head to your body are your muscles, skin, tissues, and nerves. The bones are well, not together anymore. You must be turned to your front and even the slightest movements could cost your life. Screws are drilled into your head, bone cells taken from your leg, and Rice Krispies attached to them. If not because of asphyxiation, they said that this is how hanging kills you. So, don't hang yourself. If you're feeling lonely and blue, call a friend, call someone, anyone. The rope is not the best way to end things. Try riding the roller coaster and ask them to pull the emergency brake while your coaster is upside down. Now, what would you do? Would you just scream until your lungs collapse? I would definitely scamper for my stuff, they might fall, and that is not fun.

From having to read about internal decapitation in Reader's Digest this month's issue, I watched season 4 of my beloved Grey's Anatomy (if you didn't know, my lifelong dream is to become a doctor, well, until now). The same day I read about it, was the same day I watched about it. What I found to be interesting (hey, internal decapitation is interesting, but it is not a sight or a feeling to be desired) is that the procedures, and the way the doctors talked to the family of the patient, were the same. They said that "this might be the last time you're going to see your son/husband alive," and bah, that is soooo sad. I mean, just thinking about the situation minus the background music would make me feel emotional. What more if there's a really sad song that plays while the discourse is taking place?

Tomorrow we'll be having our Accounting test, followed by Christmas party for my "adopted family" in Payatas, and then celebration of my grandmother's birthday right after. It is like internal decapitation as well. Only that, it's not fatal.

MORAL: Be thankful for your condition right now. I mean, even if you think other people's heads are just full of air, they are still intact. I don't want my nerves dangling around my neck like some necklace or choker.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blast from My Musical Past

You were the question I needed answered.

Let's talk about my musical heroes.

I'm a really big Michelle Branch fan. I mean, I decided to learn the guitar because of listening to her music for countless hours. Her album (The Spirit Room) was the first CD I ever bought with my grade school allowance. Then her songs we
re the first songs I learned. And then, and then, never mind. Her second album Hotel Paper came, then after some time, released the album Stand Still Look Pretty, with Jessica Harp as The Wreckers. They (Branch and Harp) sound soooooooo much alike, I thought all the while that Michelle Branch was singing all the songs in their album. (Harp was Branch's back-up singer before.) I was, "Is this Michelle Branch's solo album?! What did Jessica Harp do here, just pose for the cover picture?!" Then I saw the music video of Leave the Pieces, and tadah. I saw Jessica Harp sang the first verse, the bridge, and practically almost most of the songs in their album (based on clips of their live performances courtesy of YouTube). I can't believe it. Haha. I listened to their album over and over again, asked the opinions of other people and yeah, I still can't believe it. (Just read recently she's a vegan. Copycat, I was first.)

Having two chart-topping songs (Game of Love and I'm Feeling You) with Santana, I told my sister before (before = past; it is not like I have a sister AFTER. Whatever. Pardon me I'm typing this in the wee hours.) that Michelle Branch is the adopted daughter of Santana. Of course, she dissed my nonsense comment and bossed me around after.

Anyway, the real news here is that Michelle Branch is starting another solo album. She started it last October (I'm not a stalker, okay? I just read it somewhere. I found that information while searching for the String theory and of Stephen Hawkings' private life. And I am bluffing about the last sentence.) She's going to start touring by Fe
bruary and release the album soon after. If that happens, it would be one of the greatest birthday gift for me. (I'm a really big fan. I'm not big, but I am a fan. Whatever.)

"At least I can say I was not afraid. I loved you all the way, I'd pick a fool any day." - from the song "Fools Like Me" of the album Heroes and Thieves (Vanessa Carlton)

For the mean time, I'll keep on admiring and be addicted to

Vanessa Carlton. Yay! Her songs are really good, her voice is great, the one you can afford to listen to the whole day, or 3 days (her clips on YouTube reveal that she can REALLY sing live), and she just plays the piano amazingly. I think she looks better now, using the music videos as basis. Or she just have a really good make-up artist now? I love her dresses on the Nolita Fairytale music vid, and I like the video as well. Haha, I even thought she released a "remix version" of A Thousand Miles. Now I have more reasons to learn the piano. Though I wanted to learn playing the piano way back then. I didn't buy Vanessa Carlton's second album Harmonium because of... Bad reviews? No. I really don't believe in reviews (music reviews, book reviews, movie reviews, accounting reviews, etc.), those subjective pieces of crap. I don't care if Mozart, Bach, or Beethoven said that the album of (insert the name of the artist you don't really like) is the album of the millennium and you're stupid if you don't buy it. Gah. It's just, I didn't have money then because I had accounts and loans payables before, and didn't really hear other songs aside from White Houses. I'm thinking of buying it if ever I'd have Christmas money this December. Just for the collection. Haha.

The other international person missing here is Avril Lavigne. Ok, if I'll rank them according to uhh, according to something, it would be Branch, Carlton, Lavigne, with Branch being the first. Avril can't really play in my opinion, but heck, I bought all her albums and loved them (especially the second one). The songs on the last album are really catchy and it could get you (or me) hyped up in a few minutes. Good as "running " or "cardio" music.

If we turn to the local side, Barbie Almalbis would top it, then Kitchie Nadal. Ohhkay, she's (Barbie) not good in doing live performances, but I don't care. I'm biased. Haha.

MORAL: Draw inspiration from other people, too. You can't be that conceited, can you? Learn from others as well, they have these things that you don't have and I can't be your inspiration all the time. Haha. Everybody listens to music. Well, except one person I know. SHE doesn't really give a dam with an N, to music. Give her an instrument, she might just drop it.

Barney's show is not a musical. Dora is not a hero. Next time, let's shift to sports, then to food, then to movies, ok movies before food. Then we'll shift to politics and before we know it, it's the end of the world already.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Other people's reactions are the best. I typed these before and saved them because, I wanted to. I noticed most of them were from the time my phone was stolen. It's a good thing my family doesn't read blogs or things similar (but I'm not really sure), so they would never know I post things about them.

dad's comment on L300 vans:
"alam mo yang L300, magandang pangkidnap yan eh, dalawa sliding doors."

dad on me being vegetarian:
"oh kumain ka nitong tapa, malambot."

mom on me being hit by a football:
"lalaki ba ung sumipa?"

dad on my pe classmate (karen c.) accidentally hitting me in the eye:
"sana sinapak mo rin"

mom on my pe classmate accidentally hitting me:
"wow anak, ano feeling?"

mom on my lost phone:
"it's a good learning experience."

my blockmates on futsal accidents:
"football as in soccer kayo di ba, bakit parang naging wrestling at
american football?"

brother's reaction on my phone:

sister's response on my stolen phone:
"parang nakipagbreak ka lang noh.. huh?"
me on sister's reaction:
mom on my sister's reaction:
the three of us:

sister on seeing a cockroach:
"ay may ipissss!!"
"ano meron?"
"ipis nga eh."

mom on telling me stay with my friend (Kat O.) whose brother hasn't picked
her up:
"samahan mo na, anak. kawawa naman, loner eh."

my brother when i didn't wear a jacket while watching Hitman
at the cold movie house:
"kasi dinosaur ka kaya hindi ka nilalamig."
"malamig nga, hindi lang ako nilalamig."
"cold-blooded! ah hindi, amphibian ka.. amphibian (5x) !! "

MORAL: A friend in need, is a friend indeed. If JAPAN = Just Always Pray at Night, what is CZECHOSLOVAKIA (Czech Republic and Slovak Republic) for?