Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Insert Bill Here

Mark said he found this in the ATM near SEC something. I forgot. Haha. I just want to post this because... it looks off and dubious.. :|

MORAL: Don't use too many Likas Papaya Whitening soap or any other kind of whitening soap. Your hand will look sooo fair like the one in the picture. Not good. People might think you have a really really bad case of anemia or maybe skin disease.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Really Cool Latest iPhone Design

Can't believe Steve Jobs released this undated photo of the latest iPhone design. Really full of features, visibly. The difference is that you can remove the iPod features. Cool. Hahaha. This design leaves me with nothing to type about. Seriously.

MORAL: The power of consumerism. If Kris Aquino endorses this ayPhone, uhh, nevermind. Haha. I still want to find a commercial for nail cutters. Imagine: "Nail Cutter.... nail... cutter." Amazing.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Other Tudor Guy

I don't know if I'm going to read the book (thanks Nigs!) or watch the movie first. I just saw the movie trailer for The Other Boleyn Girl starring Eric Bana, Scarlett Johansson, and Natalie Portman. I read in a blog that there would've been a competition if Keira Knightley played Anne Boleyn instead of Natalie Portman. Ugh. It would've been more fun if Keira + Natalie, but I think Scarlett did ok here. Maybe I have seen too many Keira Knightley movies, and the way she speaks with her teeth closed (imagine biting) is bugging me just like how Blake Lively speaks with her lower lip getting funky (haha) and how Alicia Silverstone does/did the same with her upper lip. Anyway, knowing how the story of Henry VIII goes, well Henry VIII in this movie is hot. Hot, comparing it to the real Henry VIII. I know it is wrong and unfair to compare the real Henry Tudor to Eric Bana.

I personally think Natalie would be perfect to portray Anne Boleyn who's said to be intelligent and beautiful. She didn't go to Harvard for nothing. Haha. "Get me as Anne Boleyn, I went to Harvard." And yeah, James Blake, the tennis player, got into Harvard as well.

MORAL: There are some things in life that you do not need to know. Just like what is the name of your sister's pet unicorn.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Backlog... of books I have and have received but haven't read because well.. I haven't. In no particular order:

The Secret
The Other Boleyn Girl
Chronicles of Narnia
An Inconvenient Truth
Life on the Edge
Who Moved My Cheese
How to be Really Really Really Happy
The Little White Horse
Citizen Girl
Principles of Economics
Principles of Financial Accounting

De todos modos, last wednesday my blockmates (s1/2, haha) and friends gave me a message board with all their notes, messages, and drawings of steaks, pigs, dogs ("aso para asado"... whatt?!), and other meat-related cruelty. They gave it to me before our CS class, the last class of other people..... and my First class. So I carried the message board wrapped in shiny colorful wrapper the whole day. I'm not complaining, I am thankful and touched (yes, I am fully capable of this feature) by their thoughtfulness....especially when you read their messages. They revolve around a.) tennis b.) futsal c.) Meat (they're all telling me to eat meat). Here's a sample, but I don't think this is the exact message verbatim,
"You should try doing wilder things, more fun things like..... eating meat." -_-

Forward it to Spanish class. I arrived 2 minutes before the bell in my Spanish class but as usual, there were no people yet. So I waited. The bell rang already and I was there, staring at my teacher and he was staring back with, "Hola, where are your classmates?" I was dumbfounded and I just said, "Good question, SeƱor." I was praying so hard that people arrive fast. After a very very long minute, one student came, then after a few more minutes, 2 more came. All in all = 4 students + 1 teacher. Now that's education, hands-on!

Before Valentine's day a lot of couples were not in good terms. I saw a lot in Ateneo, in Mini-Stop, along the streets, anywhere! Maybe that's their way of saying, "Babeh, I want something for Valentine's Day and no, not a child."

Q*: Ruth, kumusta Valentine's Day mo?
A: As usual, malungkot. It's an annual sadness I experience.
Q: Oh bakit naman? What happened or not happened?
A: Tapos na birthday ko eh.
*Q is not for question. Q = Edward. I just don't want to type it there. Oh, I am A. It is not for answer.

MORAL: Eeengk (any number of letters E's, N's, G's, and K's is just fine) is something I cannot find in the dictionary (I always carry one and I don't know why). Valentine's Day is fun because well, revenues for flower shops and stuffed animals are good. It is also nice to see couples express their love (or something like it) to each other. Just don't do PDA or something. It gets annoying and really awkward. Please, have mercy on us. Where's the moral in this entry?

Monday, February 04, 2008

Fucking, Germany / Austria

I really love Europe. Are you thinking what I am thinking? I guess not. Read the article first then let's all plan to visit the place. Ohhkay, don't bring a screwdriver, the people there (Wait, how do you call those who live there?!?!) would probably use it to kill us (or you). Uhhh, but how can we go there? Let's ask the our mothers how we could go there. How do they call mothers who came from their place? :| Here's a map to guide us or you or whoever wants to visit the place. If they have a feast, how do they call it? Hmmm.... Interesting enough.

MORAL: Name well to live well. You probably don't want to be called anything similar to that. Think before naming, well unless you are just naming your things. But hey, I don't want to name my laptop Fucking or Shit or (insert your crush's girl/boyfriend here). Well, if you're from another country I think it's acceptable. Your kid/something-alive-that-you-named won't kill you. There are a lot of cultures out there.