Tuesday, March 25, 2008

First Blunders

I've never been lucky with Firsts. While I was walking a while ago, I suddenly remembered most of my "first" experiences/adventures. Here are those I remembered with some details included, if I have to defend myself. List might get longer as I remember more..

1. First trip to Baguio which I really remember (when I was 12 y/o)
= The car I was supposed to ride lost control and crashed to the wall.

2. First Taekwondo match
= I lost because of penalty. (I punched my opponent in the face. I swear it wasn't intentional. 2nd match was a success, got a medal, so it's negated)

3. First processing of 120 film roll
= I used the wrong frame for a different setting.

4. First processing of 135 film roll
= Our helper turned the lights on while I was removing the film. Exposed shots.. *cringes*

5. First tennis match
= I reprimanded the student umpire, and we lost.

6. First tennis training (wherein I borrowed my sister's badminton shoes)
= I destroyed (take note of the term used) the rubber shoes.

7. First time I tuned my guitar
= The string broke and wrapped around my forearm. Arggh.

8. First time I programmed Java
= I was just staring at the monitor during that session (atleast I discovered a Java bug latter part of the sem).

9. First time I bought a Nokia phone
= My brother lost it when he borrowed it.

10. First time I bought a Sony Ericsson phone
= It was stolen.

11. First time I joined a running contest when I was a kid(I love to run.)
= I was ahead of the group, then my uncle shouted my name, I looked at him, and tripped..

12. First time I drank 2 bottles of tequilla with my Ninong and his friend
= I barfed because I drank a lot of water as chaser. Lesson learned: Eat before you drink. And when drinking water as a chaser, don't drink like you ran a mile.

13. First time I dove into the pool
= My face hit the water first. Surface tension my face.

14. First attempt to watch an R-13 movie
= I didn't lie so we weren't able to watch. Plus, I was reprimanded.

15. First attempt to watch an R-18 movie (Sweeney Todd, okay?)
= I was the only one asked for an ID.

16. First time I cooked noodles
= It became fried, black noodles.

17. First time I got henna tattoo
= The artist thought I was a freshman.... in highschool.

18. First time I played a competitive women's basketball match
= I got scratched.

19. First time I rode the jeepney with my sister
= I was so shy to say "para!" or "sa tabi lang po" we missed our spot and reached the end of the route.

20. First time I rode the LRT
= Wrong direction.

21. First time I was given a ring by my mom
= I gave it to my bestfriend in nursery.

22. First time I actually read inside the library
= The librarian reprimanded me for speaking in a not-so-quiet tone.

23. First time my birthday fell on a Friday the 13th
= Was my only birthday without a celebration. (We just ordered food, then invited my cousins who were our neighbors then.)

24. First time away from family (more than 4 days)
= I cried. The second time I spent a week away from my family, my mom told me, "Hindi ka umiyak?! Ni hindi mo kami na-miss?!"

25. First time I rode the bus
= I was wearing slippers. Then when the bus accelerated, the people inside were like dominoes and after the commotion, I lost my left slipper. But I found it after some time.. :|

26. First programming defense
= I told my teacher there's something wrong with his laptop when I was asked about my program that doesn't work. I even told him I will NEVER submit a program that doesn't work.

27. First time swimming in the beach
= All of a sudden I saw jellyfish. I scampered back to our hut or something, and beaches never became better for me.

28. First time watching a movie in TriNoMa
= I slept because I have been sleeping for 2-3hours for almost a week.

Share your first time blunders, too. :)

MORAL: If first time works for you, congrats! Try doing a lot of things. First time just doesn't work for me, because well, I don't really know. T_T

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Damsel in the Stress

Recently, I have been falling asleep really quickly. It's like I have narcolepsy or something. But No, it's because of our MIS101 project, with all those proposals. I have been sleeping at 4am to as late (or early) as 5.30am. It went on for a week until the morning of our defense. To weigh the effects, I fell asleep DURING our Accounting Long Test 4, woke up 10 minutes later, and found myself staring at page 5 (out of 11 pages). Then, when we were in TriNoMa watching 10,000 BC, my blockmates woke me up. It had nothing to do with the movie, how could you fall asleep with Steven Strait semi-shirtless?! When my dad picked me up that night, I fell asleep in the car. When I got home, I changed clothes, brushed my teeth and told myself "uupo lang ako" then the rest was history. Just this day (March 20), I woke up to eat halo-halo for breakfast, then fell asleep again. I woke up to eat merienda then fell asleep again. Then finally, I woke up and ate dinner and slapped myself awake. It's like.. I don't know.

Earlier, our helper said, "Ayoko magplantsa bukas, mamamatay si Jesus eh." That's a good way of postponing your work. I'll do the same for our pending projects. That's a good mindset. While we were along Quezon Ave around 11pm, my mom saw the hookers waiting for clients, she said, "Holy Week, bawal ang karne." Ugh. People really say the best things during Holy Week.

MORAL: "You can sleep when you're dead!" is not really true. If you don't sleep, you'll die a little earlier. Btw, I survived the week just using my "natural high" technique. No caffeine involved!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Killer March Continues

March 02, 2008 Sunday
Dear Diary,
This day is an action-packed day for me, and Indiana Jones' adventures are not even worthy to be compared to my day. Jean, aka Pampanga's Princess and is the favorite target of my blockmates, (she's in the same level with Ariel aka Under-the-Sea Princess and Jasmin aka Magic Carpet Ride Princess. Sosyal!) and I are required to go to the National Museum for our Spanish Class (because I want to learn how to communicate with Rafael Nadal and ask him why does he pick his underwear when he plays tennis). She and another blockmate, whose name will be concealed (Joppet), were reprimanded because they were taking pictures inside the museum, which is strictly prohibited and punishable by death. We walked around Luneta, and all I can say is that Jose Rizal is exaggerated. Haha. Ocean Park Adventure, you're next. Free the marine animals!!

My day is far from being over so what I did was that I continued my "violence-slash-killing streak" so I watched I Know Who Killed Me (I also watched Georgia Rule, which is good, and just involved semi-killing scenes). It's a Lindsay Lohan Day (LLD) today. Husky voice and freckles rule!!! Since we're talking about LLD, I'll post a Guide on How to Celebrate Lindsay Lohan Day next time. Hoorah!! I can sense your excitement! I know, right? A Prairie Home Companion and Chapter 27 are still there.... She released a lot of movies last 2007.. All flopped. Boo.

To continue, our cook is still sick so we don't have anything to eat. Yes, we are 75% dependent... okay, 90% dependent on her. So my mom invited us to eat in Greenhills (what's new?). We're going to celebrate my brother's birthday daw. Yeah, and my bro's birthday is on March 7. We're just hungry, and are looking for (or making) excuses to eat somewhere else.

MORAL: Animals are not ours to entertain ourselves, are not ours to eat, are not ours to sell, etc. It's a long slogan and I'm too lazy to type it. But I really want to go to Manila Ocean Park Adventure. Seriously.

Killer March

March 01, 2008 Saturday
Dear Diary that doesn't really exist,
My cousin Kuya Jing will be leaving for Singapore later, his flight is scheduled at 8pm. Boohoo. I'm really feeling sad. No joke. Really, no joke. The only comforting words my mom told me were, "Don't worry Anak, malapit lang ang Singapore. Isang airplane lang 'yan, mura pa back and forth." Then I told my Mom, "Eh hindi pa nga po ako nakakapunta ng (insert name of common places here), Singapore pa." But my mom has a point, Singapore is JUST AN AIRPLANE AWAY. I wonder, if my siblings would work abroad, I'm sure I'm going to die internally, like have a hemorrhagic death. So to cope up with that, I watched The Hills Have Eyes 1 and 2, and The Hitcher. Yes, 3 movies straight. With the gross movie The Hills Have Eyeballs, my grandma's yaya even had palpitations. Just imagining the people (the perverted freaks) in the movie is enough to make you vomit in your mouth, swallow it, then return it back with added hydrocholoric acid. Not good.

MORAL: Singapore is JUST AN AIRPLANE AWAY. It's like, riding a bus, only it doesn't stop when you want it to stop. It's like riding a bus, if you open the windows (if you can), you'll die - either by lung cancer from the pollution (Bus) or you released the pressure from inside the cabin (Airplane). It's like riding a bus, other people serve/sell peanuts and water. Except that in an airplane, those who give you peanuts or water don't wear sandos and slippers, and say "Ah mani mani kayo diyan. Mainit pa. Limang piso lang. Mani mani kayo diyan".

And there is the da..... To be continued.