Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stupid Saturday

Forget Super Sunday, March Madness, Terrific Tuesday, or Freaky Friday.

If there are times some entries in a blog are really dull and boring, this is got to be IT. When I type some (if not most) of my entries, I do think about them. However, this is the exception to any rule, the thorn among the roses, the mole in the clear skin, and all. This entry is made out of sheer need to exercise my fingers and relieve stress from my joints. Quality points minus 19. (What the heck are quality points? Honey, I don't really know. I just made it up as I type this shizzle.) I haven't even proofread this baloney.

Rode a cab going to school, then Ateneo's gate 2 was clogged up with bazillion cars and I have to pass through there. It was close to impossible, so I had no choice but enter gate 3, then when I knew I'll be inevitably late, I just came to the JEep (Junior Engagement Program) Integration. Attended it in Leong Hall, sat behind Grucia (from the Filipino play before) and when the integration ended, walked back and forth from MVP building to A-Shop. Really. Back. And. Forth. Ateneo won the senior men's basketball championship for the 71st UAAP Season last September 25 in case you didn't know or were living under the rock for some time. Championship shirts were ridiculously expensive (and plain) and those buying them were high school students and noisy alumni.

I have nothing against alumni. They're really scary and powerful. And scary. Have I mentioned scary and noisy and powerful?

Then went to the cafeteria and met with the CROs and then tadah! Lace was there. Lace the exchange student in Singapore was there. She just stayed for a week in the Philippines and is going back to Singapore to eat more noodles and attend classes.

My internet was busted a while ago. I just hooked on the wireless internet from our neighbor yesterday. When I checked out a while ago, they already had a WPA set up. Maybe they realized I was eating their bandwidth. Well, in case they haven't noticed, their internet is as slow as the growth rate of midgets. (What?!)

Then went to Reema's advanced birthday party. Ate, drank, and sang. They kept on asking me what time I would be arriving. Turns out they were waiting for the camera girl. Gaah. I took a lot of pictures of them/us, and they're all expecting me to upload the photos. HELLO. I am really lazy when it comes to uploading pictures (yeah and you say it's as easy as 1...2. Yep, no more 3. That's how easy it is!). I need motivation to upload them.

I can't reach the deadline of the CS150 presentation and I haven't scanned our diagrams. Death. Is. In. The. Ateneo.

MORAL: You can run, you can hide, but you can't escape reality. If only Enrique Iglesias would sing Escape for me.

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