Saturday, September 20, 2008

Western Woman Conference

Actually, I only became a WNBA fan during/after the Olympics. I didn't know Alicia Keys helps support WNBA and a video presentation with her performing and of players' special moments will be shown in the start of ABC/ESPN2 televised matches. How did I know? I watch the WNBA, d'oh. Haha, no, really, I saw (for the first time) the commercial about it and when I searched about it, I found this on Alicia Keys' site and found out it's been there for some time already:

"Alicia Keys and the WNBA | May 19, 2008
Starting today on ABC, Alicia Keys will open every ABC/ESPN2 televised WNBA game with a special performance of "Superwoman!""

This makes me love Alicia Keys more! Though I am not surprised that her song "Superwoman" is the theme song of the WNBA and she does help in the promotion of the league because well, Alicia Keys' songs (some if not most) are pro-woman. That's why I love the lady (even more).

The Alicia Keys song "Superwoman" is also the theme for the 2008 WNBA season. This video is from the opening game (May 17th) and features footage of all the teams and several players, including Lisa Leslie, Tina Thompson, Sue Bird, Diana Taurasi, Lauren Jackson, Deanna Nolan, Katie Smith, Becky Hammon, Alana Beard, Sheryl Swoopes, Candace Parker, Cappie Pondexter, Seimone Augustus, and Janel McCarville. --> I just ripped the whole paragraph from the note of the one who posted the video.

On other notes, when asked about what she thinks of the other (Candace Parker) dunkin' diva's 2 dunks in a single game (don't compare it to the NBA), Becky Hammon told a lot about how it helps the league, the Sparks, and women's basketball and, "So Candace, throw it down as many times as you can do it, baby." She looks so pretty but she talks like uhmm, like a siga. Haha. She also helped the San Antonio Silver Stars wipe the Sacramento Monarchs.

(The photo shows Seattle Super Storm's Sue Bird #10 and San Antonio Silver Stars' Becky Hammon in #25.)

There are infinite "Hammonite" posts on Why I Love Becky threads all around forums (no, I don't join forums) and if I'll ever post one it would be related to her controversal decision to play for the Russian national team (she just became a Russian citizen early this year, but she's really American) when she wasn't accepted in the US team. They were bashing her for joining one of the opposing teams, but you can't blame her. The heads of the Olympic team maybe thought otherwise of getting her, and since America as they say is a "free country," she has every right to do join other teams (Russia welcomed her into their team anyway, and even though Becky still speaks English and they're having difficulty relaying the tactics with her, she played for them). Oh, WNBA players also play for other leagues around the world after the WNBA season. There are Korean, Russian, and mostly European leagues for women.

Uh, Lisa Leslie (the other dunkin' donut) was named the 2008 Defensive Player of the Year. I just wanted to type that.

I just realized (considering I have just followed the WNBA after the Olympics) how strong the line-up of the Seattle Storm is. They have Sue Bird (I really love her hair. If there's one person whom I'll do a trade-or-do-anything-for-her-hair, it's gotta be Sue Bird's.), Lauren Jackson (I like her even though she looks so scary and she creeps me out when she wears eyeliner), Swin Cash, Yolanda Griffith, and Sheryl Swoopes. I am a Sparks fan, but then, the Storm is the only other team (San Antonio Silver Stars is okay with Becky Hammon and Ruth Riley, but the Storm just have more impact on me. Haha.) that can make me watch WNBA.

Oh, the Sparks eliminated the Storm. I guess Lauren Jackson can just take her revenge next season, while Sue Bird can continue brushing her hair in the post-season. I hope Jackson can play in the post-season.

The Connecticut Sun was defeated by the New York Liberty! Noooooooo! I was rooting for Lindsay Whalen's team, but whenever I watch the team I support, they kinda have the tendency to lose. Not good for the Sparks.

In the Western Conference, Sparks vs Silver Stars. Why do they have to beat the crap out of each other?! Why can't they just meet in the WNBA finals? I don't really care much about the Eastern Conference (Detroit Shock vs New York Liberty). Gaaah.

MORAL: Women's basketball ain't flashy as the men's. So, never compare what men and women can do in sports. There's just too much testosterone in men's basketball (NBA). Try watching EuroLeagues, they're closer to the WNBA. Hahaha.

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