Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Aluminum Glass Mall

You know that new mall near the Marikina River? The mall with glass one-way-mirror-type windows. It opened last September 5, 2008. Why would I remember it? Well, that Friday (Sept. 5), my dad picked me up from school and we went to Antipolo to get rent dues. Along Marcos Highway, it was urban death at its finest. I was so hungry by then I ate all of the crackers and biscuits we have in the van. To keep a possibly long story short, there were too many people and the traffic was similar to a scene in the movie War of the Worlds.

The mall is okay/nice, parking is good, their aircon is arthritis-unfriendly cold (though I think the rainy weather has something to do with it), neat view from the glass windows, but the mall is pretty small in my standards. My legs didn't even hurt a bit from walking.

So my mom decided to visit the mall and do our monthly grocery there (we live in San Juan and going to Marikina just to shop is something). I had my Green Minded Blue Blooded ESS (Environmental Science Society) shirt on and while I was checking out the food kiosks near the Supermarket with my gradeschool cousin, a 50-ish man (deduced using my judgemental side, which is pretty much always kept in the bag) signalled me to stop. I was shocked and was prepared to do a jumping out-in kick (I'm not a violent person). Then he pointed at my shirt and asked me, "Where did you get your shirt?" He's not a security guard which would make my answer, "I bought it," but based on his attire - he was sporting a shiny Ateneo jacket - he's an alumnus. So I replied, "Oh. It's an org shirt from school." Then he continued, "Ah. College?" I nodded with a "Yup," and he smiled with a thumbs-up gesture. WTHeck. I really think he was about to say something about the bonfire celebration yesterday good thing my cousin pointed at the menu board in the food stall so the supposedly-little-chat was cut.

The disturbing part is not being stopped by random people in the supermarket or in the mall, but when people ask me where I study and when I say Ateneo de Manila University, they follow-up with, "College?"

Just for the record, Ateneo (de Manila) is an all-boys school in the grade school and high school department, and co-ed in the college level. This leaves me with 2 really freaky points:
1.) Do I look like a man/boy/lad/member of the male species/whatever (I don't wear a pixie-cut or a boy's cut and I don't wear loose clothing)?!?!?!? I produce estrogen, not testosterone.
2.) Do I look like a kid regardless of sex (e.g. : I was thought to be a grade 6 student at one point, and high school at most times. And I'm of average height, but if I look young, I would take that as a compliment. Nyahaha.)?!?!?!

I just asked my brother, and he said I don't look like a boy/man. I know there are other Ateneo branches all throughout the country but I am in NCR when these queries happened.
Note: He didn't just say that because we're siblings. He really means it.

MORAL: We're all family in one way or another. I'm a young adult female. Don't you even dare.

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Baka sinabi lang ng kuya mo yun kasi ayaw niyang may kahati siya sa gamit niya. O.o