Sunday, October 05, 2008

Avril's Panic! At the Dome

I realized I haven't posted an entry about the concerts of Avril Lavigne and Panic At The Disco. I think it's necessary to post about them because:

1. Avril Lavigne deserves to stay in my brain for as long as possible
2. I think my short-term memory is not functioning well and I have to produce an entry about them or else the moment would fly from my hippocampus
3. Panic At The Disco's second album disappointed me; the first one was waaaay better
4. My wallet was almost sucked dry by my expenses - those that I could probably live without
5. September has ended and I haven't written about it
6. I think my short-term memory is not that good anymore. Wait, have I mentioned this already? I'm not sure, though...
7. And the seventh thing is that, I just have to.

Avril Lalalavigne's concert here in Manila happened last September 3 (I know it's been a long time already). Manila's in the Philippines in case you're not really good in geometry. Or is it geology?

Avril's concert was somewhat on time - just 30 minutes late - which is unusual because concerts do not really follow the time set (only movies do). Usually they are an hour or longer. Anyway, there was the pink skull backdrop (her famous logo) and a black backdrop with a huge letter "A" for the 2nd half of the concert. It was really a solo concert, no opening act (Alicia Keys and PATD had opening acts). Song/break intervals were done with her back-up singers/dancers doing street dance, and her band playing remixed melodies of her songs. If I did my math right, she played 15 and a half songs. The half song was Runaway because she played the drums and she can't finish the whole song. Her dancers were with their usual selves, their ADHD-like personality which is good for a concert because you want energy! Hmm, she did a one-hand cartwheel while singing (amazing!), in her acoustic song where she sat on a tall chair, she was scartching her legs (okay), and had different jackets (when her backdrops changed her jacket changed as well). Maybe she thought she's performing in Malaysia. This is the Philippines, and well, anything goes here. You can perform with swimwear on and people won't mind much. She does her own 2nd voice (her back-up singers are completely useless), and she played with a hot pink piano. Paris Hilton would be ashamed. It's really hot pink! One thing is that Avril went down the stage and made hand contact with the fans. My friend told me she doesn't usually do that. Since Araneta Coliseum was pretty much full, and the tickets were not really cheap, it's a good thing she did that considering her cold attitude with the fans when she last came here with Simple Plan (that was like 5 years ago). Avril is not really tall, so when she jumped down the stage to have a fan-artist quality time, she had difficulty going back up. She did what you would usually do when you're in a swimming pool and you're trying to go out of the pool with no help whatsoever from anything/anyone. Cool. Amazing. I love Avril.

Panic At the Disco performed here in the Philippines last August 14 (and you think Avril's concert was ages ago?!). I'm not really a big fan of Panic at the Disco, but since I kicked myself hard (imagine that) for missing Beyonce's concert (it's BEYONCE for Christssake), I promised in front of my stuff (things in our room) to watch concerts because you'll never know if you can watch them perform live again. So, I decided to watch them and was actually sold by a friend who suggested that Panic is pretty neat. Crowned King opened for them, and my eyes were fixed in the trombone the whole time. Anyway, the concert was disappointing, playing a few songs with no encore (they must've pretended to have, but they didn't). The highlight here is that the 4 of us who watched the concert didn't seat in our proper place. We were supposed to sit a few rows behind (the price range is still the same ok?), but then when the show started things aren't as orderly as you would want it. My heart was pounding the whole time because I don't know when the security guard would come and check our tickets. That's it. Nothing more except Ryan Ross' hats.

MORAL: Money can't buy everything. Money's meant to be spent (Wow, print this!). So, spend it.

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