Sunday, October 05, 2008


I never thought Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi would be given the gift of sense of humor because they're really great basketball players. I think having sense of humor is a gift, ok? Then I read their entry/post in the WNBA website. Dang it. They're really funny they even posted the video clip of Lauren Jackson and Yao Ming. Haha.

Some excerpts. It's kinda long, but it's worth it. I'm not posting the whole thing, you can read it here.


Buddy Bloggers Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi were in San Antonio on Friday for the All-WNBA team announcement. Waiting patiently for their awards, they decided it would be a perfect time for a tag-team Buddy Blog effort:

Dee: So I guess we're supposed to give our thoughts on Game 1.

Sue: But you didn't watch it.

Dee: Aww, come on now. You weren't supposed to say that. I don't have cable at my house yet.


Dee: San Antonio went 14-0 against the East this year! 14 and 0! 14… and 0!

Sue: That's cuz the East is weak! ;) Same team in the Finals every year!


Dee: Yeah, being at the Olympics was fun. Oh, what about Lauren running up and trying to talk toYao during the Closing Ceremonies!

Sue: That was hilarious. If you haven't seen it already, please go YouTube it right now. "How am I gonna live without Yao?"

Dee: I think she's kind of infatuated with him. She talks about him a lot. They're good friends through basketball. In a non-romantic way.

Sue: Yeah, he's married. To a former Chinese national team player.

Dee: Yeah, but she's no Sui Feifei. Or Miao. Miao was BALLING at the Olympics.


Dee: So, speaking of foreign policy, I'm all about tax cuts this season. I don't know about you, but I'm voting Obama for yo mama, McCain insane. That's it, print it.

I actually watched the VP debate a few nights ago, but I was in a sushi restaurant and it was on mute. Did Palin hold her own?

Sue: I don't like talking about politics.

Dee: If I hear the word "bipartisan" one more time, I'm gonna kill myself.

Sue: The one that kills me is the whole "hockey mom" thing.

Dee: The thing I love is that when they say, "My friends, you can trust me…" If you believe them, there's something wrong with you. And it's always, "My friends…"

Sue: And what about Tina Fey as the Vice President?

Dee: What?!?

Sue: She does a spot-on imitation of Sarah Palin. She's done it a couple of times on Saturday Night Live. Haven't you seen it?

Dee: I don't have any freaking TV! I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone.

Sue: I'll send it to you. It's really good. "I can see Russia from my backyard!"

Dee: I do love her accent. It's almost a Minnesota accent.

Sue: "Ohhh yahhhhh, we share a maritime border!" … "Can I call ya Joe?"

Dee: Every time Palin was talking, Biden was laughing. That's a bad sign. But Palin's suit did look nice.

Sue: OK… since we've made fun of just about everyone in America now, we'll let you enjoy the rest of the Finals.

Dee: And maybe we'll check in from Russia this winter. Wouldn't that be fun?

Sue: Yeah, and we'll really be able to see Russia from our backyard!

Dee: Yeah, Birdie! Good one!


MORAL: Read the whole thing here. They're talking about other stuff when they're "supposed" to blog about the Finals. Haha. Speaking of Palin, I found out about this from JessicaRulesTheUniverse. @_@

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, I didn't know they blogged. I know that Taurasi does a blog for yardbarker, which is hilarious. I met her once during a benefit and the kid is as entertaining in person.