Saturday, October 18, 2008

An Entry I'm Not Proud Of...

... because it's just pure fingerwork.

As I type this, Ana Ivanovic and Venus Williams are slaughtering each other in the semifinals of the Zürich Open. Winner meets Flavia Pennetta, who murdered Jelena Jankovic, in the finals. They're in their 3rd set and Venus gets the first break in the final set to lead 4-6 6-3 4-3. Some tennis players produce a sound when they hit the ball, usually called a "grunt" by commentators. Ana Ivanovic produces an entertaining series of sound compressed into one. There are actually 3 different sounds she makes, before she hits the ball, when she hits the ball, and after she does so - all in one packaged sound. With other players, it's just pure lung-sound. Nyeha.

From love-40 (triple match point for Venus), Ana salvages her serve to still be on the board, 4-5. She is the luckiest person during really tight points, the net cord loves her (Ana's drop shot almost dropped her from the tournament but because of the net cord, she's still alive). I still think Ivanovic's forehand is the strongest in the game. When she sets up for it, you'll know for sure it'll be a clean winner after she hits the ball. Venus Williams leads 40-15 for her 4th match point. I think she'll win this. And she does 4-6 6-3 6-4. I still want EleVen shorts.

This is the last Zürich Open. Boo. Tennis season is really drying up. Everything ends on November. Boo again.

MORAL: When you just feel like typing/writing/anything, do so. With tennis season fast approaching the end, I need to find another thing to look forward to, aside from the Holidays. I still find Coldplay's music video of Viva La Vida (which is playing while I'm typing this) annoying. I like the song, I find it amazing, but the video, uhmm. This should not be in the MORAL part of my entry but I just type words as they come along.

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