Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Folly Ticks

I'm getting craaaazyyy..

Ever since we came back from Baguio, the politics in our school organization has been bugging me like crazy. The same way bees do when they see who was busy hitting their beehive. It is my current Disturbia. Sriofeiox haasxbu the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog sdfdabnwe iopwuqoeor. Yup. Crazy. It's taking precious "I'm pondering and assessing my current place in this world" time in my semestral break. When asked if I would run to be part of the Executive Board, I usually say, "I just want free outing (Plan/EvSem)." That gives a laughing response either through IM or vis-a-vis, it has never failed inviting an affirmation. In reality, I never liked meeting de avances, candidates campaigning and all. When my relatives run for office and my mother asks us to join the campaign, I just go there because of my mother and for the free merienda or lunch or dinner afterwards. And IF EVER I campaign, I can foresee that it would be a disaster. It's a War of the Worlds type of disaster or a Titanic tragedy. When they say "just be yourself" I would lose voters rather than attract them. Instead of creating a voter's dilemma ("Who am I gonna vote for?"), I would help them decide ("Ok, vote for the other one!"). I don't know if working for the PR part of our org helps or not. I'm not a complete shiznit or anything but heck.

If there's anything I'm looking forward to for the next month, it would be watching Rihanna and Chris Brown in a back to back concert (I could already hear Hate That I Love You) and then riding an airplane the next day and wasting money in a neighboring place afterwards. Who wants noodles?

MORAL: Don't make the politics of anything get you. If you have the vision, the mission, and the objective, go for it. It's not always "you". Not everything's about you or me or him or her. Tsk. Sometimes, we are here for others. Think like that and politics is just another dead leaf you ought to sweep away. Amen.

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