Friday, October 03, 2008

Funeraria Water

We've all probably been inside a funeral house, in a wake, in a burial. Here in the Philippines, in a wake, there are tons of food. Some serve snacks while others serve buffet. In the snacks department, pastries from Red Ribbon or Goldilocks are sure-hits as well as tetra paks of juices and coffee. If there were water available, it would be from a dispenser brought by the family of the deceased. However, my dad went home and was excited to give me a bottle from a wake he attended. I know it's not polite to bring home stuff from a wake, but this bottled water was just too much for him to not bring home.

I know it's clean, but I have second (up to a hundred) thoughts of drinking it.

MORAL: When giving bottled water, please just indicate the name of the manufacturing company instead or just have your funeral home's name printed somewhere else. But if it's free, I won't dare complain.

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