Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lesson Learned

They said never to bite off the hand/arm that feeds you. I guess I remembered that after our cook (who is also my yaya) and I got into a petty fight because I accidentally sat upon her coin purse. When I was about to sit, she grabbed her purse and I sat at the wrong item. To keep a possibly long story short (because it is really short), we're not talking for the whole time (after lunch).


Since I don't eat meat, I had nothing to eat last night because she usually cooks separate dishes for me. This time we had adobo and other cruelty-full food. I ate peanuts, bibingka, rice, salted eggs with tomato, and bread with cheese spread for dinner. (Yeah I eat like a prisoner.) Then had another tea party after some hours. Boo. I'm thinking of eating oatmeal tomorrow.

MORAL: Don't do it. Unless you're in for some dieting or some hunger strike.

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