Thursday, October 30, 2008

One Step[anek] At A Time

This is a puto bumbong. It's violet I know, and I like it - when we have some. My dad usually buys it and bibingka then we eat it while it's still warm. I devour them alongside my cups of tea but let's cut the crap and deal with the shiznit because no amount of puto bumbong and bibingkas can make me shut the hell up about Stepanget.

Anyway, this entry is about hating Radek Stepanek. No offense to Radek's fans (if there are any) but look at the man! In Duffy's words, "And now I'm begging you for mercy." I won't even dare post his photo because my computer would crash if I do and I'm pretty sure of it. Also, I am concerned of those who might be able to see this and if ever another person sees Radek's photo, I am not accountable for nightmares to follow. Halloween is not just over. This is not a matter of being physiognomist but let's post pictures of his girlfriend (or fiancee) and his ex-fiancee. They're all from Czech Republic but c'mon. I can't really bear him. (Maybe because I am a fan of both players from the WTA.) In defense of Radek, he's good in voodoo, nabbing 2 hotshots. Dang! He's still Fishboy! (Note that I am not alone in my ideas and comments on this one.) Prepare for real life version of Beauty and the Beast.

Martina Hingis (the ex; former world number 1) who is a survivor who woke up from a really bad dream. I feel happy for her. She also looks happy in this photo.

Now meet the present victim who is still suffering from delusion and bad spells. Hello, Nicole! Trick or treat! Either she loves Halloween that much (with regards to her Fishboy) or she just wants pity. (With the pity part, she's getting a lot of pity from millions of people around the world.)

Radek just got whipped by Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the 2nd round of the BNP Paribas Masters. Wahahaha. Eyeloveit! I'm not wishing ill of others but I am pro-JW all the way and pro-annihilation of Radek. Heck, even the commentators are against Radek. In any way, we'll still be praying for Nicole Vaidisova's enlightenment.

MORAL: Halloween is not for everyone. Remove your monster mask. Oops. Yours is permanent. I'm sorry, I feel so evil posting this but I just can't take beauty and the beast. I never loved that fairy tale. It's crap.

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