Thursday, October 23, 2008


Dish out Colbie Caillat (others pronounce her last name as "kalat" but hellooooooo what's wrong with you?! Colbie is definitely NOT kalat. Her music calms me down like how a tranquilizer would do to me - not that I need one.). I realized what I wanted (for now)! We have a huge table in our room where I put most of the trash - laptop, dock, printer (I'm the only one who uses it), Krispy Kreme cases of my music CDs, the old CPU, the TV, lotions and stuff, my brother's porn CDs, boxes of my sister's accessories, old dictionary, and more trash. I look left and I see the keyboard (on top of a table because I think the legs of the stand are busted) with a tennis racquet on top flooded with my sister's magazines and some piano pieces. Further left is my old study table which completely lost its purpose once it entered our room.

How? I can't study in our room! Turn the aircon on and I'm off to dreamland. Dang it. So I transformed the study table into a bookcase or whatever. The problem is that it cannot house all of my books. I need a real bookshelf, one that reaches the heavens. I'll put those I won't probably read again on top shelf. And if ever one day I decide to reread a book from there, I'll use a ladder to get it, I'd fall down, crashing on the wooden floor (but I hope I won't fall through the floor) and I'd curse that book forever. But I'm thinking too far ahead on that one.

The truth is.... I just want to play the keyboard and guitar again. So. I want a tall bookshelf, and a guitar stand. A Good Burger won't hurt, too.

MORAL: I can hear the bookshelf say, "I'm not moooooooviiiiiiiiiing..." (in the tune of The Script's The Man Who Can't Be Moved)

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