Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Resist Temptation

I am so tempted to post an entry about the WNBA Playoffs (and more) but I won't because:

1. West (ft. LA, San Antonio, Seattle) lost
2. Silver Stars (ft. Becky, Ruth, and Erin) lost
3. Sparks (ft. Candace, Lisa, and Sidney) lost
4. Storm (ft. Sue and Lauren - who was injured) lost
5. I know the three teams I mentioned above all belong to the Western Conference and they all lost (not because of me)
6. East won (duh, West lost so definitely the East won)
7. I watched most of the Playoff matches and watched the 3 Finals games (live telecast - my body clock is screwed a long time ago so it's not a big deal watching live telecasts from half across the earth)
8. San Antonio Silver Stars were swept like dust
9. WNBA season is all over and tennis season is nearing the end as well
10. Candace Parker is the MVP, Rookie of the Year, & the Face of the Year which is non-existent
11. Diana Taurasi is as hilarious as you could imagine
12. Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird do buddy blogs which is equal to hilarious squared
13. I don't know how I could watch the EuroLeague Women
14. NBA season is here and even the NBA Live 09 is here
15. I can type words and sentences the whole day about basketball, tennis, swimming, life, etc. but I won't

So I won't.

MORAL: Procrastinating is unhealthy. I know, I am doing it right now. I must've been typing about my Business Intelligence individual term paper but here I am, posting an entry after watching tennis shows. Could someone please tell our cable provider to fix the Eurosport channel right away? I don't want to be pissed off (or on?) because I don't want to. Do you? I don't.

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