Monday, October 20, 2008


I have been drinking more tea in my life. I usually have my own tea party (I drink tea by the pot not by the cup) and I'm loving our percolator (even though we've had it since forever). I drink tea without anything added to it unlike my dad who usually puts honey or sweetener or whatever. Is tea bad for the health?

The tennis season is almost over and I'm having this feeling of "Shoot! What am I gonna do without tennis in my cable?!" It's not as if they're going to show EuroLeague Women in Eurosport. Boo.

Lately, my desktop background is like the United Nations. I have been using different countries' flags and coats of arms as my wallpaper. I started with the Philippines' coat of arms, then at present I have Italy's flag as my wallpaper. I like Austria's coat of arms. Check it out in Wikipedia.

I still think that Lauren Jackson and Stephanie Rice look somewhat alike. Maybe it's because of their eyes. Feliciano Lopez is sooo pretty. Haha. No, I'm not drunk while typing this.

I'll do my schedule for next week. I hope I can follow it.
*AB = or anytime in between
6am-8am (AB) - jogging
9am-12pm (AB) - tennis
12pm-2pm (AB) - eat and/or nap
2pm - 5pm - watch DVDs (TV series and movies) and/or include other activities
5pm-7pm - eat/pig out then tutor my cousin
7pm-?? - watch tennis matches if there are any
?? - try sleeping

If I follow this schedule, I don't know what will happen to me. So there's an 85% chance that I won't be following it.

MORAL: Sembreak is the time to do things you can't usually do during the semester. If you use your sembreak reading textbooks, researching about next lessons, doing advance projects, there's something wrong with you.

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