Friday, November 28, 2008

Repackage My CarcASS

Prepare for the music industry's antagonist.

Am I the only one pissed off with all those repackaged and re-released albums? Or everyone else is enjoying it and saying, "Good thing I waited for 100 years before buying a copy!" Some are getting stupid with the idea of album sales dwindling or not selling that much compared to before (not minding the inflation rate because we're counting the number of freaking copies sold). They're pointing fingers to piracy, illegal Internet downloads, and the likes. Yet there are those who download AND buy the CD as well. I am one of those stupid people who download and buy what the shiznits music companies are excreting from their corporate capital system. From here on, repackaged/re-released albums would be called as Ungrateful Tools Of Trade or UTOT. Honestly I would have used another acronym but what the hell. I'm so pissed (in an on-going process) I can't think anymore.

Colbie Caillat released an UTOT. Now I'm calling her Colbeach. She released it a few months after I bought her freaking CD! I'm the only one I know who bought her CD and she's punishing me?! Go drown in the beach, Colbeach. (Sense the hostility?)

PCD released one, too, but I don't mind because I haven't bought their CD yet. But if I get to buy their Doll Domination, I have to have the first album as well. I wish I'm not like that.

Alicia Keys released a Super Edition UTOT. KISS MY carcASS, AKeys! I understand I bought your album early 2008 and you just released your UTOT recently but WTHeck. I even watched your concert!

Leona Lewis, Duffy, Usher, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Chris Brown (isa ka pa!) all released fatal UTOTs as well. It's like joketime in this world. Forever joketime.

Rihanna's Reloaded UTOT is a notorious one. Imagine she released both of the added songs as singles and they topped the charts they fell out of the list.

Mariah Carey releases 100 UTOTs in a lifetime. I'm going to buy that Super Duper Ultra Mega Hyper Deluxe Edition of Emancipation of Mimi. Eat dust, Nick Cannon.

Paramore's The Final Riot. Riot?! Decode is not even worthy of being downloaded illegally! So yeah Hayley Williams contributed to the success of the annoying series but what the hell. So The Final Riot! is a live version of the songs recorded during the band's concert in Chicago. Okay, Paramore's The Final Riot is forgiven.

Britney, I'm waiting. Are you going to release one, too? Or am I going to postpone buying Circus?

MORAL: Dang it. We're from 3rd World you know. Money spent for these CDs could have been used for far more important purposes/acts such as feeding programs, donations for the poor and the marginalized, buying food, adding them for my tuition fee, and paying bills. Yet, some choose to shell out money for CDs. Hoorah!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Twilight Vampires, Bite Me

What do you live for, if you can live forever and ever... Amen? Why is it that we read a lot of books, Twilight series included, yet most of us haven't even finished reading the Bible? Next week, if you go around Ateneo de Manila University and see a female reading the Bible during break times, that would probably me.

These days, if you haven't read or seen the Twilight, you're probably Patrick Star (read: living under a rock). I was bitten by Twilight because my blockmate introduced it to me a couple of years ago. I read Twilight way before it became a trend. That's not bragging, that's I-don't-know-what. Anyway, let's face it.

OK, even though I'm not a big fan of Twilight, I went on its first day of regular showing. Haha. So how was the movie? Of course, it was a fantastic (or fatal) treat for those imagining the characters come to life. Edward Cullen is supposed to be inhumanely beautiful, but Robert Pattinson (he's Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter movie) ain't the perfect man for it. Honestly, judgemental side aside, he's not that "beautiful" to be Edward the Vampire master. Isabella Swan, portrayed by Kristen Stewart (Catch That Kid, Panic Room), well okay. She's fine to be Bella, BUT her acting. DANG!!! Robert Pattinson can act, Kristen can't. And his lips had more make-up than Kristen's.

Why is it that I can sense that Glutathione and Metathione would be even more famous here in the country? A lot would want to be vampire-white or Twilight-white then sport red/pink lipstick, not wash their hair (Edward, take a bath) and not comb at all (Edward again). "Have you Met?"

Now, how's the movie in a feeling-critic sense. The entire movie was like shot in macro mode! If you watched it closely, you could see their pores. Of course I'm just kidding because you can't possibly see their pores because of the heavy foundation and make-up they have on their faces. The good thing about that is the movie felt personal. Like you were just behind them, being the ultimate eavesdropper listening and watching them evade vampires, eat salad, glitter under the sun, drive like they're from The Fast and the Furious, and jump like crazy. Oh, the visual effects were.. let's say, not pretty for a sure-hit-profit-generating movie. It was like the production company allotted a small budget for the movie wherein I'm pretty sure they know the movie is going to be a blockbuster. Stephenie Meyer made a cameo. Some of the scenes I really like are: the super last scene (Victoria's), the part when the Cullens arrived (it's like Mean Girls, haha), and when they were all busy preparing food for Bella then she arrived saying she ate already. Watching with a room-full of teenage girls is funny and annoying at the same time. They scream like cheerleaders!

Also, Paramore's song Decode for the movie is not that much of a killer. I love Hayley and I'm in love with Paramore but Decode is... blah. Just like the series, Twilight and Decode are just overrated. They're like the Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan (you know how much I love Lindsay) of Hollywood.

What the heck. It's an entertaining movie. Don't watch it in expensive cinemas.

MORAL: Watch it and be amazed by Kristen Stewart's limited facial expressions and her "manly" voice and actions. Don't play harsh, I also have manly voice and actions. Haha. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart complement each other.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shampoo Tea

Whenever I see Nicole Scherzinger's shampoo commercial in the television, I can't help to think of my Situational Leadership class. Nicole Scherzinger, the lead Pussycat Doll (how do you call her? The big Pussycat? Uh.) The head teacher in my Situational Leadership class is the president of Procter and Gamble. Now, Nicole endorses Clear - a shampoo brand from Unilever.

A few nights ago, my dad mixed honey into my tea. He loves it and I think it's crap. When I drank it, my tongue automatically stuck out. Sheesh. Honey for me is fun if you take it spoonful. I don't really like the taste so I drank the tea "bottoms up" style. Dang. Honey tea my shiznit.

As I'm listening to Taylor Swift's Love Story (I like the song, it's cute. YES, I am capable of saying and typing the word "cute," now go back to reading.) I noticed that in the song, she sounds like Avril Lavigne in more than one circumstance. The high notes are like Avril reincarnated. Now I want to watch Bolt and still James Bond.

MORAL: Sometimes, it's all in the packaging. You buy it for the packaging not for the item itself. Sit back and watch the magic of advertising unravel right before your eyes. You'll be surprised by how powerful it is. Just read Coca-Cola's history and be amazed.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

If I Were A Boy I'd Kiss A Girl in the Twilight

Katy Perry. That is the first and last time she'll be mentioned in this entry because she has absolutely nothing to do with what I'm going to type.

This is not a homosexual entry. It's just that Beyonce's song and video are total knockouts. The video and song combination is more lethal than Manny Pacquiao's left straight or hook or uppercut or whichever punch you want. I posted some of the lyrics of the song. I can't remember if I have posted lyrics before, but it doesn't matter. Read SOME (if you have the full lyrics you'd probably be smiling or nodding your skull with what you read) of the lyrics and think how could songwriters combine gut-wrenching lyrics and hypnotic melody together. Mix them all (or both) together and you get...... SASHA FIERCE.

Sing with us, Sasha!

If I were a boy
I think I could understand
How it feels to love a girl
I swear I'd be a better man
I'd listen to her
Cause I know how it hurts
When you lose the one you wanted
Cause he's taking you for granted
And everything you had got destroyed
I'd put myself first
And make the rules as I go
Cause I know that she'd be faithful,
Waiting for me to come home, to come home.
But you're just a boy
You don't understand
And you don't understand, ohhhh
How it feels to love a girl
Someday you wish you were a better man
You don't listen to her
You don't care how it hurts
Until you lose the one you wanted
Cause you're taking her for granted
And everything you had got destroyed
But you're just a boy

End the song with us, Sasha!

As usual, my title is about the least talked slant amongst the notoriously disorganized entries I type. I can change topic as fast as you can tie your shoelaces. Hmm. How fast is that?

If the Dark Side looks this good, it's so tempting to keep heart. I'd rather be in the dark, if you know what I mean. Honestly, I don't know what I meant with that. I just posted it because well, I just saw it in the Internet. I don't know why or how I came across this. Wow. Marat Safin is haunting me! This is going to be fun!

I can sense a lot of negative vibes in the next paragraph.

Twilight. What the hello?! It's a blood-sucking-I-mean-blood-draining anemic book. I don't know why people like (or love) Twilight. You know what will happen from the moment you have started reading the first book and yet a lot are eagerly waiting for the next part of the series! Stephenie Meyer did a fantastic job of prolonging the vampire love story. The only things I like in the series are the amazing front covers! They're so glossy and cool and amazing. Maybe the reason why people love the book is that others said it is good. Crap! It's just a topnotch because it is about vampires! Or is it because it is a love story? I have nothing against love stories, as a matter of fact, I loved Shakespeare's Hamlet. OK - Hamlet is a tragedy, but I like love stories, too. Vampires are hands down cool creatures except for the dark circles around their eyes which is the trend for students. Students don't sleep as well and sometimes they just eat when they're hungry (with the exception of others who keep on eating even if they're not hungry or those who keep on eating even after eating. *cough* me *cough*). Vampires, students, what's the difference. Stephenie Meyer did a good job of writing an interesting book and her publication did a magnificent job marketing her work. I have nothing against her. And the movie? I'm still going to watch it. It's a movie and I like apples and vampires and hands and the word "Twilight" because I like the song of Vanessa Carlton with the same title. Oh wait, I can hear Twilight lovers throwing rocks at our gate! Sudden question. Do female vampires have monthly periods?

After I heard her single Love Story, I downloaded (pirate!) Taylor Swift's new album Fearless, but I promise I'm going to get myself a copy of it. I'm just kind of short right now, hello, Christmas! All I can say is that if Taylor Swift can get herself inspired by love or something like it, she can write a bajillion of songs about love (what else is there to write about for teenagers?), relationships, you know the drill. See her hair? I told you it's divine! Must be tough brushing it, though.

Ooh, ooh. I've watched Madagascar 2 (James Bond, you're next okay? Don't fret. I didn't forget you.) and it's hilarious. My blockmates and I watched it and we were teasing each other because the adults who were there as well had kids with them. We were, "Crap, these kids will make a lot of noise during the movie. They'll laugh really hard." WRONG. (How do you type the sound of a buzzer? Bzzzzzzzz? But it's like the sound bees make. Oh well.) We were the ones who were laughing our carcasses out. Ok that's all I'm saying.

MORAL: Everyone has their own standards on what is nice, good, okay, and the likes. If you think a book you're reading is heaven-sent, another who's reading the same book is thinking it's the end-product of eating 500 Big Macs in 1 hour.

I still want to know. Even in theory. Do female vampires have monthly periods?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sweat November

2008 is not Roger Federer's year.

As I am typing this, I haven't seen who won or lost in the last Round Robin match for the ATP Tennis Masters Cup. Roger Federer is down 2 match points against Andy Murray. I'm such a loser in these clutch moments. Whenever a player I like is on the brink of losing, I turn the TV off or I switch channels. LOSER!! My brother used to kid me, "Have you ever finished watching a tennis match?" However, that is not the slant I am slanting. (Huh?)

All I can say about Roger Federer's year is that..... No, I'm not going to back-up that he's on a decline, it's just that Rafael Nadal's on a roll. What I'm intending to say is that lately, whenever I see Roger Federer play, he... actually sweats. Don't think of me as a sweat-freak. It's like it's the first year he has these what normal people have - these really, really tiny holes in our body that we do not call craters but what we consider as pores and sweat glands! If you've seen how Roger plays during the past years, he just brushes his bangs from his eyes and looks all divine (and sweat-free). He doesn't look like he sweats and he just stands there. But now, DANG! He perspires and looks like a dead-thirsty desert survivor after a long rally. And his hair (bangs) now sticks to his face. He's human after all. Welcome to the real world, Roger!

Hmmm what else. Oh, I went to the mall a while ago with my mom and dad (he dropped us off) while my cousin (Angelo) followed after some time. My mom realized the moment she alighted the van that she forgot to wear earrings. She wanted to go home and get them, and my dad never forgot to tell her how she's been forgetful lately. She's going to get a facial and so I told her she doesn't need earrings. When the 3 of us were at the photo shop to have some pictures of my aunts developed, my dad realized he forgot his cellphone. My mom found the chance to throw back at him everything he said earlier. I joined the castigating but then, I realized I forgot the picture I intended to have resized. Such a douchebag! I was the last character to forget something so I got the evil grin of my parents. The 3 of us were so noisy there but good thing there was semi-loud music nearby so our regular noise was drowned by it. I hate black heads and white heads and all the colored heads in between that you could find in your nose and face.

MORAL: Going to a mall with little or no money is completely ridiculous. But going to a mall with little or no money, just credit card in hand is the most ridiculous thing you could do. That's why I don't do ATM or credit card. It's just a criminal mind in itself (people can easily be tempted you know). AHA! Credit cards should be in the list of sins as well. Wow. This is an annoying entry.

Taylor and Joe-nass : Lame

I'm honestly not a big fan of teen freaks from Disney and of the Jonass Brothers. When I told my friend while watching the VMAs in the TV how I don't really like those "JoBros," he asked me if I was from Mars. Yeah.... I like Uranus better, that planet's name is a killer in a way.

So recently I have been watching Ellen more often than I used to. Used to = (is equal to) channel surfing then sees Ellen's crazy audience then tries to watch until the end of the show. Now, I have been tasking myself with the heavy burden of remembering that the show airs at 7pm in our cable. It's an arduous task, mind you. Anyway, I was able to watch last Wednesday's (I can't remember the day) episode with Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift. To cut the crap short, Taylor Swift told Ellen that Joe-nass (Ok, it's the Joe guy with really famazing eyebrows) broke up with her over the phone in 25 seconds. I know I don't care that much about Taylor Swift or the Joe-nass Brothers or whoever in Hollywood but that's so lame. Actually, it's a double whammy because only people with no life break up with others over the phone (read: Chace Crawford did it via SMS. Carrie Underwood must've been performing that time so he had to send her a message instead of calling her.), AND Taylor Swift actually said that in a talkshow.

So what would hormonal teenagers do about that? Write a song. Taylor Swift did. And she said Joe-nass broke up with her because he met Camilla Belle. Hmmm... Honestly, Camilla Belle and Joe-nass look good together, because they very much look alike. They're like siblings. Great.

Oh, Taylor Swift's songs are pretty good, until they start sounding nasal. The lyrics are great, too. Her curls AND her boots are to die for. Boots. Dang. I really want boots.

MORAL: Get a life.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Party Crashers aka Abbi's Friends

It was my first time crashing a party. I was not happy. My heart was pumping so much blood around my body I thought oxygenated blood would blast from my nose.

Spoiler alert (but you have to read this anyway): This entry is going to be long. Abbi and DJ Jenna celebrated their birthdays last November 5. My cousin's friend is friends with DJ Jenna.

Last Wednesday (Nov. 5) we went to Alchemy (you're my friend if you don't know where/what it is) because my sister wanted to go somewhere else days before. So my cousin told us we could have ourselves in the guest list for a Wednesday event if we want to. My sister said yes because she believes when an opportunity for free entrance arises, one must take advantage of it, grab it, and dance with it. Alright! So we went to the place 30 minutes before midnight but guessed it was still early so my cousin bought coffee in the nearby coffee-here-is-expensive-but-we-have-a-cool-ambiance-you'd-think-it's-worth-it-and-our-baristas-read-your-name-with-ambitious-accent chain and spent some time there while my sister berated (with us) the patrons there (but we're not really evil, sometimes you need to bring out your creativity and use critical thinking). It's really just Starbucks but I wanted to type that words- out. Where were we? Oh yeah, we noticed people around the microscopic parking lot of Alchemy while some were being dropped off in front of the infamous coffee chain. The three of us kept asking, "Is that Abbi's friend?" "Or is it Abbi?" We kept doing that until people started lining up. We also did. I was not in the mood because I was serious about the matter. We were on the list, ok, 3rd floor, then my sister joked, "It's an open bar, what if the party is exclusive?" OH NOSE. BAD EVIL UNSEASONABLE JOKE! Why? The elevator door opened and the few girls we were with (in the ela-ela-elevator) hugged someone waiting in the entrance. IT WAS ABBI.


There were balloons all around so we changed our answer in case someone asks, "DJ Jenna's friends" is better (and which is semi-real because the DJ is my cousin's 2nd degree friend while she's our 3rd degree friend) than "Abbi's friends" when all the while Abbi was the one asking. Nyaha! It was open bar but I didn't dare drink. I already crashed someone else's party and I don't want to be chugging down their/her cocktails. (BTW, all those near the open bar were male.) Ok now I'm tired of typing so I'll cut this short. Their party was fun except for some technical difficulties. Meeting new people was fun, too, since we got to know others (friends of DJ Jenna). However, I/we didn't really enjoy the midnight/morning because well, I don't know. Maybe the feeling of being in a birthday party of someone you only know - OK, someone you really don't know - is different, even though people around you (cousin and sister) keep on saying most of the people there don't know them (celebrants) directly as well. And oh, I noticed the few friends of Abbi, they were all wearing boots they made me want to ask them where they bought those. They're really pretty... Boots... I... Want....

MORAL: If you're partycrashing, don't carry any sense of shame (this is supposed to be "If you're partycrashing, dapat hindi makapal mukha mo" but I don't know the equivalent of that in English and I don't want to search for it, hahaha). Also, some things take time and practice. Crashing parties is one of them. What are you waiting for? Go crash a party and learn from that experience! God bless!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bleaching Venus Williams

School starts later. Waaaaaah. Not that I don't want to go to school, tell me who doesn't want to go to school and I'm gonna hit him with a steel chair directly on his cranium. It's just that well, once it starts, the only time it stops (or pause if you prefer) is when the sem is over. Since 2nd sem starts in November, there's the short Christmas break. Hooray for overeating, money-sucking gifts, and week-long festivity.

But what have I done the last week of freedom? I've been Bleach-ing, watching the anime Bleach with my brother from 1 or 2am until 5:30am or until we get dizzy from watching it. Also, I've been overdoing stuff. Overeating and oversleeping. Sleep and eat. Raised to the 3rd power. I wake-up after noontime to eat then take a (long) nap then sleep then wake-up for dinner then watch the freaking anime again. Of course I'll say I've only been doing those things so that people would think I haven't been doing anything productive. (But why would I want them to think like that? Dunno myself.) My tennis trainer is not replying to my text messages. I'm gonna hunt you down!

A while ago, Venus Williams won her first year-ending WTA Championships title! She's the 7th seed and she killed Vera Zvonareva who's the 8th seed in 3 sets. It was fun until she won and Serena didn't even congratulate her. Evil Diva Sister. Haha. This year as well, there were a lot of No.1s in the women's field. Aside from Jelena Jankovic, other players to hold the No.1 spot in 2008 were Ana Ivanovic (12 weeks), Maria Sharapova (three weeks), Serena Williams (four weeks), and Justine Henin (20 weeks), whose retirement on May 14th left the race to No.1 wide open. (This is according to the WTA website.) It's all Justine Henin's fault (and this is according to me).

Also, Ms. Philippines Karla Henry won the Miss Earth 2008 pageant. I call that as Ms. Captain Planet pageant. Whoever wins marries Captain Planet in The Bachelor style. Instead of Captain Planet giving the winner a rose, he gives her toxic waste or a dying elephant. Oh well.

MORAL: Nature is a very important factor in our lives whether we want to care or not. The environment is a precious thing that would kill us if well, we try to kill it as well. So, donate a Vespa and a school bag for me. God bless.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Tennis Deadline

8 players. 2 groups. Round robin. Top 2 players of each group advance to the semis. Top player of the first group battles with the 2nd player from the other group and vice versa. It's a knockout world from there. Oh, lot's of money.

White Group:
1 - Jelena Jankovic
4 - Ana Ivanovic
6 - Svetlana Kuznetsova
8 - Vera Zvonareva

Maroon Group:
2 - Dinara Safina
3 - Serena Williams
5 - Elena Dementieva
7 - Venus Williams

Agnieszka Radwanska and Nadia Petrova are substitutes who got the chance to play.

Serena withdrew from the competition after she was defeated by her sister in 3 sets with a 6-0 in the deciding one. Ana Ivanovic lost twice (0-2) before withdrawing from the competition. However I think Ana lost because she brought Fernando Verdasco (Spain's Glamour man of 2007 not bad!) in her match and that Maria Sharapova is absent meaning she is deprived from inspiration.

Now let's talk about why Vera Zvonareva is a fun tennis creature to watch. Vera Zvonareva aka last-girl-in-class because of her last name (letter Z) is a mixture of Dinara Safina, Anna Chakvetadze, Svetlana Kuznetsova, and Jelena Jankovic all rolled into one big-eyed-eyeliner-bearing creature. How come? She cries (oftentimes) like Anna, is a perennial runner-up like Svetlana, has an explosive anger (i.e. breaking racquets, whacking stuff) like Dinara, plays like Jelena Jankovic (retriever and counterpuncher) and they both have the diva attitude as well. Btw, Serena Williams is still the mother diva. No one can beat her.

Vera is the lowest ranked player (9th in the world) in the WTA Sony Ericsson Championships and yet she emerged with a clean 3-0 slate in the round robin matches in the white group. She has washed Svetlana (well yeah she always loses everything), Ana (Verdascursed and Maria-inspiration-less), and just recently (as I have watched) Jelena in a 3-set match.

So who's playing in the semis? Vera vs Elena and Venus vs Jelena. What the heck. I wanted it to be Venus and Jelena in the finals but apparently Jelena blew the last round robin match to Vera-last-girl-in-class so she has the punishment of meeting Venus in her neat EleVen dress. And you can't just wish for things to happen. It's windy in Qatar. Red strings are amazing.

MORAL: The ball is a sphere. Head-to-head comparisons/histories are suckers. They might give some confidence to the player who has more wins but the court is a battlefield and well, nothing is certain except Justine Henin and when she retired everyone knew that no one is dominating the women's game anymore. Unless you paid the player truckloads of money to lose on purpose which is illegal by the way. Eat cocaine, Radek Stepanek. Sunday is for the men's year-ending championship in Shanghai. Now I'm hungry.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Sleepy Hello

Hello, November! I have been waking up (or staying up) before 6 AM trying my best to get my carcass off from bed (or chair) to go out and run/jog. The first time I did it after like half a year of NOT doing it was like crap.

5:30am - I woke up and to stay awake enough to change into sweat-ready attire, I turned on the television and watched live telecast of tennis.
6:00am - My mom was ready as well and she waited for the call of her cousin and his wife (the Sevillas!) whom she walks with almost everyday.
6:10am - They called and we left the house. We were there soon and they started their almost daily walk/gossip/bonding session. I wonder if they ever run out of stories to share. Hmm, knowing my Mom, naaah. It's impossible. I run/jog/brisk walk with my iPod. Loner.
7:00am - The three of them were sitting ducks already. My mom was just waiting for me.
7:10am - The couple were leaving already. So we went home as well. It was not a good run for me because after running some time, my legs/thighs were so red because I kept slapping them. They were so itchy maybe because of:
a.) I haven't ran for a long time (but how come they were itchy)
b.) Sweat from my legs were attracting the insects/nature-bound creatures (because the area had lots of trees and plants; hence, the fresh air)
Nonetheless I looked like a shiznit running then slapping my thighs.
7:30am - Refreshed myself and thought that the day is still early for my life to start. So, I decided to sleep [again].
4:00pm - WOW. I overslept again (which is not uncommon. I'm just exaggerating it here so that it'll appear as something that happens once in a blue moon)! I just woke up because our househelp probably thought I'm not breathing anymore.

I usually sleep more than 12 hours every time I sleep (or shut my eyes cold) past 1:00am (because sleeping before that time is like saying the Philippines will be hosting the 5th Grand Slam of tennis). Sometimes 14 hours, sometimes 16 hours. Shame. This is because of the aircon. I feel like a schmuck blaming the aircon for my oversleeping. Shame part 2.

MORAL: There is an actual purpose why alarm clocks were made. They're not invented for us to hit the snooze button or the repeat button every time they sound off. Also, alarm clocks are not nuisances. Let's try a case-study that happened in the not so distant past.

Example: My sister and I, with our cousin, went out late last Friday to somewhere that needs no description. We went home around 4:00am. My sister's work starts at 8:00am. She told me to set the alarm in my phone in case she sleeps through her alarm (6:30am). So I set mine at 7:00am which is like "wake-up or lose your job-that-buys-the-shoes-and-clothes" limit. I used Paramore's Misery Business as the alarm because its killer electric guitar for the intro would surefire wake the wits of my sister who's a light-sleeper. After some time (because when you sleep hours seem like minutes or nanoseconds if you prefer) she was shaking me silly and saying my phone is too cacophonous. I saw the name of the alarm and responded with something like, "Excuse me! It's 7:00am already and you're going to be late for work." Of course I quipped in Filipino so here's how it really went, "HOY! Sakin ka pa nagalit, alas-7 na at 'pag hindi ka pa gumising late ka na. Pa-alarm-alarm ka pa ng 6:30 eh hindi naman effective. Lullaby yata yang alarm mo?" Yeah, sometimes I say too much, add that it's to someone who just woke up and someone who is older than you. But all is fair in war, love, and sleep. (She jumped out of bed afterwards. She almost stepped on me. Great.)