Monday, November 10, 2008

Bleaching Venus Williams

School starts later. Waaaaaah. Not that I don't want to go to school, tell me who doesn't want to go to school and I'm gonna hit him with a steel chair directly on his cranium. It's just that well, once it starts, the only time it stops (or pause if you prefer) is when the sem is over. Since 2nd sem starts in November, there's the short Christmas break. Hooray for overeating, money-sucking gifts, and week-long festivity.

But what have I done the last week of freedom? I've been Bleach-ing, watching the anime Bleach with my brother from 1 or 2am until 5:30am or until we get dizzy from watching it. Also, I've been overdoing stuff. Overeating and oversleeping. Sleep and eat. Raised to the 3rd power. I wake-up after noontime to eat then take a (long) nap then sleep then wake-up for dinner then watch the freaking anime again. Of course I'll say I've only been doing those things so that people would think I haven't been doing anything productive. (But why would I want them to think like that? Dunno myself.) My tennis trainer is not replying to my text messages. I'm gonna hunt you down!

A while ago, Venus Williams won her first year-ending WTA Championships title! She's the 7th seed and she killed Vera Zvonareva who's the 8th seed in 3 sets. It was fun until she won and Serena didn't even congratulate her. Evil Diva Sister. Haha. This year as well, there were a lot of No.1s in the women's field. Aside from Jelena Jankovic, other players to hold the No.1 spot in 2008 were Ana Ivanovic (12 weeks), Maria Sharapova (three weeks), Serena Williams (four weeks), and Justine Henin (20 weeks), whose retirement on May 14th left the race to No.1 wide open. (This is according to the WTA website.) It's all Justine Henin's fault (and this is according to me).

Also, Ms. Philippines Karla Henry won the Miss Earth 2008 pageant. I call that as Ms. Captain Planet pageant. Whoever wins marries Captain Planet in The Bachelor style. Instead of Captain Planet giving the winner a rose, he gives her toxic waste or a dying elephant. Oh well.

MORAL: Nature is a very important factor in our lives whether we want to care or not. The environment is a precious thing that would kill us if well, we try to kill it as well. So, donate a Vespa and a school bag for me. God bless.

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Felisa said...

RUTH! Nice blog you have here... Interesting thoughts. I didn't know na nagte-tennis ka pala :)

I didn't even hear about Ms Earth. I'm glad Ms Philippines won... kahit na hindi naman sya full Pinoy nananananaman. Hmph. Haha