Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Party Crashers aka Abbi's Friends

It was my first time crashing a party. I was not happy. My heart was pumping so much blood around my body I thought oxygenated blood would blast from my nose.

Spoiler alert (but you have to read this anyway): This entry is going to be long. Abbi and DJ Jenna celebrated their birthdays last November 5. My cousin's friend is friends with DJ Jenna.

Last Wednesday (Nov. 5) we went to Alchemy (you're my friend if you don't know where/what it is) because my sister wanted to go somewhere else days before. So my cousin told us we could have ourselves in the guest list for a Wednesday event if we want to. My sister said yes because she believes when an opportunity for free entrance arises, one must take advantage of it, grab it, and dance with it. Alright! So we went to the place 30 minutes before midnight but guessed it was still early so my cousin bought coffee in the nearby coffee-here-is-expensive-but-we-have-a-cool-ambiance-you'd-think-it's-worth-it-and-our-baristas-read-your-name-with-ambitious-accent chain and spent some time there while my sister berated (with us) the patrons there (but we're not really evil, sometimes you need to bring out your creativity and use critical thinking). It's really just Starbucks but I wanted to type that words- out. Where were we? Oh yeah, we noticed people around the microscopic parking lot of Alchemy while some were being dropped off in front of the infamous coffee chain. The three of us kept asking, "Is that Abbi's friend?" "Or is it Abbi?" We kept doing that until people started lining up. We also did. I was not in the mood because I was serious about the matter. We were on the list, ok, 3rd floor, then my sister joked, "It's an open bar, what if the party is exclusive?" OH NOSE. BAD EVIL UNSEASONABLE JOKE! Why? The elevator door opened and the few girls we were with (in the ela-ela-elevator) hugged someone waiting in the entrance. IT WAS ABBI.


There were balloons all around so we changed our answer in case someone asks, "DJ Jenna's friends" is better (and which is semi-real because the DJ is my cousin's 2nd degree friend while she's our 3rd degree friend) than "Abbi's friends" when all the while Abbi was the one asking. Nyaha! It was open bar but I didn't dare drink. I already crashed someone else's party and I don't want to be chugging down their/her cocktails. (BTW, all those near the open bar were male.) Ok now I'm tired of typing so I'll cut this short. Their party was fun except for some technical difficulties. Meeting new people was fun, too, since we got to know others (friends of DJ Jenna). However, I/we didn't really enjoy the midnight/morning because well, I don't know. Maybe the feeling of being in a birthday party of someone you only know - OK, someone you really don't know - is different, even though people around you (cousin and sister) keep on saying most of the people there don't know them (celebrants) directly as well. And oh, I noticed the few friends of Abbi, they were all wearing boots they made me want to ask them where they bought those. They're really pretty... Boots... I... Want....

MORAL: If you're partycrashing, don't carry any sense of shame (this is supposed to be "If you're partycrashing, dapat hindi makapal mukha mo" but I don't know the equivalent of that in English and I don't want to search for it, hahaha). Also, some things take time and practice. Crashing parties is one of them. What are you waiting for? Go crash a party and learn from that experience! God bless!

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Felisa said...

Hindi rin ako comfortable na mag crash ng party. Dati, ininvite ako ng isang invited to a SMALL party. YUN ang awkward! Haha Tatlo pa kaming party crasher... 15 lang ang guests. It was too obvious we didn't know the host but he was nice and tried his best to make us feel at home... Pero ang mahirap lang eh medyo shy sya so he didn't do such a good job.

By the way, request lang... ayaw ko kasing nagsho-show up yung full name ko with a link to my blog (kasi dito para silang Nazi pag mag-aapply ka sa jobs or sa mga schools. They look you up online. I don't want them to find my blog) Kung pwede mong tanggalin yung last name ko from your blogroll, that should do it. Thanks in advance :)