Friday, November 28, 2008

Repackage My CarcASS

Prepare for the music industry's antagonist.

Am I the only one pissed off with all those repackaged and re-released albums? Or everyone else is enjoying it and saying, "Good thing I waited for 100 years before buying a copy!" Some are getting stupid with the idea of album sales dwindling or not selling that much compared to before (not minding the inflation rate because we're counting the number of freaking copies sold). They're pointing fingers to piracy, illegal Internet downloads, and the likes. Yet there are those who download AND buy the CD as well. I am one of those stupid people who download and buy what the shiznits music companies are excreting from their corporate capital system. From here on, repackaged/re-released albums would be called as Ungrateful Tools Of Trade or UTOT. Honestly I would have used another acronym but what the hell. I'm so pissed (in an on-going process) I can't think anymore.

Colbie Caillat released an UTOT. Now I'm calling her Colbeach. She released it a few months after I bought her freaking CD! I'm the only one I know who bought her CD and she's punishing me?! Go drown in the beach, Colbeach. (Sense the hostility?)

PCD released one, too, but I don't mind because I haven't bought their CD yet. But if I get to buy their Doll Domination, I have to have the first album as well. I wish I'm not like that.

Alicia Keys released a Super Edition UTOT. KISS MY carcASS, AKeys! I understand I bought your album early 2008 and you just released your UTOT recently but WTHeck. I even watched your concert!

Leona Lewis, Duffy, Usher, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Chris Brown (isa ka pa!) all released fatal UTOTs as well. It's like joketime in this world. Forever joketime.

Rihanna's Reloaded UTOT is a notorious one. Imagine she released both of the added songs as singles and they topped the charts they fell out of the list.

Mariah Carey releases 100 UTOTs in a lifetime. I'm going to buy that Super Duper Ultra Mega Hyper Deluxe Edition of Emancipation of Mimi. Eat dust, Nick Cannon.

Paramore's The Final Riot. Riot?! Decode is not even worthy of being downloaded illegally! So yeah Hayley Williams contributed to the success of the annoying series but what the hell. So The Final Riot! is a live version of the songs recorded during the band's concert in Chicago. Okay, Paramore's The Final Riot is forgiven.

Britney, I'm waiting. Are you going to release one, too? Or am I going to postpone buying Circus?

MORAL: Dang it. We're from 3rd World you know. Money spent for these CDs could have been used for far more important purposes/acts such as feeding programs, donations for the poor and the marginalized, buying food, adding them for my tuition fee, and paying bills. Yet, some choose to shell out money for CDs. Hoorah!

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