Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shampoo Tea

Whenever I see Nicole Scherzinger's shampoo commercial in the television, I can't help to think of my Situational Leadership class. Nicole Scherzinger, the lead Pussycat Doll (how do you call her? The big Pussycat? Uh.) The head teacher in my Situational Leadership class is the president of Procter and Gamble. Now, Nicole endorses Clear - a shampoo brand from Unilever.

A few nights ago, my dad mixed honey into my tea. He loves it and I think it's crap. When I drank it, my tongue automatically stuck out. Sheesh. Honey for me is fun if you take it spoonful. I don't really like the taste so I drank the tea "bottoms up" style. Dang. Honey tea my shiznit.

As I'm listening to Taylor Swift's Love Story (I like the song, it's cute. YES, I am capable of saying and typing the word "cute," now go back to reading.) I noticed that in the song, she sounds like Avril Lavigne in more than one circumstance. The high notes are like Avril reincarnated. Now I want to watch Bolt and still James Bond.

MORAL: Sometimes, it's all in the packaging. You buy it for the packaging not for the item itself. Sit back and watch the magic of advertising unravel right before your eyes. You'll be surprised by how powerful it is. Just read Coca-Cola's history and be amazed.

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