Monday, November 03, 2008

Sleepy Hello

Hello, November! I have been waking up (or staying up) before 6 AM trying my best to get my carcass off from bed (or chair) to go out and run/jog. The first time I did it after like half a year of NOT doing it was like crap.

5:30am - I woke up and to stay awake enough to change into sweat-ready attire, I turned on the television and watched live telecast of tennis.
6:00am - My mom was ready as well and she waited for the call of her cousin and his wife (the Sevillas!) whom she walks with almost everyday.
6:10am - They called and we left the house. We were there soon and they started their almost daily walk/gossip/bonding session. I wonder if they ever run out of stories to share. Hmm, knowing my Mom, naaah. It's impossible. I run/jog/brisk walk with my iPod. Loner.
7:00am - The three of them were sitting ducks already. My mom was just waiting for me.
7:10am - The couple were leaving already. So we went home as well. It was not a good run for me because after running some time, my legs/thighs were so red because I kept slapping them. They were so itchy maybe because of:
a.) I haven't ran for a long time (but how come they were itchy)
b.) Sweat from my legs were attracting the insects/nature-bound creatures (because the area had lots of trees and plants; hence, the fresh air)
Nonetheless I looked like a shiznit running then slapping my thighs.
7:30am - Refreshed myself and thought that the day is still early for my life to start. So, I decided to sleep [again].
4:00pm - WOW. I overslept again (which is not uncommon. I'm just exaggerating it here so that it'll appear as something that happens once in a blue moon)! I just woke up because our househelp probably thought I'm not breathing anymore.

I usually sleep more than 12 hours every time I sleep (or shut my eyes cold) past 1:00am (because sleeping before that time is like saying the Philippines will be hosting the 5th Grand Slam of tennis). Sometimes 14 hours, sometimes 16 hours. Shame. This is because of the aircon. I feel like a schmuck blaming the aircon for my oversleeping. Shame part 2.

MORAL: There is an actual purpose why alarm clocks were made. They're not invented for us to hit the snooze button or the repeat button every time they sound off. Also, alarm clocks are not nuisances. Let's try a case-study that happened in the not so distant past.

Example: My sister and I, with our cousin, went out late last Friday to somewhere that needs no description. We went home around 4:00am. My sister's work starts at 8:00am. She told me to set the alarm in my phone in case she sleeps through her alarm (6:30am). So I set mine at 7:00am which is like "wake-up or lose your job-that-buys-the-shoes-and-clothes" limit. I used Paramore's Misery Business as the alarm because its killer electric guitar for the intro would surefire wake the wits of my sister who's a light-sleeper. After some time (because when you sleep hours seem like minutes or nanoseconds if you prefer) she was shaking me silly and saying my phone is too cacophonous. I saw the name of the alarm and responded with something like, "Excuse me! It's 7:00am already and you're going to be late for work." Of course I quipped in Filipino so here's how it really went, "HOY! Sakin ka pa nagalit, alas-7 na at 'pag hindi ka pa gumising late ka na. Pa-alarm-alarm ka pa ng 6:30 eh hindi naman effective. Lullaby yata yang alarm mo?" Yeah, sometimes I say too much, add that it's to someone who just woke up and someone who is older than you. But all is fair in war, love, and sleep. (She jumped out of bed afterwards. She almost stepped on me. Great.)

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