Friday, November 14, 2008

Sweat November

2008 is not Roger Federer's year.

As I am typing this, I haven't seen who won or lost in the last Round Robin match for the ATP Tennis Masters Cup. Roger Federer is down 2 match points against Andy Murray. I'm such a loser in these clutch moments. Whenever a player I like is on the brink of losing, I turn the TV off or I switch channels. LOSER!! My brother used to kid me, "Have you ever finished watching a tennis match?" However, that is not the slant I am slanting. (Huh?)

All I can say about Roger Federer's year is that..... No, I'm not going to back-up that he's on a decline, it's just that Rafael Nadal's on a roll. What I'm intending to say is that lately, whenever I see Roger Federer play, he... actually sweats. Don't think of me as a sweat-freak. It's like it's the first year he has these what normal people have - these really, really tiny holes in our body that we do not call craters but what we consider as pores and sweat glands! If you've seen how Roger plays during the past years, he just brushes his bangs from his eyes and looks all divine (and sweat-free). He doesn't look like he sweats and he just stands there. But now, DANG! He perspires and looks like a dead-thirsty desert survivor after a long rally. And his hair (bangs) now sticks to his face. He's human after all. Welcome to the real world, Roger!

Hmmm what else. Oh, I went to the mall a while ago with my mom and dad (he dropped us off) while my cousin (Angelo) followed after some time. My mom realized the moment she alighted the van that she forgot to wear earrings. She wanted to go home and get them, and my dad never forgot to tell her how she's been forgetful lately. She's going to get a facial and so I told her she doesn't need earrings. When the 3 of us were at the photo shop to have some pictures of my aunts developed, my dad realized he forgot his cellphone. My mom found the chance to throw back at him everything he said earlier. I joined the castigating but then, I realized I forgot the picture I intended to have resized. Such a douchebag! I was the last character to forget something so I got the evil grin of my parents. The 3 of us were so noisy there but good thing there was semi-loud music nearby so our regular noise was drowned by it. I hate black heads and white heads and all the colored heads in between that you could find in your nose and face.

MORAL: Going to a mall with little or no money is completely ridiculous. But going to a mall with little or no money, just credit card in hand is the most ridiculous thing you could do. That's why I don't do ATM or credit card. It's just a criminal mind in itself (people can easily be tempted you know). AHA! Credit cards should be in the list of sins as well. Wow. This is an annoying entry.

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