Friday, November 14, 2008

Taylor and Joe-nass : Lame

I'm honestly not a big fan of teen freaks from Disney and of the Jonass Brothers. When I told my friend while watching the VMAs in the TV how I don't really like those "JoBros," he asked me if I was from Mars. Yeah.... I like Uranus better, that planet's name is a killer in a way.

So recently I have been watching Ellen more often than I used to. Used to = (is equal to) channel surfing then sees Ellen's crazy audience then tries to watch until the end of the show. Now, I have been tasking myself with the heavy burden of remembering that the show airs at 7pm in our cable. It's an arduous task, mind you. Anyway, I was able to watch last Wednesday's (I can't remember the day) episode with Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift. To cut the crap short, Taylor Swift told Ellen that Joe-nass (Ok, it's the Joe guy with really famazing eyebrows) broke up with her over the phone in 25 seconds. I know I don't care that much about Taylor Swift or the Joe-nass Brothers or whoever in Hollywood but that's so lame. Actually, it's a double whammy because only people with no life break up with others over the phone (read: Chace Crawford did it via SMS. Carrie Underwood must've been performing that time so he had to send her a message instead of calling her.), AND Taylor Swift actually said that in a talkshow.

So what would hormonal teenagers do about that? Write a song. Taylor Swift did. And she said Joe-nass broke up with her because he met Camilla Belle. Hmmm... Honestly, Camilla Belle and Joe-nass look good together, because they very much look alike. They're like siblings. Great.

Oh, Taylor Swift's songs are pretty good, until they start sounding nasal. The lyrics are great, too. Her curls AND her boots are to die for. Boots. Dang. I really want boots.

MORAL: Get a life.


Felisa said...

I didn't even know who the Jonas Brothers were until last summer. Just 8 years ago, I was the biggest teeny bopper in the planet and now, I'm so out of touch with these popstars. Who's Taylor Swift? And she really said that (my exbf broke up with me over the phone) on national television? Is that the norm now?
I feel ancient.

rO.ot said...

Taylor Swift is a country singer. And she really said that on national television! Even Ellen was surprised and said in her I'm-not-sure-if-I'm-sarcastic tone, "WOW. You really said that!" :p