Saturday, November 08, 2008

Tennis Deadline

8 players. 2 groups. Round robin. Top 2 players of each group advance to the semis. Top player of the first group battles with the 2nd player from the other group and vice versa. It's a knockout world from there. Oh, lot's of money.

White Group:
1 - Jelena Jankovic
4 - Ana Ivanovic
6 - Svetlana Kuznetsova
8 - Vera Zvonareva

Maroon Group:
2 - Dinara Safina
3 - Serena Williams
5 - Elena Dementieva
7 - Venus Williams

Agnieszka Radwanska and Nadia Petrova are substitutes who got the chance to play.

Serena withdrew from the competition after she was defeated by her sister in 3 sets with a 6-0 in the deciding one. Ana Ivanovic lost twice (0-2) before withdrawing from the competition. However I think Ana lost because she brought Fernando Verdasco (Spain's Glamour man of 2007 not bad!) in her match and that Maria Sharapova is absent meaning she is deprived from inspiration.

Now let's talk about why Vera Zvonareva is a fun tennis creature to watch. Vera Zvonareva aka last-girl-in-class because of her last name (letter Z) is a mixture of Dinara Safina, Anna Chakvetadze, Svetlana Kuznetsova, and Jelena Jankovic all rolled into one big-eyed-eyeliner-bearing creature. How come? She cries (oftentimes) like Anna, is a perennial runner-up like Svetlana, has an explosive anger (i.e. breaking racquets, whacking stuff) like Dinara, plays like Jelena Jankovic (retriever and counterpuncher) and they both have the diva attitude as well. Btw, Serena Williams is still the mother diva. No one can beat her.

Vera is the lowest ranked player (9th in the world) in the WTA Sony Ericsson Championships and yet she emerged with a clean 3-0 slate in the round robin matches in the white group. She has washed Svetlana (well yeah she always loses everything), Ana (Verdascursed and Maria-inspiration-less), and just recently (as I have watched) Jelena in a 3-set match.

So who's playing in the semis? Vera vs Elena and Venus vs Jelena. What the heck. I wanted it to be Venus and Jelena in the finals but apparently Jelena blew the last round robin match to Vera-last-girl-in-class so she has the punishment of meeting Venus in her neat EleVen dress. And you can't just wish for things to happen. It's windy in Qatar. Red strings are amazing.

MORAL: The ball is a sphere. Head-to-head comparisons/histories are suckers. They might give some confidence to the player who has more wins but the court is a battlefield and well, nothing is certain except Justine Henin and when she retired everyone knew that no one is dominating the women's game anymore. Unless you paid the player truckloads of money to lose on purpose which is illegal by the way. Eat cocaine, Radek Stepanek. Sunday is for the men's year-ending championship in Shanghai. Now I'm hungry.

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