Thursday, December 04, 2008

Many Pacquiao

Yesterday, December 3, I have been thinking that maybe, this December is a weird one. First, the moon and stars formation and from Monday up to today (Thursday) and the Manny Pacquiao look-a-likes. You read that right. Manny Pacquiao look-a-likes. It's like they're everywhere! When I was in Cafe Xocolat last Monday, I told the people I am with, "Wow, the guy behind you looks like Manny Pacquiao." True enough, they looked behind and laughed. It's Manny Pacquiao reincarnated and surfing the Internet at the cafe. So what's next? I have been "seeing" Manny lately. Reincarnated into a student in the LRT, and reincarnated into a shop assistant in Greenhills. Okay, I really want to share this. Yesterday, while walking near the library, I saw a student trip and had a really good hang time. She looked around and smiled. I pretended not to see, but when she was out of earshot I laughed a little. Tripping is a natural phenomenon, just like Manny Pacquiao. Tae, what did I just type. Anyway, my blockmate and I talked and laughed about that poor, rich girl. So nearing the footbridge, we (actually she was the only one who talked crap about others because I can't do it) berated anyone/anything along the way. Then we remembered to go to the Guidance Counselor to have our mental health checked, no. We went there to schedule our annual guidance interview because Ateneans are losing the light so we need guidance. Tae ulit, what am I typing?! Then we went back to our original destination: the footbridge. To cut this crap short, my blockmate tripped/slid/sat on the last step and we were hysterical. She told me earlier that she didn't know her foot bled. Someone else while she's in the elevator (in her dorm) noticed it. Cool.

Happy Birthday, Jean!

MORAL: Who would miss Manny Pacquiao and papa Oscar de la Hoya's match? I won't because I have been seeing many Manny's lately. Hallucination is the best form of advertisement, better than tarps, radio and TV commercials combined.

*I just found the photo in Flickr. It's not mine. I have nothing to do with it. Haha.

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