Monday, December 15, 2008

The Yaya Sisterhood

Belly (or Yaya Belle for some) is sick. She has colds. So, she asked her sister, Sanny (Yaya Susan - you get the trend? Just add letter Y in every name and it's suddenly more fun to pronounce!) to buy orange. She stated it very clearly, "Could you buy me orange on your way home?" So Yaya Susan went home just now, and was very proud, "I bought you Royal! It's very big!"

Ugh. It's not Royal Tru-Orange soda Belly was referring to, but real fruit oranges.


So we got into a conversation/sharing on how Royal Tru-Orange has affected the lives of many people. In the province, my yaya said that sometimes Royal is used as a viand when nothing else is available. Another said that it is used as medicine or "pusher" to make sick people eat again when they have lost their appetite.

Just yesterday, our neighbor asked my mom if there's anyone named Bacharo living with us. She said yes and said that it was Yaya Cathy's (my lola's yaya) maiden name. Our neighbor said, "Oh, I think she won in the raffle." My mom hurriedly told us about it and made Cathy summon her SSS card for identification purposes. She went around the barangay and found out true enough she won one of the major prizes - a TV. Here's the dilemma. My dad who was (I think he was) cleaning our car was approached by the Tanod and was offered to buy the raffle tickets. So he bought the tickets and forced all of our yayas to fill them up. So... What to do? My dad just sold the TV to Cathy for more than 50% off. BTW, Cathy lost 500 pesos to my Dad when she bet against Pacquiao.

Next time I'll introduce you to the members of the Yaya Sisterhood. They're loud and funny. Trust me.

MORAL: So what have we learned here? It is to listen to the other person clearly and try to remember what was said. If you thought you just heard a gargle or an odd sequence of sounds, s/he might be actually saying something! So clarify if you have problems or if you were not able to hear it properly. Also, I think I need to win something yet. My dad already won a Magic Sing, my sister some shopping GCs, Yaya Susan in her mini-Lotto sprees, and Yaya Cathy just recently, a TV. I can't remember if my brother has won anything yet.

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