Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Panaklawng Oreo

I type the shittiest titles (shitty = (vulgar, slang) Very bad; unpleasant; miserable; insignificant).

I'm blogging again like how a Plurker "plurks". The gap between my posts are becoming shorter and sometimes I even post multiple entries in one day. I'm used to just typing my thoughts in Notepad (I can live without Calculator or Adobe applications but I can't live without Notepad) and then save it. Next, I will unknowingly let it rot in my Desktop (if it's a real paper it would have been recycled already or decomposed without me knowing it) and then when I really have spare time, chances are I might stumble upon it (with matching delight or horror or whatever emotion present at the moment).

A lot are eating Oreos lately. A while ago in Philo class, we had class. No, we actually had a Mental Challenge. At first I thought it would be a quiz, and when I become a teacher (it's not my dream/ideal/goal because I really believe that when I become an educator, there would be a lot of shouting, cursing, tantrums, hair, organs, and ligaments all over - from my students and from me) I'd call my quizzes "mental challenges." Imagine:

Me: Hi, class! Since we haven't tackled much lately, I'll give you an activity instead. For today, I will give you a surprise mental challenge! It's so much fun because I only give few mental challenges and this has a lot of bearing in your grade. So..... Bring out one whole piece of cartolina, wax crayons, poster paints, and a scientific calculator. No materials, no challenge! No challenge, no grade! No grade, no marginalization! No marginalization, Philo will be happy!

Wait, I'm typing about Oreos. Diabetes-in-the-making Oreos (but I'm eating Snack Pack as I type this which is also Diabetes-in-chocolate-pudding-form) are effing expensive if you buy it with your own student money. However, if you just put Oreos in your push cart when doing grocery with your parents, it suddenly seems like Oreos are just a peso each cookie! Anyway, so Markyakis brought Oreos for the nth time and we asked for some cookies. Oreos are really good for making you look like you haven't brushed your teeth since forever. It loves to stick to your molars. Then we had a mental challenge and were clustered/grouped by however we want. Gosh, I'm getting lazy as I type this. Let's just cut the crap (if I did this earlier, you wouldn't be reading anything right now). Our cluster got an "A" (this is a high grade, okay?) because we were selfless and thinking in a "panaklawng persona" way, my group/class/cluster/blockmate and I really wanted a group hug afterwards. And when 28 (one of our cluster/classmate) stretched his arm towards the next chair beside him, all the beautiful thoughts about Philosophy and selflessness disappeared. Yep. Just how the word "silence" disappears when you say it. Poof.

Another ambiguous entry at its worst. Boo yeah!

MORAL: Dehumanizing your classmate by naming him by his waistline is not a good thing/idea. My blockmate did just that. *cough* Jean *cough* Thinking of other people's sake is healthy for we all have co-responsibility for each other. So, tell me your particular ordo amoris, and I'll tell you who you are.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Buzzing Safin

I didn't have any intention to follow the men's part of the Barclay's Dubai Tennis Championship. Most of the top players either quit, withdrew, or boycotted (Andy Roddick is such a diva! Haha!) so there's nothing much to watch. Djokovic and Murray are okay, but Marat Safin being out of the competition, after being thrown out by the lovable perennial under-achiever Richard Gasquet, I think this is the most "ugh" Dubai Tennis Championship ever.

To make this entry important, let's grab pictures from Yahoo!

What make this picture so poster-worthy is that:
a.) Marat is still hot and would forever be hot
b.) Marat Safin's necklaces and pendants are so fabulous
c.) He can make any shirt look really good
d.) He can whack a racquet to the ground and produce a heart-shaped one
e.) Marat looks so hot when he's pissed off (even when he is not)
f.) He effing shaved his hair
g.) He looks so hot with his buzzed haircut
h.) I could type all night about how great Marat Safin is
i.) I really have to stop now
j.) We know any type of hair style will look good on Marat
k.) Only Marat can do a perfect heart-shaped racquet (I have pictures of it haha fangirl)
l.) I told you I really really have to stop!

There are a lot where it came from. Haha. I promised I would only post a few pictures. Promise starts now.

This is Richard Gasquet. He won his first round match against the wildcard Marat Safin. Okay. At least it's Richard Gasquet, not an "ugh" player.

MORAL: When it rains Marat, it pours Safin. I don't do drugs but people can give you similar effects.

Monday, February 23, 2009

What Really Happened to Jack and Jill

You know that classic nursery rhyme Jack and Jill? Let me refresh your memory 'cause I think the only songs you know now are those included in Guitar Heroes or Rock Band playlists.

Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water
Jack fell down and broke his crown
And Jill came tumbling after

Actually there are around 4 verses in the song. However, our generation has the attention span and memory of a goldfish so the first verse is the entire song for us. While scanning through my contacts in my list, I saw the status message of Jeddi (I don't know if she still remembers me, though), a Biology junior and was shocked with what I read.

Here's her status message and I typed it verbatim.
"I was walking down a hill, once. And I saw a bunch of blood and organs scattered around the base of a hill. I took some samples and sent them to a forensics lab. Turns out it was Jack and Jill."

I never imagined that was the aftermath of the nursery rhyme.

MORAL: Safety first. If there's no water, do not go up a hill, just check for the nearby river or wish upon a well for water. If there's really no water around, it's probably caused by global warming so don't wait around for Keanu Reeves a la The Day the Earth Stood Still. Be the change!

OJT Jitters

Last month we had the Job Fair week. Yeah, Ateneans also line-up their derrieres to give their resumes and fill up those A-H application forms. We had it in the middle of the Zen Garden. "Hi, do you have a practicum program?" "Yes, do you have your resume right now?" Repeat them until you go bonkers.

What's the deal? I think I used up my account in Faura Hall printing all those resumes, and stapling them in a horizontal order like I always do. That's not the main issue, my main concern that sometimes cause me sleepless nights, cold sweats, stomach ache, head ache - wait, is this a terminal disease?- is I haven't heard of any company yet. I mean there was this Soluziona test and Procter and Gamble test where I wasn't able to show up because I attended a transition seminar. I'm not blaming because Soluziona promised another batch of test however I think they went to Spain already or somewhere else because they didn't text people anymore. I heard banks are slave-drivers, from seniors who have finished their practicum there, but if that's the only way you could have an OJT which is a requirement, then I won't complain. There's this saying "beggars can't be choosers" which could also mean "OJT-less juniors can be slaves" or "will do anything for OJT" or "enslave me with your company" for an MIS student who doesn't have any OJT offers yet. *cough* Me *cough*.

I double checked my resume a few weeks after submitting them (YEAH I just double checked it AFTER submitting them) if I typed the right contact details. Apparently, yes.

What makes this year's practicum more difficult is that the companies who participated in the Job Fair are the only ones who are like accredited by the Department. Other companies you'd want to have your OJT with are no-no. They DNE - do not exist - for the Department unless they send a letter of intent, and some documents. This is bad. I can see March from our window and companies are still a million miles away.

MORAL: I can feel another batch of cold sweat, stomach ache, head ache, and anything with an -ache. Yet all I want to say is, "Call me. If you are an accredited company."

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mothers Know Best... Or Not

My mom is a hypochondriac. While searching her table for my iPod, she stooped and dropped her glasses. It's okay. Everything seems fine. So they're watching The Correspondents in Channel 2 (ABS-CBN) and were all eyes and ears to the show. All of a sudden my mom was complaining. She said her blood sugar must've been rising, or her blood pressure is high because she can't see things clearly. She checked the calendar and was panicking because the numbers were doubling. She tried to clean her eyeglasses.

There were no lens.
The lens snapped from the frame when the glasses were dropped.


MORAL: Peace of mind. Sometimes there are no serious problems. It's just us making them worse.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Uhaw na Uhaw

Isa ako sa mga taong hindi naniniwala na malas ang Friday the 13th. Puwede bang maging malas yun eh sa araw ng 13 ako ipinanganak?

Noong nabasag ng nanay ko ang baso ko, natanong ko sa sarili ko, "Gaano ako kaarte?" Hindi pa ako nakakainom with freedom ever since nabasag nga yung glass ko na may picture ng horse (year of the horse kasi ako) na may bonggang bonggang bangs! Bongga talaga na maiiyak ang mga Japanese and Koreans sa bangs niya. Drinking water with freedom is like I can choose when to drink anytime I want, whether nauuhaw ako or not.

As you can read, I'm still blogging in Taglish which is the evil combination of sucky English and Filipino.

EDIT: Since I started typing this shiznit February 12, February 13 na at marami na naganap sa buhay ko. Sabihin nating nakatanggap na akong ng baso. Dalawa pa nga eh. Isang sexy na baso (basta ganun na yun) at isang baso na kaiinisan ng mga tao sa BYOB (Bring Your Own Baunan). Nakatanggap na ako ng mga regalo mula sa mga tao rito sa bahay, pati CD/DVD ng Paramore The Final Riot! from Daryl! Hoorah, hoorah, hoorah. Haha. Tama na nga.

MORAL: Ever since ipinanganak ako, hindi na malas ang mga Friday the 13th. Na-negate na yung kamalasan nung ipinanganak ako. I bring luck, greatness, beauty, etc. Walang kokontra, baka bumalik ang nachismis na kamalasan ng Friday the 13th.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Isang Kabaliwan

Trip ko tonight magtype in Taglish like I'm so conyo. Actually hindi. Basta. Hindi English. So, baka un-English night/day ito. Yep, un-English day or night. Kanina nagpicture ako ng pictures ng ibang tao. WHAT?! Nagpicture ng pictures?! Oo, ano ba. Adik ka ba? Along Faura Driveway, nandoon parin nakabalandra yung mga mukha naming tumakbo sa MISA Elections. Tapos na yung elections nandoon parin yung mga application forms namin. Hinihintay ko na lang one time na pagdaan ko doon eh wala na yung mga appforms namin kasi may nabwisit na or something. Knowing ang daming gumagamit ng Faura AVR for serious business eh nasa entrance parin yung pictures namin. Since mabait ako and all the shiznits, may naisip na naman akong pagtripan. Yep si Jiniper ang lucky one na tinadhana para mapagtripan ko....... ulit. Mind you, I don't usually make trip other people. So ano ang next sa list ng "Things Not To Do To Other People That You Don't Want Others To Do Unto You"? (Uy, gagawa nga ako ng ganung list.) Nakalagay sa list na i-zoom nang super todo, or i-digital macro ang picture ni Stacy tapos gawing avatar sa Yahoo! Messenger pagkauwi. Maaaring ikalat sa ibang tao at sabay-sabay gawing avatar/display picture ang nakuhanang picture ni Jiniper (aka Stacy) na nagmimilagro kapag pinahiran ng kumukulong mantika. Gusto niyo ba makita ang picture niya? Bente muna. Pero gusto mo nga makita? Scroll down. Or look down, or keep reading.

Huwag na. She has the right to protect herself from people like you who's chismosa/chismoso or whatever. Actually, hindi doon nagtapos ang malagim kong araw. Hindi lang si Jiniper ang napili ng clouds para picturan ko raw gamit ang digital macro mode. Digital macro mode is like saying super duper lapit na pagkuha ng picture. Ok?

Punta tayo ng cafeteria. Left, left, left, right, left. OMG, ganun ka ba maglakad? Puro left? (Oo alam ko pati right ginagamit. Officer kaya ako nung high school S2 Intelligence Officer / Provost Marshall pa nga ako nun eh. Eat dust!) So basta sa cafeteria. Uso na naman ang trading cards aka grad pics, campaign materials, baseball cards, fencing cards, arnis cards, magic cards, playboy cards, at graphic cards. May nagbigay sa akin ng campaign shiznits. Kinalat (hindi tinapon), ok, ang term talaga is ipinamigay ko siya. Tama lang. Ganoon talaga pag campaign. Tapos si Merryl Sheila (insert last name here) alyas Sheila Ilang-ilang ay ginagawang teks (basta yung nilalaro ng mga bata sa kalye) yung laminated pictures. Sabi ko sa kanya na wag niya gawin yun kasi magagalit si Magical Blank Blank (blank as in _____ talaga kasi pangalan yun eh) at baka pag nakita siya eh lumapit, hands on his/her (para walang clue) waist at sabihan siya ng, "Damn Yu!" habang dinuduro siya. Not bad. I mean, bad diba?! Pero pinicturan ko parin sila in digital macro mode. Di ko naman kayang gawing display pictures, baka magpakita rin kasi sa akin at murahin ako or what. Sabi ko pa naman sa blockmate ko, either crush niya yung nasa may likuran ko, katabi ko, or ako.

MORAL: Sarah Sarah prinsesa. Lavinia Lavinia inggitera. Lottie Lottie iyakin. Ermengarde Ermengarde bobo pa rin. Ms Minchin mukhang pera, mukhang pera. Mukhang peraaaaaa!!!

Hypothesis Night

Have you tried watching the Games Up Late Live? It's so effing funny. It's a gameshow wherein you try to guess words that have their given affix for the night. It usually starts late at night and the viewers have to register once in their life, then download a feature for the night to be eligible to join. It could be ringtone, wallpaper, picture message, illegal movie, my campaign poster, etc.

Then they call a random registered downloader, and then s/he gives an answer. So the suffix for the night is -ment. To have a headstart, they gave a clue. There are 5 words to be guessed. There's a S****ment and a C****ment.

Sample answers:

Caller 1: Uhm, spacement?
Caller 2: Spicement? (Note that caller 2 spelled it as "spicement" but she pronounced it as "speciment" and that's it.)

You could give them the benefit of the duh maybe because it's 12AM already and that they are really sleepy or tired so they're giving really good guesses. Hey, it's a guess.

MORAL: It's not a random contest/game show, so try listing down really plausible answers. And it's broadcasted nationwide, so it's really cool to make-up your own words. Webster might be listening.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sucking Facebook

I don't dig anything related to social networking ever since my Friendster account expired when I was in high school (because DSL was only for the filthy rich). Haha. Now, there are a multitude of them - Plurk, Facebook, Multiply, MySpace, Twitter, Friendster, etc. I use Multiply (because it's like a requirement in Ateneo bahaha) and use it to upload some pictures even though I store all of our pics in my external HDD. If my external hard drive blows up, the world will be flooded with evil vibes from me. All fruits and vegetables will come to life and sap the humans who destroy the environment. All the aborted duck eggs will rise from the dead and chirp their fluids and I think this is getting ridiculous.

Anyway, Multiply is already a semi-hassle for me, I created a Facebook account because, well, a classmate asked me if I have Facebook. I used to not have, now I have. I just open it when someone adds me or something. Last Saturday, I didn't have anything to do because I didn't want to go out and spend money (whaat?!). There's a global financial crisis and the best way to deal with it is open your Facebook account. I did. And I'm still not sure if I regret that decision because the applications and the features of Facebook are really famazing, they are sucking up my time like crazy.

OK. I don't get this post either.

MORAL: All work and no play makes Jack a dull girl. Yep, not all Jacks today are boys.

Saturday, February 07, 2009


*Note: This was drafted last December 18 at around the time we finished our parts.

When it's 5:00AM and the only people you see online in your block are your groupmates, you know there's something wrong with your work habits. I'm speaking in a fictional point of view, not from personal experience or something.

OK, fine. It's non-fiction after all! Our group started doing the 1st deliverable for the 2nd semester later than most (if not all) of the groups. This is for Systems Analysis and Design, making our Entity Relationship Diagrams. Or something like it. No kidding, I like the subject, just not the deliverable.

MORAL: This is not the ideal thing to do, unless you're really a night owl and you work best at those times.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Logical Data Model in a Glass Nutshell

Disclaimer: This is as boring as enumerating the names of Snow White's 7 dwarves.

So we only have Cathy at home, since Yaya Belle and Susan went back to Iloilo because their dad died. Before Yaya Susan left (she usually cooks our food) my mom told me to buy food that I will eat for the duration of the time they'll be gone. What I bought are soy milk, yogurt, and cookies. Not a good choice. They're technically junk food. Just now, what I have eaten for the day include: sundae, float, twister fries, fish balls, penoy, and fried lumpiang toge. No "real" food for me. I have been looking for my glass since morning, and I haven't asked help from anyone yet until I can't really see it. "Ate Cath, where's my glass?" She smiled and told me to ask my mom about it. I have a hunch and I didn't want to think about it. My mom walked slowly towards me. "...... Sorry, anak. Naghugas kasi ako kaninang umaga.... and...." I can't believe it. My Year of the Horse glass is a goner! I'm getting teary eyed. I need a new drinking glass and a Minnie Mouse glass my mom is offering me is not going to do any justice to what happened to my Year of the Horse (the horse picture had bangs!) glass. I don't blame her. I'm just sad.

Last January something, we have to pass this deliverable in our Systems Analysis and Design class. We have this Enhanced Entity Relationship Diagram and you can develop a Logical Data Model from it. And this is how to do it according to my groupmate, DJ.

DJ: 1NF.. isang line lahat
DJ: parang firing squad
DJ: yung 2nd.. groupings na
DJ: yung 3rd.. tanggal mga saling pusa at maging bagong group mga saling pusa

MORAL: No matter how hard you hold it, glass still breaks.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Promo Materials

This is like... I don't know. Just like what Ryan said, I never imagined I'd be actually doing this. Climb the vote! 'Cause literally, you have to climb up to the 3rd floor of the spiral staircase in MVP to be able to vote. So, exercise your right (and left) and vote.

These are supposed to be for the chat avatars/display pictures. I'm dubbing it as a virus, because it'll spread eventually. (I'm hoping it does. Haha. I'm using the colorful one at present.)

Special ultra mega thanks to Keith Espinoza (yay!) for the promo materials. I'm still as knowledgeable as a rock when it comes to Photoshop.

MORAL: There will come a time you'd do things you told yourself you would never do. Riiiiight.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

When I Met Macau 1.0

Last November, just the week after the 2nd semester started, my sister and I went to Macau. My blockmate Joppet (who's getting a lot of "airtime" in my blog) followed 2 days later to watch the exhibition match of Roger Federer at the Venetian hotel. So what is this about? Most of the pictures here are those I found interesting. Haha. You know it's priority fail when someone prefers going out of country instead of going to school.

So, what's interesting in these photos? Nothing much. Except that I really find it amusing that when something happens and everyone needs to get off the plane, it's always important to:
1.) Do not bring bags outside. More so, your shopping bags.
2.) Open the door. HOW, tell me, how can you go out of the plane if the door is closed? (Assuming no part of the plane got chopped off or whatever.)

Then there's shopping time. Macau is the place to be if you want good deals. Things (branded clothes) are cheaper than in Manila. Go there when it's near December, because their summer clothes (in our country, it's summer all year long) are on sale. Less choices, but better deals. Disney has been really popular, and China loves Disney's cartoon character leader whose name is Mickey and is a rodent. Let's do the equation. Mikey + Rodent = MICKEY RAT. Yep! It's not Mickey Mouse. If you want orders of the shirt, just tell me.

Then during our first trip (there's a second visit for my blockmate) at the St. Paul Ruins (it's supposed to be a church but only the front part survived so now it's a tourist attraction), a whole bunch of Portuguese tourists were sitting ducks at the steps. They were led/entertained by their Portuguese-speaking Chinese guide. They were saying Viva Portugal and were singing songs like 800 gazillion times and were very, let's say... vocally jovial. So, a lot of people were taking pictures of them, too. St. Paul Ruins = 0. Portuguese = 1.

Moving on, we were walking around old Taipa on our way home and noticed this signage. It's really good, because from afar, you'd know it's a drugstore/pharmacy. My sister and I immediately thought of our dad because he likes medicine so much. I can hear him right now, "Masakit tiyan mo? Ito, gamot." "Headache? Ito, gamot."

And to think that there are a lot of rumors saying some medicines are "pirated," this drugstore isn't one of them. Just read their slogan or message underneath. No fakes. For real.

This is on the way to the quirky stores. Street art is very nice. My sister's friend, Ate Tina, showed me a shop where her sister (also a lomographer) buys cameras and films. OMG. I swear I'd return there when time (and money, you know it's recession) permits me.

MORAL: There's still 2.0 (I think it's 1.1) and I promise you it's going to be a blast because it'll feature my journey to the Macau Food Festival and I have shots there most will not like to see. The real deal: have someone who lives there be your tour guide. S/he would know the ins and outs of the place even when s/he's asleep because sometimes, the really nice things are not the main tourist attractions, but the alleyways, the red market, the bus route, and all.

I have a poem:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Whenever I flush the toilet
I remember you.

Another one:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
When your family tells you you're beautiful
They're lying to you.


Hello, February! February is the only month I couldn't say properly. Either I say it with long a, or with short a. But it's cool. And short.

Don't even expect me to type here about what happened yesterday.

Serena won her 10th Grand Slam Singles title at the Australian Open. It was no surprise since she's following the trend of winning the Aussie Open in an odd-year sequence starting last 2003. Yep, 2003, 2005, 2007, and 2009, all hers. She also won the Women's Doubles title with her partner, Venus Williams. If I were Daniela Hantuchova and Ai Sugiyama (the other finalists), I would think it's an unfair match. But I'm not Daniela or Sugiyama so I have nothing to say.

I actually intended to write something about Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal's match here, but I turned the television off after the 3rd set. Why? I really think Rafa is playing better than Roger (his shots are going haywire), but I want Roger to win, just so he could tie Pete Sampras' record of 14 Grand Slam Singles title (the women's record go as much as 22 GS titles). *after a few minutes* I have turned the television on again, but maybe I would shut it off again in a while when Rafa's on the winning road. Haha. Nothing against Rafa, I like him, but let Roger win his 14th. On a note, Rafa's forehand shots are the "topspin champion" because dang(!) his shots even go around the net! And you thought it's only possible in anime. It's a good thing there's a mandatory shirt change for the players after every set. Makes men's tennis more interesting because they do it right there. Haha. Weirdo.

What a stupid post. I'm going to watch True Blood first while checking the scores.

MORAL: Eating Chips Ahoy and not drinking water afterwards is not a good thing to do. If things don't go your way, and as you rush to try more, take a breather. There might be something you're missing and you just overlooked it. Huh? Yeah.