Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Buzzing Safin

I didn't have any intention to follow the men's part of the Barclay's Dubai Tennis Championship. Most of the top players either quit, withdrew, or boycotted (Andy Roddick is such a diva! Haha!) so there's nothing much to watch. Djokovic and Murray are okay, but Marat Safin being out of the competition, after being thrown out by the lovable perennial under-achiever Richard Gasquet, I think this is the most "ugh" Dubai Tennis Championship ever.

To make this entry important, let's grab pictures from Yahoo!

What make this picture so poster-worthy is that:
a.) Marat is still hot and would forever be hot
b.) Marat Safin's necklaces and pendants are so fabulous
c.) He can make any shirt look really good
d.) He can whack a racquet to the ground and produce a heart-shaped one
e.) Marat looks so hot when he's pissed off (even when he is not)
f.) He effing shaved his hair
g.) He looks so hot with his buzzed haircut
h.) I could type all night about how great Marat Safin is
i.) I really have to stop now
j.) We know any type of hair style will look good on Marat
k.) Only Marat can do a perfect heart-shaped racquet (I have pictures of it haha fangirl)
l.) I told you I really really have to stop!

There are a lot where it came from. Haha. I promised I would only post a few pictures. Promise starts now.

This is Richard Gasquet. He won his first round match against the wildcard Marat Safin. Okay. At least it's Richard Gasquet, not an "ugh" player.

MORAL: When it rains Marat, it pours Safin. I don't do drugs but people can give you similar effects.

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