Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hypothesis Night

Have you tried watching the Games Up Late Live? It's so effing funny. It's a gameshow wherein you try to guess words that have their given affix for the night. It usually starts late at night and the viewers have to register once in their life, then download a feature for the night to be eligible to join. It could be ringtone, wallpaper, picture message, illegal movie, my campaign poster, etc.

Then they call a random registered downloader, and then s/he gives an answer. So the suffix for the night is -ment. To have a headstart, they gave a clue. There are 5 words to be guessed. There's a S****ment and a C****ment.

Sample answers:

Caller 1: Uhm, spacement?
Caller 2: Spicement? (Note that caller 2 spelled it as "spicement" but she pronounced it as "speciment" and that's it.)

You could give them the benefit of the duh maybe because it's 12AM already and that they are really sleepy or tired so they're giving really good guesses. Hey, it's a guess.

MORAL: It's not a random contest/game show, so try listing down really plausible answers. And it's broadcasted nationwide, so it's really cool to make-up your own words. Webster might be listening.

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