Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Logical Data Model in a Glass Nutshell

Disclaimer: This is as boring as enumerating the names of Snow White's 7 dwarves.

So we only have Cathy at home, since Yaya Belle and Susan went back to Iloilo because their dad died. Before Yaya Susan left (she usually cooks our food) my mom told me to buy food that I will eat for the duration of the time they'll be gone. What I bought are soy milk, yogurt, and cookies. Not a good choice. They're technically junk food. Just now, what I have eaten for the day include: sundae, float, twister fries, fish balls, penoy, and fried lumpiang toge. No "real" food for me. I have been looking for my glass since morning, and I haven't asked help from anyone yet until I can't really see it. "Ate Cath, where's my glass?" She smiled and told me to ask my mom about it. I have a hunch and I didn't want to think about it. My mom walked slowly towards me. "...... Sorry, anak. Naghugas kasi ako kaninang umaga.... and...." I can't believe it. My Year of the Horse glass is a goner! I'm getting teary eyed. I need a new drinking glass and a Minnie Mouse glass my mom is offering me is not going to do any justice to what happened to my Year of the Horse (the horse picture had bangs!) glass. I don't blame her. I'm just sad.

Last January something, we have to pass this deliverable in our Systems Analysis and Design class. We have this Enhanced Entity Relationship Diagram and you can develop a Logical Data Model from it. And this is how to do it according to my groupmate, DJ.

DJ: 1NF.. isang line lahat
DJ: parang firing squad
DJ: yung 2nd.. groupings na
DJ: yung 3rd.. tanggal mga saling pusa at maging bagong group mga saling pusa

MORAL: No matter how hard you hold it, glass still breaks.

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