Monday, February 23, 2009

OJT Jitters

Last month we had the Job Fair week. Yeah, Ateneans also line-up their derrieres to give their resumes and fill up those A-H application forms. We had it in the middle of the Zen Garden. "Hi, do you have a practicum program?" "Yes, do you have your resume right now?" Repeat them until you go bonkers.

What's the deal? I think I used up my account in Faura Hall printing all those resumes, and stapling them in a horizontal order like I always do. That's not the main issue, my main concern that sometimes cause me sleepless nights, cold sweats, stomach ache, head ache - wait, is this a terminal disease?- is I haven't heard of any company yet. I mean there was this Soluziona test and Procter and Gamble test where I wasn't able to show up because I attended a transition seminar. I'm not blaming because Soluziona promised another batch of test however I think they went to Spain already or somewhere else because they didn't text people anymore. I heard banks are slave-drivers, from seniors who have finished their practicum there, but if that's the only way you could have an OJT which is a requirement, then I won't complain. There's this saying "beggars can't be choosers" which could also mean "OJT-less juniors can be slaves" or "will do anything for OJT" or "enslave me with your company" for an MIS student who doesn't have any OJT offers yet. *cough* Me *cough*.

I double checked my resume a few weeks after submitting them (YEAH I just double checked it AFTER submitting them) if I typed the right contact details. Apparently, yes.

What makes this year's practicum more difficult is that the companies who participated in the Job Fair are the only ones who are like accredited by the Department. Other companies you'd want to have your OJT with are no-no. They DNE - do not exist - for the Department unless they send a letter of intent, and some documents. This is bad. I can see March from our window and companies are still a million miles away.

MORAL: I can feel another batch of cold sweat, stomach ache, head ache, and anything with an -ache. Yet all I want to say is, "Call me. If you are an accredited company."


CGC said...

I agree to this. Medyo badtrip nga naman, parang ang hirap kumuha ng OJT. My friend suggested that I check out the jobs from, but when I checked it, I was hesitant to apply to any of the companies because I wasn't sure if they were credited. HIRAP TALAGA!

jean said...

yes, please enslave me. gah.