Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Panaklawng Oreo

I type the shittiest titles (shitty = (vulgar, slang) Very bad; unpleasant; miserable; insignificant).

I'm blogging again like how a Plurker "plurks". The gap between my posts are becoming shorter and sometimes I even post multiple entries in one day. I'm used to just typing my thoughts in Notepad (I can live without Calculator or Adobe applications but I can't live without Notepad) and then save it. Next, I will unknowingly let it rot in my Desktop (if it's a real paper it would have been recycled already or decomposed without me knowing it) and then when I really have spare time, chances are I might stumble upon it (with matching delight or horror or whatever emotion present at the moment).

A lot are eating Oreos lately. A while ago in Philo class, we had class. No, we actually had a Mental Challenge. At first I thought it would be a quiz, and when I become a teacher (it's not my dream/ideal/goal because I really believe that when I become an educator, there would be a lot of shouting, cursing, tantrums, hair, organs, and ligaments all over - from my students and from me) I'd call my quizzes "mental challenges." Imagine:

Me: Hi, class! Since we haven't tackled much lately, I'll give you an activity instead. For today, I will give you a surprise mental challenge! It's so much fun because I only give few mental challenges and this has a lot of bearing in your grade. So..... Bring out one whole piece of cartolina, wax crayons, poster paints, and a scientific calculator. No materials, no challenge! No challenge, no grade! No grade, no marginalization! No marginalization, Philo will be happy!

Wait, I'm typing about Oreos. Diabetes-in-the-making Oreos (but I'm eating Snack Pack as I type this which is also Diabetes-in-chocolate-pudding-form) are effing expensive if you buy it with your own student money. However, if you just put Oreos in your push cart when doing grocery with your parents, it suddenly seems like Oreos are just a peso each cookie! Anyway, so Markyakis brought Oreos for the nth time and we asked for some cookies. Oreos are really good for making you look like you haven't brushed your teeth since forever. It loves to stick to your molars. Then we had a mental challenge and were clustered/grouped by however we want. Gosh, I'm getting lazy as I type this. Let's just cut the crap (if I did this earlier, you wouldn't be reading anything right now). Our cluster got an "A" (this is a high grade, okay?) because we were selfless and thinking in a "panaklawng persona" way, my group/class/cluster/blockmate and I really wanted a group hug afterwards. And when 28 (one of our cluster/classmate) stretched his arm towards the next chair beside him, all the beautiful thoughts about Philosophy and selflessness disappeared. Yep. Just how the word "silence" disappears when you say it. Poof.

Another ambiguous entry at its worst. Boo yeah!

MORAL: Dehumanizing your classmate by naming him by his waistline is not a good thing/idea. My blockmate did just that. *cough* Jean *cough* Thinking of other people's sake is healthy for we all have co-responsibility for each other. So, tell me your particular ordo amoris, and I'll tell you who you are.

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Jean said...

still waiting for the group hug :|