Monday, February 02, 2009

Promo Materials

This is like... I don't know. Just like what Ryan said, I never imagined I'd be actually doing this. Climb the vote! 'Cause literally, you have to climb up to the 3rd floor of the spiral staircase in MVP to be able to vote. So, exercise your right (and left) and vote.

These are supposed to be for the chat avatars/display pictures. I'm dubbing it as a virus, because it'll spread eventually. (I'm hoping it does. Haha. I'm using the colorful one at present.)

Special ultra mega thanks to Keith Espinoza (yay!) for the promo materials. I'm still as knowledgeable as a rock when it comes to Photoshop.

MORAL: There will come a time you'd do things you told yourself you would never do. Riiiiight.


Anna said...

HAHAHA Roooot! Maglalagay ako sa YM ko!

Regine said...

Pretty display pictures... <333

Yes, I will
'Climb the (MVP) vote!' :))