Sunday, February 01, 2009

When I Met Macau 1.0

Last November, just the week after the 2nd semester started, my sister and I went to Macau. My blockmate Joppet (who's getting a lot of "airtime" in my blog) followed 2 days later to watch the exhibition match of Roger Federer at the Venetian hotel. So what is this about? Most of the pictures here are those I found interesting. Haha. You know it's priority fail when someone prefers going out of country instead of going to school.

So, what's interesting in these photos? Nothing much. Except that I really find it amusing that when something happens and everyone needs to get off the plane, it's always important to:
1.) Do not bring bags outside. More so, your shopping bags.
2.) Open the door. HOW, tell me, how can you go out of the plane if the door is closed? (Assuming no part of the plane got chopped off or whatever.)

Then there's shopping time. Macau is the place to be if you want good deals. Things (branded clothes) are cheaper than in Manila. Go there when it's near December, because their summer clothes (in our country, it's summer all year long) are on sale. Less choices, but better deals. Disney has been really popular, and China loves Disney's cartoon character leader whose name is Mickey and is a rodent. Let's do the equation. Mikey + Rodent = MICKEY RAT. Yep! It's not Mickey Mouse. If you want orders of the shirt, just tell me.

Then during our first trip (there's a second visit for my blockmate) at the St. Paul Ruins (it's supposed to be a church but only the front part survived so now it's a tourist attraction), a whole bunch of Portuguese tourists were sitting ducks at the steps. They were led/entertained by their Portuguese-speaking Chinese guide. They were saying Viva Portugal and were singing songs like 800 gazillion times and were very, let's say... vocally jovial. So, a lot of people were taking pictures of them, too. St. Paul Ruins = 0. Portuguese = 1.

Moving on, we were walking around old Taipa on our way home and noticed this signage. It's really good, because from afar, you'd know it's a drugstore/pharmacy. My sister and I immediately thought of our dad because he likes medicine so much. I can hear him right now, "Masakit tiyan mo? Ito, gamot." "Headache? Ito, gamot."

And to think that there are a lot of rumors saying some medicines are "pirated," this drugstore isn't one of them. Just read their slogan or message underneath. No fakes. For real.

This is on the way to the quirky stores. Street art is very nice. My sister's friend, Ate Tina, showed me a shop where her sister (also a lomographer) buys cameras and films. OMG. I swear I'd return there when time (and money, you know it's recession) permits me.

MORAL: There's still 2.0 (I think it's 1.1) and I promise you it's going to be a blast because it'll feature my journey to the Macau Food Festival and I have shots there most will not like to see. The real deal: have someone who lives there be your tour guide. S/he would know the ins and outs of the place even when s/he's asleep because sometimes, the really nice things are not the main tourist attractions, but the alleyways, the red market, the bus route, and all.

I have a poem:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Whenever I flush the toilet
I remember you.

Another one:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
When your family tells you you're beautiful
They're lying to you.

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