Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Before April Fool's

Someone asked me, "Why is March 31, 2009 an important date in your life?"

I want to share the knowledge on why March 31 is an important day in my life. Then I reveal that the certain someone who asked me that question is myself. No, I don't have any disorder at the moment.

March 31, my high school friends planned on an outing or something for the continuity of our relationship. Whuuut? Anyway, so sunny Tuesday was the only free day for most of us, so we're pushing with it. I have a meeting with the Executive Board after the outing because we have to decide on whom to get for the AVP positions available. Not only with the AVP positions, but also a very deep and intellectual discernment on whether we'll get one or two AVPs for some clusters.

Social Relationship + Organizational Development aka the Future of MISA = March 31.

Well you know, what's great about March 31 is that after we made fun of each other in the "continuity of our relationships moment", we went back to San Juan already. I decided to ride a cab, get my laptop on the way and go straight to Katipunan for the meeting. It could've gone the way I wanted it but it was the graduation of Dominican College. DANG! All the tricycles and taxi were being sucked into a blackhole. Congratulations to the Graduates! But I really need to hail a taxi for myself, not for your parents who worked their carcasses off to pay your tuition fees. Even the tricycle I got was "snatched" away from me. Congratulations!

So what's the best thing to do? Call my dad. "Dad, I didn't know today's the graduation of --" LOW BATTERY. No, my cellphone was a goner. No more. Not even 1%. Nadah. Null. Does not exist.

So I finally got to go home after some time, got my charger and my laptop, then arrived in Katipunan more than an hour after my own planned time of arrival. Crap! My VPs didn't look like crap, which is good, but I was like crap because I haven't slept since Monday. I had little sleep for Monday then no sleep for Tuesday (fake departure time! Whatever happened to "5am sharp"?! We left San Juan 7:30am!). I rode a cab without texting the plate number because my phone was dead, and I think my mom has been thinking the whole time if I'm still alive or something. I was trying hard not to doze off in the taxi because I might wake up somewhere else, in a slaughter house or something. Nooo, animals.

Arrived in Katipunan and started the meeting. I really looked like crap. After much deliberation and objective assessment, we arrived at a conclusion. The tribe has spoken. Then one of my VPs' mom wants to talk to me about the formation seminar her daughter has to attend (because I really can't! Waaaah.) There, it went well. Her mom seemed to buy the idea I was selling. Hoorah for me and for the organization! Or something like that. Then CompSAt President tells me of really sad/bad/unfortunate news. More like gossip. I refuse to believe her.

I still refuse. I. Still. Refuse. This can't be happening.

MORAL: Do not bite the hand of the one who feeds you. Rally or do a freedom wall instead. Is it really true that "tell me who your friends are and I tell you who you are"? In one way yeah but if you go with "troubled" friends, you're not troubled yourself. Maybe you just want to help them or something. SO, don't believe what others say especially when April Fool's is just around the corner. The Nile river. (That is Denial River if you don't get it. :p ) I still won't believe.

Friday, March 27, 2009

You Belong With Me

[Edit (March 30). About the CD.]

So here's to everything
Coming down to nothing

Here's to silence

That cuts me to the core

Where is this going?

Thought I knew for a minute but I don't anymore

Now the 2nd sem for my junior year is all over (yeah you don't know if you have passed some subjects or you have to repeat them but technically my junior year is still over). The past week is not a blur but a heavily darkened exciting week. More like a necessary journey that masks itself as exciting because if you don't feel anything during the entire course, either you don't really give a dam with an N about your grades, or you're just the king/queen of self-confidence. After all, self-confidence is the key to World Peace.

What makes this journey so much better is today, when I tried to read the newspaper from a long time of abstention, I saw an article on Taylor Swift. I thought it would really be a late review since her album has been in circulation since Abraham was still a baby. The picture of the album was different, not the usual "look to the right" album cover, but the UK Edition one. My cousin and my aunt were not able to buy me my copy, so if ever, I can still have them around May, when my other aunt comes back from the US.

If ever I'll have a battle song for my journey in life - acads, orgs, the complexity, simplicity, irony of human relationships, the philosophy of life - it'll be Change from Taylor Swift. It wasn't chosen to be one of the tracks for the AT&T Olympic album something for no reason. I miss swimming, running, and tennis. Summer.

So I bought the CD. Something like this. My sister said Taylor Swift looks pretty nice. I don't care. I just like the curly hair. (Wow, it rhymes!)

EDIT (Mar.30) : I just opened the CD of Taylor Swift and checked the album cover. Then I accidentally dropped my umbrella from my laptop bag and it went straight down to the CD case. Great. A lot of things came into my mind. a.) I hope my aunt can bring back the CDs I requested to be bought in the US b.) I could buy another CD because it's just 355 Pesos c.) I could just replace the CD case as long as I learn how to properly dismantle this jewel case. You could see the pretty big nasty crack I created. Waaah.

MORAL: Patience is a dang virtue. Don't just pass through time. Try to find the beauty in the experience. It's not always about the good times or the bad times, sometimes it's about the experience itself. The way you get so stressed, the feeling when you passed the final requirement, the moment you feel so annoyed with your groupmate, etc. Everything.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Serena and I Think Alike

Why am I not surprised to death that Kim Clijsters is returning to competitive tennis after 2 years of family time (aka she retired because she said tennis is not the only thing she wants to experience so she left the professional tour, got married and had a kid)? She became world number 1 and had a Grand Slam title. Since her arch nemesis, who's also a Belgian, Justine Henin retired whilst on top of the game. Justine was ahead of high 2,000+ to low 3,000+ ranking points from the 2nd best player at that time, Maria Sharapova/Ana Ivanovic (they only had a hundred points apart and the points fluctuate). Now Justine's gone, now that she has experienced family life, she decides to go back to the one thing where her life revolves or used to revolve. Like most professional tennis players, she started out early. So ever since she was an infant, tennis was her ABCs, well, until she got married. You've been attached to tennis since the Dinosaur Age, decided to "stop" doing it in your early twenty's, what d'you expect? It wasn't a surprise that Kim would pick up a racquet and start whacking balls again or chase after them. Retiring in 23, back in 25. Maybe 2 years of changing nappies (running after her kid won't be much a problem for Kim) and waking up in the middle of the night because of crying. Why? 'Cause it feels so good to wear tennis clothes. Okay, aside from the clothes, doing sports really makes you feel better because of all those endorphins and what nots.

It's not headlines but I just wanted to say it. I've heard/read of it earlier in the week but I was just busy as 10,000 bees stinging each other for a flower.

From Yahoo! Sports. I'm not plagiarizing so I'm citing it. Right.

“I still have that craving,” the 25-year-old Belgian said Thursday. “I look forward to the challenge.”

Clijsters, who retired in May 2007 to get married and start a family, announced her comeback at the tennis facility where she has been practicing. She plans to enter the U.S. Open, which begins Aug. 31—her first competition at Flushing Meadows since winning her only Grand Slam singles championship there in 2005.

She asked for a wild card into the U.S. Open, along with WTA hard-court tournaments in Cincinnati and Toronto earlier in August.

The U.S. Tennis Association is setting aside a spot in the main draw for Clijsters, who won 34 career singles titles overall and was the runner-up in four major finals.

Clijsters accepted a wild card into the Rogers Cup Toronto, tournament officials said Thursday. She won the tournament in 2005.

Top-ranked Serena Williams said she wasn’t surprised Clijsters is mounting a comeback.

“It’ll be great for the game, because she had such a great spirit and she’s such a good player,” Williams said in Key Biscayne, Fla., where she’s preparing for the Sony Ericsson Open. “And also, she was just so nice. It’s good to have people like that around. It’ll be good to see her again.”

Rising to the top at the same time as fellow Belgian Justine Henin—who also retired early—Clijsters held the No. 1 singles ranking for 19 weeks.

“I am not coming back to lose in the first rounds,” she said. “Otherwise, I might as well go on holiday."

She asked for wild card entries (this means you don't have to endure the elimination rounds for lower ranked players usually lower than 32) for tournaments where she had won, so it's acceptable for everyone and they'll say, "she was a good tournament winner then." Well, this would make the tennis tour better, an added bonus after Maria Shriekapova has sunk down to 30 because she hasn't been playing. Maybe she's doing a movie, "Shriek the Freak" or whatever she wants. Or maybe she's pregnant. OH.

MORAL: You can't turn your back on something you really want to do. It would just be like a punishment, an everyday torture when you try to persuade and convince yourself that you are sick of doing it, that you want fresh air. Well, you can breathe fresh air once in a while, but you'll still be swimming underwater afterwards because after that breath of fresh air, it makes the whole experience better again. It's supposed to be really profound but somehow I got lost typing the words again. Guess I can't really express the intimate person inside of me.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Korean Ginseng Tea Chinese Version

Just now, my dad is offering me to drink tea. He is really proud of his box of Korean Ginseng tea something. He was drinking some a while ago and he told me to taste it. So, being a tea person, I took a sip. It's okay. I even asked him if he put any sugar/honey/sweetener in it and he said no. So it was Ginseng plus hot water only. Okay. I asked for one. He volunteered to make one for me.

When the water was ready after a few minutes, he emerged from the kitchen and was holding my cup and a coaster. He was really egging me to drink it already. "Oh anak, bilis, inumin mo na habang mainit-init pa yung ginseng tea." Take note of "mainit-init pa."

He added honey. Okay. I'm not a fan of tea with anything else but I can get used to it. He was really urging me to drink it right away or even taste it. Well, maybe because he put honey in it or something.

I found it really sweet that my dad offered his Korean Ginseng tea and he made me a cup of it with honey. Then when I held the cup and looked at his work of love all I said were:

"DAD! The water just boiled! You want me to drink it na?!"

Dad was just concerned that I do not fall asleep (every night he mocks me, "Natutulog ka ba?!"), "Eh diba ayaw mo makatulog? Siguradong gising na gising ka sa ginseng na yan."

MORAL: Drinking boiling tea is not good for anyone. Unless you want to see and feel your tongue melt in your mouth, not in your hands. Or if you want to experience a third degree burn firsthand without leaving the comforts of your home, you may opt to do so. It would work even if you don't have Korean Ginseng tea.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Teknomo & Tacolito

My last entry said something about our Pattern Recognition class. Assuming you have read it, this is our class picture a while ago. There's our lovable teacher, Mr. Kardi Teknomo!

I don't know how you call small tacos. Taco-lette? Tacolito? Tacolita? An even smaller tacolette? Tacolitito? Tacolitita? Crap. I have to really concentrate on doing our deliverable. Then at one point our house smelled funny. Everyone reacted to it while I remained indifferent to the smell. Ahh, the beauty of multi-culturalism. We found out Sanny (the cook) was in the mood to make some evening snacks (can't call it midnight because it's just 8pm or something). Merienda 2? I don't know. I don't care. She was preparing tacos (the funny smell emanated from the seasoning)! Yuuuuuumeh. Of course you know tacos have beef as a component, right? Fear not! Sanny is my yaya since I was less than a year old so all is fair. I have my own "component" so it's back to fairyland. Much time has been spent preparing my tacos, so there was a lot of time for eating it, too.

The bottom rightmost "beef-like" ingredient is me-friendly. Ngaha.

Taco Counter:
Big Taco - 2
Tacolito - 4

Just to have an idea on the size of this freaky tacolito which is bite-size (my sister was like, "Diet-size tacos!!"), here's a picture of it.

MORAL: If you eat much, well, you'll really eat much. That's life. Time flies when you're having fun. Having fun preparing your food, and having fun eating it.

Siroma Odro

Baby, say hello to my little friend, Max Scheler.

Siroma Odro. The opposite of Ordo Amoris. Okay.

Do you know what Ordo Amoris is? It's your destiny, my dear! It is only one. So, better have a personal assessment of what you have at present (those you haven't chosen) so you could know your destiny based from it. Well, you could still push yourself into doing what you think you are good at, no one's forcing you, but don't think of anything why you fail, don't progress, or anything. Gar. So, I'll just start this entry with... last night.

My friends and I were going to completely answer the thesis statements for our Philosophy oral exams scheduled March 19. Mark was doing their Systems Analysis and Design final deliverable, and Jean was... Hmm, I really don't know (say this with the Clear commercial accent). So I told them we'll start like 10pm, so I put green nail polish instead. Yes, when you don't want to study or do your project yet, you'll look for different activities to freakingly kill time.

Includes but are not limited to: Eating, watching tv, Internet surfing, eating, volunteering to do chores, playing with the dog, taking a bath, eating, brushing your teeth, exercising, eating, or even painting your nails.

So I did the last one. Imagine how am I going to type my inputs for answering the thesis statements if my nails still haven't dried up. So what did I do? I took a nap. Yep. Loser. I woke up around 2am. Then fell asleep again. Woke up at 4am, tried to read notes, then fell asleep.

I was supposed to be in school before 8am, so when the department releases the sign-up sheet for Operating System project defense, I could pretty much choose a decent schedule. However, I woke up at 6:30am and I haven't read anything yet. I have studied some thesis statements the day before, but you know, sometimes my brain acts like a RAM chip. It's volatile. I just asked good friends to sign-up for me. Haha.

So by 9am we had our final presentation for Pattern Recognition. Impromptu report but not-so-impromptu slides, and I explained our group's name. Our group is called Sextans. Yep. Others commented about it, felt violated and scandalized, so the last part of our presentation was about our groupname. I told them this true crap that we had a vision for our group, turned to the celestial bodies, and thought of something that would suggest pattern recognition. Before learning about K Nearest Neighbor, Bootstrapping, Naive Bayes algorithm, the only thing we thought of when we heard pattern recognition is : Constellation. So the next thing is to look for an appealing name. Orion's Belt? Big Dipper? Andromeda? Lynx? Nope. Those constellations are not worthy. Sextans is the name! Instant attraction!

All I can say is that Pattern Recognition is fun because the people you like being with are around you. And your teacher is Indonesian. You also have bibo foreign classmates. Ahihi.

Ok I'm getting tired. Let's end this. So we went to Matteo Ricci Study Hall to fully punish ourselves and at the same time enlighten us more about the philosophy of life values. After a lot of spraying saliva, graduation party invites (c/o Rachel), hunger pangs, stress, noisy people, we were nearing our time. Ten minutes that will decide 30% of your grade. Ten minutes that encompass what you have learned the entire semester.

Then our teacher called. The oral exams were postponed because he has to bring his dad to the hospital.

The anticipation of death, is far worse than death itself.

Unless you are Chuck Norris.

MORAL: Know your fate so you could determine your destiny. Yep, there are events/objects in our lives we never asked for. They just come to you, attract you, and there's nothing you can do but fulfill your destiny. Your ordo amoris. Your... but I really want to talk about co-responsibility and the collective person. Next time. :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Of Coding : Spaceships

When your codes work and you proudly give it to your partner in the project for integration, you are already imagining the beauty of a stress-free day and will just think about other deadlines to meet and oral exams to painfully endure. So in the integration process, your methods are going to be called upon by a main program. Okay.

Hmm, let's try to put it this way. Think of it as you made a lot of spacecrafts, wherein these spaceships have their own purpose: one for repair, one for creating missiles, one for refueling, one for creating more spaceships, one for supplying energy drinks to the pilots, etc. So, your partner also created his own spacecrafts, now you try to combine them to form an army to defeat the evil forces of Darth Vader and Kris Aquino trying to control your planet, the Planet of the Apes.

You: C'mon! Let's combine our spacecrafts! Some are already free from technical glitches and all that jazz!
Partner: You listen to jazz?
You: I listen to mechanical music, those made when I created the spaceships.
Partner: But how can we combine our mechanical wonders worthy of the Inter-Gallactica Noble Work of the National Congress of Universal Black Hole?
You: Hmmm... Something like...
Partner: Yes! You are very bright! Let's make a command center! Just like how you described a while ago, this idea of a command center will be the main communication line of the spaceships, so that we'll know which spacecraft is to be called already depending on the request of an external actor.

So if someone from the planet wants to have his own spacecraft, he calls the command center. Presented here is a recording of an "actual" conversation/process execution from an external user to the command center.

Command Center: Thank you for calling the Command Center. If you know the option desired, please enter your desired method. For assistance and the list of options available, please cry for help repeatedly until someones does help you. This is not an automated message. This was recorded a long time ago and it just plays whenever you call. I think it's automated.
Someone: Ugh, that was really helpful. Ok, I want to have my own spaceship because I want to do some atmosphere psychological purchasing (yup the counterpart of window shopping) at nearby planets such as the planet of the Chimpanzees.

Then the Command Center calls the spaceship that is in charge of building new spaceships. So there. That's just how it works.

This should be made into a children's book or something. I want it pop-up and glow in the dark. Also to be released as an audio book. Awesome.

MORAL: Trying to explain something to someone who has zero idea of what you are trying to explain is the same as trying to explain to a kid the philosophy of life when all you read are Philosophy books which are also explaining its concepts to someone it treats not like a kid, but like someone who is well-immersed in Philosophy and has done a lot of reflection on life.

Homeless, Not Worthless

Re-posted from mefindhome.org
"The following are two TV pet commercials that are quite different from what we are used to seeing. You will see no fluffy and well-groomed cat or dog in these clips. All you'll see are a couple scenes that play out countless of times per day out there in the streets. It's a very familiar sight but not many see them. I'm hoping that after watching the clips on TV, viewers will start seeing and feeling more for our homeless street animals. There is heartache happening in the streets as you read this."

MORAL: Adopt instead of buying. Rescued cats and dogs need us. Or you could join PAWS. They need volunteers.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mini Mouse

I really do type the crappiest titles. :)) (That is a laughing emoticon if used in Yahoo! Messenger.)

I haven't used the mini-optical mouse since time immemorial. My cougar laptop has been with me and before, I made it a desktop replacement (for myself) by attaching an external keyboard and a mouse. The thing is that when I want to work in the dining area, I can't. I just can't bring all my stuff (laptop, charger, mouse, keyboard - I still don't have an external hdd then because I wasn't as much as a pirate then) anywhere anytime. Really puts the desktop replacement into full use because I just can't log everything with me whenever and wherever I want to. So when I noticed my blockmate, Jean (who's getting a lot of "airtime" here in my wonderful blog), never use a mouse, I was like "Wow. Okay. Really?" Yup. I made no sense. So I wanted to prove that I can make my laptop portable again and that I can live without a mouse. I ditched the external keyboard which is ergonomic and anti-RSI, so as my favorite mini-optical mouse. I like my mini-optical mouse so much whenever I use the mouse in school (computer labs), I feel like I'm using a boulder (I know I'm exaggerating) everytime I get a hold of it. Imagine using it in school everyday, I think my forehand muscles are so strong already I could crush any hollow block with one hand.

So yes, I have been successful in making the laptop portable again. Imagine my situation when I had LBM but still need to finish a paper, thank heavens the toilet bowl looks like a chair, our wireless Internet is available even in the bathroom, and I have trained myself to master the use of the touchpad.

As of press time, I am trying to use the mouse again because my mouse looks lonely and I like the colorful lights it emanates. Not that I interpret imaginary emotions from non-living things. I'm not that weird. So I try using the mouse again. Yet, occassionally I use the touchpad unconsciously. Then I slap our dog whenever I catch myself using the touchpad.

You know I was just kidding about the slapping part, right? I love (don't Scott Peck me) our dog, Butchoi, too much to do that. I even had a mini-quarrel with my dad when he wanted to give Butchoi animal fat. I was saying Butchoi's fine with dog food and he doesn't need anything else. Ok nevermind. I'm still in the transition of mastery from touchpad to mouse.

MORAL: Mini mouse is the best. But the touchpad is there for a reason. It's just takes 2 to envy, and it takes 3 for jealousy.

Gosh, 2 posts in one day and the night is still young. This is when you are bombarded with projects and deliverables and the regular stress you get when you are thinking too much that you haven't done much.

NBI Unclearance

My mom and my nanny (fine, yaya) keeps coming back to the main NBI (National Bureau of Intelligence) office. They're applying for NBI clearance so they could apply for a passport or something. My mom's name has a hit, meaning she's not the only one who bears the name (insert my mom's name here). If you have a Chinese surname, you must somewhat know you are not alone in the world. My mom has to undergo an interview because somone who has the same name as hers has an estafa and drug pushing case in Binondo (heavy!). The newbie NBI personnel asked my mom, "Ma'am, gumagamit po ba kayo?" My mom replied with surprise, "Sa tanda kong ito gagamit pa ba ako?!" Well, you can't blame anyone. There are lots and lots of Ongs anywhere. Just check your pocket Telephone Directory for proof.

Then my yaya is in the releasing area, proud that she has no baggage attached in her name, smiling mockingly at my mom. When asked for the purpose of her NBI, she said, "isasama kasi ako ng alaga ko sa abroad." Afterwards, they (my mom and her) both laughed at the idea of what she just uttered. Then upon releasing, the person there looked at her records again.

"Sa records namin may Child Abuse ka na kaso. Sa Makati."

So, her NBI clearance was not released yet. She has to do some interview to clear her name.

Now, my mom laughed at her since she told them her alaga is bringing her abroad, and then she's confronted with a child abuse case. Ahh, the beauty of irony. "Dadalhin ka pala ni Butchoi (our dog) sa abroad eh!"

MORAL: Don't be too sure of anything. Also, try naming your kid some really unique name for the country where you live in. Like if you live in Russia, give your kid a Thai name. In the Philippines, give him/her a European name. "Hi, my name is Einar Shvedov Ravn delos Santos." I'm sure his name won't have a hit.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Theology Report the 13th

Newly found people surprise you. Newly found? I can't think of a better term for people whom you just had the chance to know. Like you've been seeing them in class for almost a semester and just when you don't have enough groupmates and they also don't, you combine your sorry derrieres because there is strength in numbers. Actually it's supposed to be "sorry asses" but I want to be child reader-friendly because I think those who read my entries are around 8-14 years old in terms of maturity (kidding!) so I try to look for somewhat unfamiliar words in exchange of profanity and all that jazz.

Yesterday's discussion for Theology report was fun. Last night's Theology conference via YM was funnier. The Theo meeting before the report was fun, too. And the Theo report was the best. Well, because we're the best group. Hahahaha. Theo groupings should only have 4-5 members. Four people per group is the standard while having 5 is pretty much okay. But we're 7 in our group. Well, what did I tell you? We're the best group!

So our Theology virtual conference revolved around SOCO (the ABS-CBN real-life detective-like show) and Tayong Dalawa (yes, Kim Chiu). I can't post what we have talked about because I have to protect the identity of my AB Euro groupmates especially one who has the alias "Jesus Jo" who was the only one who wore pink during our reporting. Haha. We told her everyone's going to wear pink but we all wore white and all she just said was, "I thought we're going to wear pink?" We also kid her about student-teacher relationships and I think she's cursing us under her breath.

Skip a few hours and we're going to report live. Mark was the only one who came in front and worked the projector. Mind you, we just got the remote for the LCD projector like 10 minutes before the first bell. Enny, one of my groupmates, had a class before Theology so she went straight to the classroom. It was already 11:27am (our class is at 11:30am) and she sent me a text message, "Papasok naman kayo, diba?" Yes. It was like no one wanted to report. Haha.

Back to the room, our teacher asked the group that one of the members lead the prayer. Since Jesus Jo was our favorite receiver of tormented comments, one of my groupmates seated at the back shouted, "Sir, Jo will pray." And of course Jesus Jo didn't want to. While there was the brouhaha surrounding it, I poked her to ask about something. She thought I was also suggesting that she pray. She directed some profane words at me. Plain "*toot* *toot*, Mei." I was shocked. Surprised. Haha.

Ok let's start the report. First 2 speakers went well until Markyakis, my blockmate, started his part. He was discussing about the human dynamism. Our teacher asked him, "So if you're saying the symbolisms ae there but the meaning is put to it, can we just use patis in baptism?" Mark retorted, "No, sir!"
Teacher: Oh, bakit?
Mark: Kasi sir, mabaho po yun.
There was laughter from our classmates while us, his groupmates, looked like we saw a ghost or looked like our life force was sucked out or both. And he ain't done yet.
Teacher: Eh di gatas na lang?
Mark: Hindi rin po puwede. Malagkit po yun eh.
Teacher: Eh diba may naliligo sa gatas?
Mark: Dati pa po yun.

Yeah, Mark claims he hasn't slept yet. But what the heck. There was issue about how oil became part of the physical ritual. "Why oil and not perfume?" "Because sir, oil is used for cleansing." We know Mark is saying words he must've not said but the situation was there, deal with it. The answer must have been "Oil is used for HEALING." Here is the atomic bomb:
"Kasi sir sabi ng isa kong groupmate from experience, pampatanggal daw ng libag ang oil."

I almost cried peanut butter from what he said. The horror. Just before the conclusion, Mics also had his booboo. Haha. He ate bread there (he was discussing the Eucharist) and was still reporting while trying so hard to swallow the bread. "Isn't it wrong to talk while your mouth is full?" And I thought our teacher was talking about blasphemy or something. Having a sense of humor is not deadly, it must be a requirement.

To add patis to our situation, the thing is that we have our Operating Systems LT same day, and our groupmates have their French LT as well. Great.

MORAL: Theology is fun. Friday the 13th is fun. March is fun. Sarcasm is fun.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

March Madness

Well, well, well. Look do we have here!

I posted this in my Yahoo! Messenger status message: Malapit na. Malapit na akong pagpawisan ng dugo. Kapag CS, puwede namang iadmire na lang ang picture ni Bill Gates; 'pag Theo, puwedeng magpray na lang; pag Philo, puwedeng magreflect na lang.

Yeah. I love (don't Scott Peck me) the feeling that you have a lot of things to do. The stress and excitement ignites in my veins. However, deadline looming ahead, and as things don't go the way you have planned, your stuff goes kaput. Baaaaad. CS (Pattern Recognition and Operating Systems), MIS (Systems Analysis and Design and Knowledge Management), Philosophy, and Theology. Gawsh. I don't complain about this heavy punishment from Virgin Mary and St. Ignatius de Loyola because it's like this every year. Requirements - projects, deliverables, articles; exams - long tests, oral exams, finals; defenses, and reportings are like siamese twins. They really are together most of the times. Why can't they just like decide to give the defense schedule or presentation at a different date? Yeah I know there's what we call Finals Week, wherein one test (in some cases) will determine your experience for the whole semester, whether or not you will continue your dream on becoming Ateneo's Next Top (insert whatever you like here). Yeah, my oral exam is like that, so is... wait. Nooooooo! It's next week already! Long test tomorrow! Presentation/reporting tomorrow! (Presentation is like being verbally and academically abused by your teacher in front of the whole class.)

Let's pretend this is my Unix Tasklist Project.
Enter task description:
Enter task due date:
Enter task priority:

No. Let's stop pretending. This is not good.

MORAL: When the site, where your reading materials for your quiz and long test are posted, is down, and the server where you will save your coding project (unless you're using an offline app) is also down; and while trying to install your offline app which takes forever, what are you going to do? I don't know. Pray? Contact CSI and let them figure out your life.

I haven't watched my TV shows (tennis updates, Ellen, etc.) since forever. I can't remember them anymore. I can't even remember my friends anymore. Who are you? It's not my problem anymore, it's your problem anymore.

You know there's something wrong with me just by reading this.

Monday, March 09, 2009

The Holy in Books and CDs

My sister's kryptonites are magazines, shoes, and clothes while mine are CDs, books, and Quickly's Choco Loco Super.

My sister has been bringing home CDs with signatures of those who held their press conferences in Italianni's, wherever NCR branch it was held. No, Cebu is not part of NCR. From Eraserheads to Martin Nievera (even if she hasn't played the CD even once) and another I forgot, but she told me Karylle (yes, the Dingdong Marian Rivera thing) is a diva - she complains when signing for her fans who were then as much as the number of slices in a pizza. So when I learned that we're going to have Taken by Cars play in our organization's year-ender party (last March 7 which I will write an entry about in a few days), I knew it was time to have my CD signed (this isn't the first time I had CD being signed by people I like). Getting straight to the point, I had 3 out of 5 members sign my copy, CD and front cover, then I asked Iris (super duper ultra mega deluxe thanks!!!!) to have them complete their signatures. She got the other 2 to sign my copy! Hoorah, I was like a fangirl there but I don't give a damn, at least I got my copy signed. Nyaha. I still thank Iris for having my Taken by Cars CD signed. Dear Iris, thanks super mega much! I swear I will reciprocate this act of kindness!

Just a while ago, I have to go to National Bookstore to buy a pen. Pilot G-Tec as usual (with a very not-so-cheap price of 70 effing pesos!), then a refill for my ergonomic pen, Pentel. Then while walking around the bookstore, I was thinking of which book to buy, 'cause I saw Chuck Palahniuk books, books of contemporary Filipino authors (I like them, they're good), Life of Pi by Yan Martel, 9 Things A Leader Must Do, and Be A Motivational Leader. Ok, the last 2 caught my eye because I think I need them. Yeah you can't teach leadership but having a few pointers would help. Surprisingly, these books don't cost as much as Covey books or other management and leadership books so I was really leaning on buying them. I got the best advice from Jean - to buy both of them. Not helping.

So I decided to walk around again, leaving that aisle alone, and then when I passed the middle part, my peripheral vision did a pattern recognition (not naive Bayesian filtering) and found the book by Rosalind Wiseman. It was fazoling Queen Bees and Wannabes! I really like the book because it was the inspiration for the movie Mean Girls which I can watch on loop. Haha. Loser. It was on sale so I grabbed it, paid for it and my pens, and spent a good amount of student fortune. Just when I left the bookstore, House of Praise had "Sale - CDs" sign and saw a copy of The Best of Sixpence None the Richer for a measly Php 175. So I bought it right away. Crap. I had a CD, a book, and a couple of pens which would cost me around 2 days of allowance. When I saw the Quickly stall, I looked away. I don't want to see Choco Loco Super waving at me.

Confessions of A Shopaholic. Watch it.

MORAL: Buying on impulse is like drat. When I buy things, I can feel the value of the object. I may not see the "holy" when I buy stuff unlike Isla Fisher in her movie, and I'm not sure if which one am I prioritizing, money or literature/art/music. Haha. Freak entry.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Passenger Seat

There's no difference from riding the Space Shuttle and riding Karen's car.

I don't tell stories about Karen's driving skills to my parents because maybe they won't let me ride in her car ever again. The two times I have ridden in her car, I had the highest chance of meeting an accident (i.e. the passenger seat). First was after we went spontaneously to Eastwood last February 27. Apple and Chi were to be dropped off at McDonald's when she was about to start driving WHILE Chi was still alighting the car. I saw it and shouted something like, "Karen! Chi's still here!" She apologized, but we don't really care about that. Haha. So Apple and Chi were safe already, Ryan and I were not. After Ryan left, along EDSA, we (Karen and I) stopped at the intersection (yes, why would you stop in the middle of an intersection, right?) to turn right to Shaw Boulevard. Just so, a bus was fast approaching us. The car turning right + a bus along EDSA rushing towards us + if bus really hits us = dead person in the passenger seat (who happened to be me). She dropped me at Liberty Center and joked, "Yay! We arrived safely!" That was supposed to be funny, but if it's your first time riding her car just like me, I retorted, "Isn't this supposed to be a normal thing?" I thanked her for the free ride, btw.

Then there was March 7, 2009. Ryan blogged about this already but let's take it from the passenger seat's point of view. After the DISCS (SOSE) Open House, we decided to watch a movie at Eastwood City. So, we started to embark on a dangerous journey that is riding Karen's car. Everything went smoothly until it was time to do a u-turn. Jean even whispered to Ryan how well (and safely) Karen was driving until we almost hit the aisle. "Oops!"
Okay, we survived that, then I pointed, "Isn't that the entrance to Eastwood?" We just missed the turn and had to do a u-turn again. This time, everything went fine. Thank you, Lord. Parking facing the wall was not fine. She hit the concrete block (the yellow thing for the tires) and I volunteered to go out and assist her. After the movie, we (the passengers) thought of racing each other so that the last person will sit at the passenger seat. It didn't push through and in the end, I was the sacrificial lamb again. We were supposed to drop Jean off in KFC (Katipunan) when we were still at the 3rd lane, then Jean pointed out that KFC is near and she swerved towards KFC and we almost got hit by a taxi AND an owner-type jeepney. Mark asked to be dropped off at McDonald's. Karen asked if it's okay if we'll just drop him at Shakey's (which is a stone's throw away from McDo, like 10 steps near). Karen stopped where cars usually turn right. And as usual, I reacted, "Why here?!" just so, there was a space in McDo and we stopped there. Mark alighted safely and when we were about to leave, she almost hit the kid who was helping drivers park. Ryan and I almost had a heart attack and Karen defended herself, "The kid was blocking the way!" Ooooookay. We survived the ride to her house (even though we drove through humps without slowing down). After the COA Awards Party, I begged that someone riding from Reno's car shift to us. Marvin was the brave soul, while Jac, Louie, and Stacy stayed in Reno/Gambi's car. Bleh. Ryan asked to be dropped at the overpass in Greenhills and afterwards, Karen turned at a No U-Turn slot. Of course, everyone saw that there was a No U-Turn sign there and she just said, "But my mom does it! It's true, I swear!" Okay. A few more, she almost hit another kid, and after a few hours of sanity, her parents arrived, and when she was closing their gate her sister cried from the back seat, "Karen! Muntik na!" --- she almost hit their car.

God bless us.

MORAL: When this girl is driving, be afraid. Be very afraid.

First pic looks really normal. Then the next pic is still normal.. or not. (Far right)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Free Sample

If only my History teacher (Mr. Lozada) saw me a while ago at the grocery, he would definitely be proud of me. I went to the mall to avail of a service I really need. Afterwards, my outsourced mother needs to go to the grocery, I haven't had dinner so she told me to just buy something at the foodcourt. I didn't want to because I was feeling frugal at the moment. So I went inside with her and I saw the stalls there offering free samples. My outsourced mother (ok it's also known as yaya) was shy and went on grabbing the wheat bread she was supposed to buy while I was eating crackers (Voice combo sandwich), fried fish (made tastier by Knorr), and yogurt (Nestle Fruit Yogurt). I was a little bit saddened because I saw the other booths closed maybe because it was already somewhat late (8pm) and their stocks have dried up or they got the ebola virus in their food samples. Boo. I lined up for those free stuff, it was worth the wait (the lines weren't that long) and yep, it's really worth the wait. After paying for the goods, I saw the 5-peso 3 scoops of ice cream promo from Nestle promoting their Sorbetes line of ice cream. You'd get the cheese, choco peanut, and ube flavors for the measly amount of 5 pesos. Yeah, the serving was small but it's already ok for 3 small scoops of ice cream plus sugar cone and tissue. Just right for the instant craving and for the "but i don't really want to spend much today" moment.

Free samples are fun, because they taste great, and the best of all, they're free. Anything for free tastes best.

MORAL: Don't be too shy lining up for those free food samples. Think of it this way, if everyone else is as shy as you are, no one would get the free stuff, the promo people would be reprimanded by their management and they'd lose their job. Now you don't want that, do you?