Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Before April Fool's

Someone asked me, "Why is March 31, 2009 an important date in your life?"

I want to share the knowledge on why March 31 is an important day in my life. Then I reveal that the certain someone who asked me that question is myself. No, I don't have any disorder at the moment.

March 31, my high school friends planned on an outing or something for the continuity of our relationship. Whuuut? Anyway, so sunny Tuesday was the only free day for most of us, so we're pushing with it. I have a meeting with the Executive Board after the outing because we have to decide on whom to get for the AVP positions available. Not only with the AVP positions, but also a very deep and intellectual discernment on whether we'll get one or two AVPs for some clusters.

Social Relationship + Organizational Development aka the Future of MISA = March 31.

Well you know, what's great about March 31 is that after we made fun of each other in the "continuity of our relationships moment", we went back to San Juan already. I decided to ride a cab, get my laptop on the way and go straight to Katipunan for the meeting. It could've gone the way I wanted it but it was the graduation of Dominican College. DANG! All the tricycles and taxi were being sucked into a blackhole. Congratulations to the Graduates! But I really need to hail a taxi for myself, not for your parents who worked their carcasses off to pay your tuition fees. Even the tricycle I got was "snatched" away from me. Congratulations!

So what's the best thing to do? Call my dad. "Dad, I didn't know today's the graduation of --" LOW BATTERY. No, my cellphone was a goner. No more. Not even 1%. Nadah. Null. Does not exist.

So I finally got to go home after some time, got my charger and my laptop, then arrived in Katipunan more than an hour after my own planned time of arrival. Crap! My VPs didn't look like crap, which is good, but I was like crap because I haven't slept since Monday. I had little sleep for Monday then no sleep for Tuesday (fake departure time! Whatever happened to "5am sharp"?! We left San Juan 7:30am!). I rode a cab without texting the plate number because my phone was dead, and I think my mom has been thinking the whole time if I'm still alive or something. I was trying hard not to doze off in the taxi because I might wake up somewhere else, in a slaughter house or something. Nooo, animals.

Arrived in Katipunan and started the meeting. I really looked like crap. After much deliberation and objective assessment, we arrived at a conclusion. The tribe has spoken. Then one of my VPs' mom wants to talk to me about the formation seminar her daughter has to attend (because I really can't! Waaaah.) There, it went well. Her mom seemed to buy the idea I was selling. Hoorah for me and for the organization! Or something like that. Then CompSAt President tells me of really sad/bad/unfortunate news. More like gossip. I refuse to believe her.

I still refuse. I. Still. Refuse. This can't be happening.

MORAL: Do not bite the hand of the one who feeds you. Rally or do a freedom wall instead. Is it really true that "tell me who your friends are and I tell you who you are"? In one way yeah but if you go with "troubled" friends, you're not troubled yourself. Maybe you just want to help them or something. SO, don't believe what others say especially when April Fool's is just around the corner. The Nile river. (That is Denial River if you don't get it. :p ) I still won't believe.


CompSAt said...

I do not fully believe the news, I mean, gossip pa rin. It MUST NOT be true. Please lang.

Concerned SciTech Citizen said...

"Then CompSAt President tells me of really sad/bad/unfortunate news."

LOL. Funy way of phrasing it. Haha. Sana hindi totoo. HINDI puwedeng totoo iyan. :(