Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Free Sample

If only my History teacher (Mr. Lozada) saw me a while ago at the grocery, he would definitely be proud of me. I went to the mall to avail of a service I really need. Afterwards, my outsourced mother needs to go to the grocery, I haven't had dinner so she told me to just buy something at the foodcourt. I didn't want to because I was feeling frugal at the moment. So I went inside with her and I saw the stalls there offering free samples. My outsourced mother (ok it's also known as yaya) was shy and went on grabbing the wheat bread she was supposed to buy while I was eating crackers (Voice combo sandwich), fried fish (made tastier by Knorr), and yogurt (Nestle Fruit Yogurt). I was a little bit saddened because I saw the other booths closed maybe because it was already somewhat late (8pm) and their stocks have dried up or they got the ebola virus in their food samples. Boo. I lined up for those free stuff, it was worth the wait (the lines weren't that long) and yep, it's really worth the wait. After paying for the goods, I saw the 5-peso 3 scoops of ice cream promo from Nestle promoting their Sorbetes line of ice cream. You'd get the cheese, choco peanut, and ube flavors for the measly amount of 5 pesos. Yeah, the serving was small but it's already ok for 3 small scoops of ice cream plus sugar cone and tissue. Just right for the instant craving and for the "but i don't really want to spend much today" moment.

Free samples are fun, because they taste great, and the best of all, they're free. Anything for free tastes best.

MORAL: Don't be too shy lining up for those free food samples. Think of it this way, if everyone else is as shy as you are, no one would get the free stuff, the promo people would be reprimanded by their management and they'd lose their job. Now you don't want that, do you?

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Regine said...

Demn, I miss Sir Lozada <3