Monday, March 09, 2009

The Holy in Books and CDs

My sister's kryptonites are magazines, shoes, and clothes while mine are CDs, books, and Quickly's Choco Loco Super.

My sister has been bringing home CDs with signatures of those who held their press conferences in Italianni's, wherever NCR branch it was held. No, Cebu is not part of NCR. From Eraserheads to Martin Nievera (even if she hasn't played the CD even once) and another I forgot, but she told me Karylle (yes, the Dingdong Marian Rivera thing) is a diva - she complains when signing for her fans who were then as much as the number of slices in a pizza. So when I learned that we're going to have Taken by Cars play in our organization's year-ender party (last March 7 which I will write an entry about in a few days), I knew it was time to have my CD signed (this isn't the first time I had CD being signed by people I like). Getting straight to the point, I had 3 out of 5 members sign my copy, CD and front cover, then I asked Iris (super duper ultra mega deluxe thanks!!!!) to have them complete their signatures. She got the other 2 to sign my copy! Hoorah, I was like a fangirl there but I don't give a damn, at least I got my copy signed. Nyaha. I still thank Iris for having my Taken by Cars CD signed. Dear Iris, thanks super mega much! I swear I will reciprocate this act of kindness!

Just a while ago, I have to go to National Bookstore to buy a pen. Pilot G-Tec as usual (with a very not-so-cheap price of 70 effing pesos!), then a refill for my ergonomic pen, Pentel. Then while walking around the bookstore, I was thinking of which book to buy, 'cause I saw Chuck Palahniuk books, books of contemporary Filipino authors (I like them, they're good), Life of Pi by Yan Martel, 9 Things A Leader Must Do, and Be A Motivational Leader. Ok, the last 2 caught my eye because I think I need them. Yeah you can't teach leadership but having a few pointers would help. Surprisingly, these books don't cost as much as Covey books or other management and leadership books so I was really leaning on buying them. I got the best advice from Jean - to buy both of them. Not helping.

So I decided to walk around again, leaving that aisle alone, and then when I passed the middle part, my peripheral vision did a pattern recognition (not naive Bayesian filtering) and found the book by Rosalind Wiseman. It was fazoling Queen Bees and Wannabes! I really like the book because it was the inspiration for the movie Mean Girls which I can watch on loop. Haha. Loser. It was on sale so I grabbed it, paid for it and my pens, and spent a good amount of student fortune. Just when I left the bookstore, House of Praise had "Sale - CDs" sign and saw a copy of The Best of Sixpence None the Richer for a measly Php 175. So I bought it right away. Crap. I had a CD, a book, and a couple of pens which would cost me around 2 days of allowance. When I saw the Quickly stall, I looked away. I don't want to see Choco Loco Super waving at me.

Confessions of A Shopaholic. Watch it.

MORAL: Buying on impulse is like drat. When I buy things, I can feel the value of the object. I may not see the "holy" when I buy stuff unlike Isla Fisher in her movie, and I'm not sure if which one am I prioritizing, money or literature/art/music. Haha. Freak entry.

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