Monday, March 23, 2009

Korean Ginseng Tea Chinese Version

Just now, my dad is offering me to drink tea. He is really proud of his box of Korean Ginseng tea something. He was drinking some a while ago and he told me to taste it. So, being a tea person, I took a sip. It's okay. I even asked him if he put any sugar/honey/sweetener in it and he said no. So it was Ginseng plus hot water only. Okay. I asked for one. He volunteered to make one for me.

When the water was ready after a few minutes, he emerged from the kitchen and was holding my cup and a coaster. He was really egging me to drink it already. "Oh anak, bilis, inumin mo na habang mainit-init pa yung ginseng tea." Take note of "mainit-init pa."

He added honey. Okay. I'm not a fan of tea with anything else but I can get used to it. He was really urging me to drink it right away or even taste it. Well, maybe because he put honey in it or something.

I found it really sweet that my dad offered his Korean Ginseng tea and he made me a cup of it with honey. Then when I held the cup and looked at his work of love all I said were:

"DAD! The water just boiled! You want me to drink it na?!"

Dad was just concerned that I do not fall asleep (every night he mocks me, "Natutulog ka ba?!"), "Eh diba ayaw mo makatulog? Siguradong gising na gising ka sa ginseng na yan."

MORAL: Drinking boiling tea is not good for anyone. Unless you want to see and feel your tongue melt in your mouth, not in your hands. Or if you want to experience a third degree burn firsthand without leaving the comforts of your home, you may opt to do so. It would work even if you don't have Korean Ginseng tea.

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