Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mini Mouse

I really do type the crappiest titles. :)) (That is a laughing emoticon if used in Yahoo! Messenger.)

I haven't used the mini-optical mouse since time immemorial. My cougar laptop has been with me and before, I made it a desktop replacement (for myself) by attaching an external keyboard and a mouse. The thing is that when I want to work in the dining area, I can't. I just can't bring all my stuff (laptop, charger, mouse, keyboard - I still don't have an external hdd then because I wasn't as much as a pirate then) anywhere anytime. Really puts the desktop replacement into full use because I just can't log everything with me whenever and wherever I want to. So when I noticed my blockmate, Jean (who's getting a lot of "airtime" here in my wonderful blog), never use a mouse, I was like "Wow. Okay. Really?" Yup. I made no sense. So I wanted to prove that I can make my laptop portable again and that I can live without a mouse. I ditched the external keyboard which is ergonomic and anti-RSI, so as my favorite mini-optical mouse. I like my mini-optical mouse so much whenever I use the mouse in school (computer labs), I feel like I'm using a boulder (I know I'm exaggerating) everytime I get a hold of it. Imagine using it in school everyday, I think my forehand muscles are so strong already I could crush any hollow block with one hand.

So yes, I have been successful in making the laptop portable again. Imagine my situation when I had LBM but still need to finish a paper, thank heavens the toilet bowl looks like a chair, our wireless Internet is available even in the bathroom, and I have trained myself to master the use of the touchpad.

As of press time, I am trying to use the mouse again because my mouse looks lonely and I like the colorful lights it emanates. Not that I interpret imaginary emotions from non-living things. I'm not that weird. So I try using the mouse again. Yet, occassionally I use the touchpad unconsciously. Then I slap our dog whenever I catch myself using the touchpad.

You know I was just kidding about the slapping part, right? I love (don't Scott Peck me) our dog, Butchoi, too much to do that. I even had a mini-quarrel with my dad when he wanted to give Butchoi animal fat. I was saying Butchoi's fine with dog food and he doesn't need anything else. Ok nevermind. I'm still in the transition of mastery from touchpad to mouse.

MORAL: Mini mouse is the best. But the touchpad is there for a reason. It's just takes 2 to envy, and it takes 3 for jealousy.

Gosh, 2 posts in one day and the night is still young. This is when you are bombarded with projects and deliverables and the regular stress you get when you are thinking too much that you haven't done much.

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Anna said...

my mini mouse is mini-er than your mini mouse!