Saturday, March 14, 2009

NBI Unclearance

My mom and my nanny (fine, yaya) keeps coming back to the main NBI (National Bureau of Intelligence) office. They're applying for NBI clearance so they could apply for a passport or something. My mom's name has a hit, meaning she's not the only one who bears the name (insert my mom's name here). If you have a Chinese surname, you must somewhat know you are not alone in the world. My mom has to undergo an interview because somone who has the same name as hers has an estafa and drug pushing case in Binondo (heavy!). The newbie NBI personnel asked my mom, "Ma'am, gumagamit po ba kayo?" My mom replied with surprise, "Sa tanda kong ito gagamit pa ba ako?!" Well, you can't blame anyone. There are lots and lots of Ongs anywhere. Just check your pocket Telephone Directory for proof.

Then my yaya is in the releasing area, proud that she has no baggage attached in her name, smiling mockingly at my mom. When asked for the purpose of her NBI, she said, "isasama kasi ako ng alaga ko sa abroad." Afterwards, they (my mom and her) both laughed at the idea of what she just uttered. Then upon releasing, the person there looked at her records again.

"Sa records namin may Child Abuse ka na kaso. Sa Makati."

So, her NBI clearance was not released yet. She has to do some interview to clear her name.

Now, my mom laughed at her since she told them her alaga is bringing her abroad, and then she's confronted with a child abuse case. Ahh, the beauty of irony. "Dadalhin ka pala ni Butchoi (our dog) sa abroad eh!"

MORAL: Don't be too sure of anything. Also, try naming your kid some really unique name for the country where you live in. Like if you live in Russia, give your kid a Thai name. In the Philippines, give him/her a European name. "Hi, my name is Einar Shvedov Ravn delos Santos." I'm sure his name won't have a hit.

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